The reversible USB-C connector has made quite the splash this week, arriving in the new Apple MacBook and the just-updated Google Chromebook Pixel, but that's just the beginning of the all-in-one port and cable that can handle power, accessories, and even 4K displays.

As Adam Rodriguez, Production Manager at Google, says at the end of a video extolling Google's love for the new connector:

We at Google are very committed to the USB Type-C spec. Expect to see this in a lot of Chromebooks and Android phones in the near future.

While we were hopeful that USB Type-C would see a big showing at MWC 2015 in major devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9, we'll settle for now for a more low-key rollout in devices like the MacBook and Pixel. At least the Pixel offers both USB-C and traditional boxy USB-A connectors.