The iPhone Blog recently compared hardware v. hardware of the iPhone 3G and the T-Mobile G1. Unsurprisingly, the final tally went toward the iPhone's favor, they seemed to be quite surprised by everything that the T-Mobile G1 offers, to quote:

Plainness aside, the T-Mobile G1 is the perfect device to launch Android with. Why? Because it includes all the popular input methods: touch-screen, keyboard, and even a trackball. Developers are able to create versatile apps that will extend past the T-Mobile G1 because of all the input methods available.

iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, they should all be excited for the potential of Android because it only makes those old guards innovate even more. With the T-Mobile G1 being the new kid on the block, we should expect more and more comparisons with every device. We have good money that the T-Mobile G1 will hold its own.