We've seen a Creative Zii Android Device before in the Zii Egg but we haven't heard from them since. It looks like that's about to change because the first Zii Summit 2009 will be held in December and there'll be an announcement of the Zii Optimized Android Phone platform which will presumably be available in an official Zii Android phone. The details of the Zii Android Phone look pretty impressive:

  • Phone with Fully featured Android Platform
  • OpenGL ES 3D graphics
  • 1080p HD video output
  • Accelerated video, graphic and imaging
  • Full integration with SurfaceFlinger
  • High Quality Audio
  • Enhanced User Interfaces
  • Image Processing
  • Accelerated Web Browsing

It looks like ZiiLabs has been focusing their efforts on a new chip called the ZMS-08 which is an ARM Cortex A8 processor clocked at 1GHz which is capable of all that good stuff. More details will surely come about before the Zii Summit so we'll definitely keep our eyes peeled for more ZiiLabs Android news in the future!

[via androidguys]