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Highest plan remains; lower tier of plans to be replaced with new options

AT&T is planning to completely eliminate one of its prepaid GoPhone smart phone plans and severely hurt a second by changing data pricing on June 20th. According to a statement given to CNET, AT&T plans to remove the ability to add data (and therefore smart phones) to its $50 plan, as well as the ability to add anything more than 50MB buckets of data (for $5) to its $25 plan starting later this month. If you're not familiar with AT&T's GoPhone options, they previously allowed users to add buckets of 200MB or 1GB for $15 or $25, respectively, as they saw fit. All that will remain at that point will be the relatively new $65 plan, which gives users unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data, but no option to buy additional buckets when that data cap is reached -- just pay per kilobyte.

Fortunately, in statements given to both CNET and Engadget AT&T confirmed that it plans to replace these $25 and $50 plans with other options for smart phone users that want to stick to the prepaid route. While it wouldn't give any indication of what pricing levels or features would be available, the carrier said there would be "new, additional plan options soon." Being that AT&T recently added the ability for users to access LTE data on prepaid, we hope they continue to improve on their GoPhone offerings.

Source: CNET; Via: Engadget