Google took some time to talk about virtual reality at Google I/O 2016. The company announced Daydream, its program for building great experience for mobile VR across phones and headsets. While Daydream will include a reference design for a headset and controller, there will be Daydream-ready phones coming from companies like Samsung, HTC, and Xiaomi.


The goal of Daydream is to create high quality VR experiences on Android phones. To that end, there will be heavy support for VR in Android N when it launches later this year. It feature OS-level VR performance enhancements, as well as less than 20ms of latency for super-smooth performance. There will also be a VR system interface, as well as a VR app launcher.

As noted above, Google will launch reference devices for both controllers and VR headsets. The devices will arrive this fall, and have been seeded to partners already to help them create their own Daydream-ready VR devices.

As for apps, Google will have a new Google Play for VR store, which will allow people to easily find virtual reality-oriented applications. There are a number of partners that Google is working with to provide great VR experiences, including The New York Time, The Wall Street Journal, Hulu, and IMAX. A number of game publishers will also be coming on board. Google's own Play Movies and Photos apps will be VR-ready, and YouTube will be rebuilt from the ground up for VR, with voice search and spatial audio taking bigger roles.

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