IDC Smart phone shipments

Vast amounts of the smart phone market still spread among dozens of small manufacturers

The worldwide market for smart phones is growing at a dramatic pace, and Samsung is still the top dog when it comes to device shipments. According to a quarterly report on phone shipments by IDC, Samsung and Apple are still chopping up the top of the market in terms of both shipments and market share, with everyone else picking up their own small piece. Comparing to Q2 2012, Samsung saw a 43.9-percent increase in shipments to 72.4 million for the quarter, although its overall market share dipped slightly to 30.4-percent.

While smaller manufacturers are nowhere near the market share of Samsung, there are some notable points of growth out there. LG saw a 108.6-percent increase in sales from the year-ago quarter, up to 12.1 million and a 5.1-percent market share. Oddly enough Lenovo also shot up considerably by 130.6-percent in the last year, with 11.3 million smart phone shipments.

Showing the extreme vastness of the smart phone market, the "other" category accounted for 100.8 of the 237.9 million global shipments in the quarter. While manufacturers like HTC, Nokia and BlackBerry are all small enough to make it into this "other" category, there are also dozens of smaller manufacturers producing devices for a small number of countries or markets that are working their way up the ranks.

Source: IDC