Smart Cast

Lenovo's concept product lineup isn't limited to smartwatches. At its TechWorld event in Beijing today, the Chinese tech giant also showed off a new pico-projecting smartphone concept, dubbed Smart Cast.

Lenovo CTO Peter Hortensius claims Smart Cast incorporates the world's first laser projector in a smartphone, as well as featuring the world's smallest pico projector. A unique rotating projector system allows users to project movies, TV shows or videogames onto a wall, or keyboards and other controls onto a nearby surface. Lenovo's own gesture recognition software is then used to interpret actions like gesture recognition, clicking, sliding and multitouch.

At today's TechWorld keynote, Lenovo showcased the potential of the technology with an impressive keyboard demo from noted Chinese pianist Lang Lang. And while this isn't a shipping consumer device just yet, it's Lenovo's track record — not to mention existing Yoga tablets with pico projectors — points to a likely consumer release at some point in the future.