Intel Medfield reference phone

One of the more exciting pieces of mobile news for 2012 -- Intel's introduction into the Android ecosystem -- is also one of the more difficult ones to show you. Well, that's not entirely true; we got a nice look at Intel's CES booth with the new Medfield reference phone. And we got ourselves a pretty cool look at some of the early graphics capabilities.

Android Central @ CES But that's just it. We've seen great graphics before. We've seen smooth graphics before. We've seen mobile graphics that have made our heads spin. That graphics are going to become smoother and faster and more realistic every year is a given.

So when you watch our early hands-on with the Intel platform, keep in mind that we're still a little ways away from actual phones hitting actual hands. Don't worry a whole lot about the look of the device. You're not going to see the Intel Droid RAZR III XL in stores anytime soon. But the bottom line is that Intel's ready to power smartphones and tablets, apps are ready to work out of the box, and we've now got a whole new world of horsepower to explore. Will Intel be the battery life saviour we're all desperately wanting? Dunno yet. But one way or another, with Intel now in the mobile game, it's going to be an exciting year.  See the video after the break

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