bear grylls

The rugged Android-based Kyocera Brigadier smartphone is supposed to withstand a ton of abuse, and now the company has decided to let Man vs Wild star Bear Grylls become the face of their marketing campaign for the phone.

Unfortunately, the company's first promotional video featuring Grylls barely uses him. He shows up at the very beginning of the one minute clip on YouTube for a couple of seconds, and identifying him as "Lead Kyocera Product Tester". However, most of the video simply shows stats and graphics about how the Brigadier can handle a lot of use and can withstand dust, water and other problems.

It's a shame, because we would love to see a video actually showing Grylls doing some of his "product testing" on the phone in the wild. Showing him using the phone while climing a mountain, riding down a raging river or otherwise battling the elements would be very cool. Oh well. Perhaps Kyocera has something like that in the works.

What do you think of Kyocera using Bear Grylls as a spokesperson for the Brigadier?

Source: Kyocera on YouTube