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    In the early days of Android, the Google Search app was limited to a simple text box which you could use to search the web. But over the past several years its feature set has grown larger than ever. The current version of Google Search app lets you search the web, your music library, your Chrome history and apps on your device. Voice search and the "OK Google" hotword lets you search the web — or your own stuff — by talking to your phone. Google regularly adds new voice commands to its Search app.

    In Android 4.1 and above, Google Now (accessible by swiping up from the home key on some phones) introduces predictive search into the mix. Google Now shows you weather details, public transit times, upcoming flight details, driving directions for upcoming appointments and scores from sports teams you follow.

    And with the Google Now Launcher — available as a separate download — the Google Search app takes over your home screen, putting Google Now within easy reach as the leftmost home screen panel.

    Because of its expanded feature set, and its presence on the default home screen of every Google-certified Android device, Google Search is one of the most important applications in Google's mobile services arsenal.


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    Oh my hair smells like chocolate. Updated June 1, 2018: Google recently confirmed to the BBC that this is a "language detection bug" and that a fix will be released in a few days. According to Google, the keywords were "erroneously interpreted as a request to view recent text messages." As...

    You can now filter movies by location, showtimes, and more in Google Search

    There's also an updated user interface. Although there are plenty of apps dedicated for finding movie showtimes and purchasing tickets, I still often turn to Google Search for my movie-searching needs. Google Search has been doing a solid job at presenting movie info for some time now, but a new...

    Stories are now part of Google Search because you can't escape them

    Welcome to the future of mobile storytelling. Ever since Snapchat first introduced its Stories feature in late 2013, we've seen countless companies try and mimic the same formula with their own services. Following in the footsteps of Instagram, Facebook, and more, Google is the latest company to...

    Google Search on mobile is now the ultimate hotel booking tool

    New features include price filtering, a better UI, and the ability to book hotels right from Google Search. Finding the perfect hotel can often be a hassle, and to help you, there's no shortage of travel booking/planning apps to choose from on the Play Store. However, if you like to keep things as...

    Page speed will soon affect Google Search results on mobile

    The change will officially begin this July. When you search for something, finding the best answers as quickly as possible is key. This is important when browsing on your desktop, but even more so when doing it from your phone. According to Google, this is the reason it'll be tweaking how search...

    These are the top 10 most popular Google searches of 2017

    Time to look back and see what was big in 2017. Every year in December, Google announces the most popular searches over the past 365 days as a way for us to look back and see what major things and events had the biggest impact on our world. For 2017, Google says it saw a huge increase in searches...

    Some Google searches are now answered by selfie videos from celebrities

    Available first on mobile with Mark Wahlberg, Gina Rodriguez, Seth MacFarlane, and others. Google's always testing out new features here and there for making its many services as great as can be, and the latest one has to do with its bread and butter, Google Search. In a blog post that was...

    Google now lets you donate to nonprofits right within Google Search

    Making donations is just a Google Search away. November 28, 2017, is Giving Tuesday – a day for people all around the world to give back to those in need. It's a holiday celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the United States, and this year, Google is making it easier than ever to make a...

    Google Search and Maps will soon show restaurant wait times

    A new tool for planning your night on the town. Whether you're out and about with friends, family, or just want to hit up your go-to restaurant on your own, there's no worse feeling than getting to your favorite eatery only to find out you'll have to wait an hour before being served. With the...

    Google Search now compares specs, prices, and more for phones

    Rolling out now to select users. There are more smartphones to choose from than ever before, and all of them have varying features, prices, and specifications. Trying to decide which device is best for you can often be a challenge, but doing so through Google Search is about to get a whole lot...
    Google search local results

    Google search now tailors results based on your device's location

    Google search now delivers search results based on your device's location. With one-fifth of all search queries being location-specific, Google is making a few tweaks to its search algorithm to deliver relevant results. The company will now show search results based on your device's current...

    Google app likely getting a big redesign soon, here's what it looks like

    A new interface for the Google app adds additional navigation buttons and spotlight for Google Lens. The Google app has seen a lot of different looks over the years, with changes both big and small helping to add features and clean things up. The 7.13 beta of the Google app recently went through a...


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