Update: Google has started rolling out the update that will allow you to type to ask Assistant queries on your phone. Just ask the assistant to pull up images of a person or place and it will search through Google Photos to find relevant matches.

Google Assistant

Original story follows:

Google Assistant expanded to millions of Android devices earlier this year, with the service now installed on over 100 million devices. At I/O 2017, Google is introducing new features to make the Assistant much more functional.

According to Google, over 70% of all Assistant requests are expressed through natural "conversational" language queries, with many of them being follow-up questions. Google is making the AI assistant more conversational and giving users new input methods — you'll be able to finally type to ask Assistant questions on your phone.

Another key feature coming to Assistant is Google Lens integration. You'll be able to point your phone's camera at a sign, and the Assistant app will use Google Lens to automatically translate text from street signs, menus, and more. Assistant will also recognize tickets, music, calendar appointments, and you have the ability to add the details to your calendar.

Google is also planning to bring Assistant to more devices, including TVs, wearables, and cars — as well as third-party devices, including iPhone. Assistant is also picking up support for new languages — French, German, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese will be added by the summer; with Italian, Spanish, and Korean available by the end of the year.