iPhone launch day yay magical give us your money sheeple

For Android people, today is Friday — a good day, to be sure. Elsewhere though, it's iPhone launch day, a magical, revolutionary time that (usually) comes just once a year. It's the time of year when people camp outside a glowing retail cuboid only to be told the phone they actually want is out of stock. That's right: today is the first day actual humans, as opposed to weirdo tech bloggers, can get their hands on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The controversy this time around is that the popular iPhone 7 Plus has sold out completely, meaning you're SOL if you'd been hoping to sacrifice your dignity in an Apple Store line in exchange for a day-one purchase of Apple's 5.5-incher. Similarly the scratch- micro-abrasion-prone Jet Black finish isn't available in either size — back-ordered to sometime in the mid-2050s — so you'll have to settle for matte black like a damned caveman. (Unless for some reason you're buying silver, gold or pink, in which case congrats — your new iPhone looks basically the same as your old one.)

Something something something headphone jack.


We're not here to judge. In fact, some of us on the AC team have iPhones on the way too — makes sense to have 'em around to compare to the latest and greatest Android stuff. And all snark aside, the new iPhones have some legitimately exciting features, like the 7 Plus's telephoto camera, water resistance (still way too rare among Android flagships, outside of Samsung's lineup), and the option of a ridiculous 256GB of storage.

So if you're dropping some cash on an iPhone today, be sure to let us know. Which model (and color) did you go for? Will it be your daily driver, or a secondary device? And which Android phone will you be parting ways with?

Go on — join us in the comments. All it takes is a little #courage.

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