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    Google Search

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    In the early days of Android, the Google Search app was limited to a simple text box which you could use to search the web. But over the past several years its feature set has grown larger than ever. The current version of Google Search app lets you search the web, your music library, your Chrome history and apps on your device. Voice search and the "OK Google" hotword lets you search the web — or your own stuff — by talking to your phone. Google regularly adds new voice commands to its Search app.

    In Android 4.1 and above, Google Now (accessible by swiping up from the home key on some phones) introduces predictive search into the mix. Google Now shows you weather details, public transit times, upcoming flight details, driving directions for upcoming appointments and scores from sports teams you follow.

    And with the Google Now Launcher — available as a separate download — the Google Search app takes over your home screen, putting Google Now within easy reach as the leftmost home screen panel.

    Because of its expanded feature set, and its presence on the default home screen of every Google-certified Android device, Google Search is one of the most important applications in Google's mobile services arsenal.


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    Google local events India

    Google is making it easier to discover local events in India

    Google wants to help you plan your weekend. Google is rolling out an update to its mobile search platform in India through which you can easily find popular events in your city. The search giant issued a similar update in the U.S. back in May, and in India the company is pulling information from...
    Google feed

    Google's mobile search app now has a personalized news feed

    Google launches a news feed of its own within its mobile search app. Google is increasingly looking to make its products more social, and its latest attempt is to create a feed within its mobile search app that will show you news stories, sports scores, and videos, all based on your previous...

    Google removes private medical records from search results

    Personal medical records are supposed to stay between you and your doctor, but in a digital age that's not always what happens. Healthcare systems get hacked, insurance providers suffer massive data breaches, and clerical errors lead to medical records being put up online for the world to see, and...

    Google wants you to (what else?) use its search engine to find things to do

    Feeling droll and aching for something new to do? Ask Google. Google doesn't want you to use a separate app or scour the depths of the internet to find something interesting to do. Instead, it wants you to give its ol' search engine a try. The latest update to the Google app and mobile website...
    Fake News

    Google's next step against fake news is rolling out to Search

    Can we make this a part of Facebook and Twitter next? Google can't stop fake news, but it will now do a better job labeling it as such when you see it. Searching for topics flooded by fake news will now have a new tag in the top results card with fact checking done by third parties. This same tag...

    Google app for Android gets offline search to deal with spotty connections

    The Google app for Android is now better at dealing with intermittent connectivity issues. Google has been streamlining its search efforts to deal with spotty connections, and today's update to the Google app for Android includes a new offline search feature. If you're looking something up on...
    Book an Uber or Ola from Google search results

    You can now book an Uber directly from Google search results

    Google Maps picked up integration for ride-hailing services earlier this year, allowing customers to see fare estimates and pickup times for Uber, myTaxi, Ola, Gett, and other services from within the Maps interface. The company is now rolling out the feature to its search results. Just enter...
    Play solitaire directly in Google search results

    You can now play solitaire and tic-tac-toe directly in Google search results

    Goodbye productivity. You can now play solitaire or tic-tac-toe directly in Google's search results. Just search for solitaire or tic-tac-toe in the search engine on the web or from your phone, and you'll get a playable version of either game above the search results. Google's take on...
    Google Search restaurants

    Google Search has made it easier to find a great place to eat

    Google has announced that users of its Search app for Android will now be able to bring up reviews and "best of" lists of restaurants when they search for a great place to eat. In a blog post, Google stated: If you're craving dim sum, but not sure which place is a top spot, a search for...
    Google to sprinkle quick-loading AMP pages throughout mobile search results

    Google to sprinkle quick-loading AMP pages throughout mobile search results

    Google will soon offer Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) as part of its larger set of search results in Chrome and other mobile browsers. While these pages have previously surfaced in the Top Stories section of mobile searches, the company will soon be mixing them in with standard results. From...
    Summer Olympic Games Google

    Google makes it easier than ever to follow the Olympics

    Google is rolling out a set of features to Google Search that lets you follow the 2016 Summer Olympic Games — which kick off on August 5 in Rio de Janeiro — with ease. You can view TV schedules, athlete bios, and medal tallies directly from search results, and Google has partnered with broadcasters...
    Google's latest Search tools will help you find the best hotel and flight deals

    Google's latest search tools will help you find the best hotel and flight deals

    Though we're still in the heat of the summer, Google is preparing to roll out some interesting new features to make searching for flights and hotels much easier. One of the bigger features rolling out is the ability to opt into tracking fare changes for flights. Simply set a specific date range...


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