Christmas Android

So you just unwrapped our first Android phone, eh? Welcome to the world of smartphones. Whether you're upgrading from a feature phone, or switching to the greatest smartphone platform around, we know things can be a little overwhelming at first. But we're here to help. Welcome, and here are a few links to help get you started!

  • The Android Dictionary: You'll likely want to check back here often. It's a list of commonly used terms in the Android community.
  • Find your phone: There are dozens of Android phones available today. Use our device guide to find news and information specific to yours.
  • Apps, apps and more apps: Now that you have your phone, you're going to need some apps. We review apps on a regular basis, and you can find them here.
  • Tips and tricks: Your phone is full of cool features -- some obvious, some not. We've got a plethora of tips and tricks we've learned over the years.
  • Rooting: What is rooting? Should you root, and how do you do it? We've got your complete guide to rooting your phone.
  • Accessories: Now that you've got your phone, you should check out a case, or a spare battery or headset. And the Android Central Store has everything you could possibly need.
  • Community forums: The best source of Android help and information comes from you folks, the readers. And we've got the best Android Forums around. Don't be afraid to ask questions -- you'll be amazed and how everyone's eager to help

So congrats on your new phone, and welcome to the Android family! We're glad to have you!