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    There perhaps are two ways to think about the Internet — before and after Facebook. By now you know the story. (Hell, they made a movie about it.) Some Harvard students create a site to rank girls. It expands into a larger network of collegians, and Facebook in its early form required a college .edu email address to join. In 2006, it opened up to anyone age 13 and older.

    Fast forward a few years and many billions of dollars, and Facebook is now a publicly traded company. Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires in the world, along with co-founder Dustin Moskovitz (who's younger by all of eight days). Facebook is how we keep in touch. How we stalk our former high school classmates. How potential employers check out potential hires. How news organizations and public entities get the word out. How we play games. How we share photos and video. How we forget how to have real relationships with actual people. It's how we log into other websites, using our Facebook credentials.

    Like it or not, Facebook, in the span of a decade, became one of the most important online properties we've ever known.

    Will it continue to be so in another 10 years? We'll have to see. But for now, there's no escaping it.


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    How to keep Facebook's app from making those annoying sounds

    Facebook has decided to have its app make all sorts of exciting sounds like "bleep" and "bloop" and "blop" when you do things. Like when you like a post. Or when you refresh the feed. Or when you leave a comment. It's annoying at best. (And heaven help you — and especially those around you — if...

    Facebook now lets you choose what happens to your account after you die

    Facebook has introduced a new feature today that allows users to select a legacy contact, who will be able to manage their account after they pass away. Once Facebook has been notified of a user passing away, the social network will 'memorialize' the account and enable access to the legacy...
    Facebook's Internet.org

    Facebook's Internet.org lets Indian residents access basic internet services for free

    At a media event in Mumbai, Facebook announced that it is teaming up with Indian carrier Reliance in launching the Internet.org initiative in the country. The project, which aims to provide free access to basic internet services on mobile, will be available exclusively to Reliance subscribers in...
    Facebook settings

    How to adjust video auto-play settings in the Facebook app

    Facebook changes a lot of things on us automatically, whether it's on the web or on your phone, and one of the more annoying "features" turned on automatically is auto-play videos. From Facebook's perspective auto-play videos seem great — videos are loaded in the background so they play instantly...

    Facebook and Instagram experience denial of service attack, outage [Update: Restored!]

    Update: Both social networks are now functional again. If you can't access them in your region just yet, hold tight. Services are being restored. Facebook and Instagram, the popular social network and it's photo-centric sub-division, are currently experiencing a denial of service attack that's...
    Facebook Lite launched for developing countries

    Facebook's testing a 'Lite' app for emerging markets

    Facebook has quietly launched a new and small version of its app called, appropriately enough, Facebook Lite. However, the app has been made and is currently only available, for a few emerging markets and is targeting low-end Android devices that are stuck on slower 2G networks where bandwidth...
    Facebook News Feed

    Facebook wants to cut down the number of hoaxes in your News Feed

    Facebook is making yet another change in its News Feed today, designed to reduce the number of stories that could offer false information or be deliberate hoaxes. This new feature comes a few months after Facebook announced it would give less relevance to News Feed posts that have what it...
    Facebook begins testing sound clip transcription in Messenger

    Facebook begins testing sound clip transcription in Messenger

    Facebook's David Marcus took to his, well, Facebook page today to detail a new voice transcription feature that the company is testing for Facebook Messenger. The feature will take any sound clip that you send or receive and transcribe its contents in text below the voice clip itself. Marcus...
    Facebook settings

    How to turn off Facebook's in-app browser for external links

    In August of last year, Facebook started rolling out an in-app browser that let you view links completely in the app without being thrown out to your own installed browser of choice. That's all fine and good, but if you want the additional features, bookmarking, familiarity or added security of...
    Let's go back. Back again.

    Timehop for Android: Throwback Thursday made simple

    The ghosts of social media past return You may have noticed an app popping up in a lot of throwback posts of late called Timehop. Timehop is an app with a very specific purpose: it digs up your social media posts from years ago and presents them to you on their anniversaries. While the primary...
    Facebook at Work for Android

    Facebook at Work: It's Facebook, but for business

    Facebook has just launched a limited pilot program for its new Facebook at Work service. It will offer businesses a way to give their employees collaboration and messaging tools with familiar Facebook features. We contacted Facebook for more information and received this statement from a...
    Chromebook Facebook Call

    It's now easier than ever to make Facebook video calls on your Chromebook

    Making video calls with friends and family is more convenient than ever thanks to Facebook supporting WebRTC technology. This means you'll be able to make video calls on a Chromebook with no plugin download or tedious workaround guides to follow. Simply boot up, load the website and connect....

    Facebook adds targeted AMBER Alerts in its News Feed

    Facebook will now include targeted AMBER Alerts in its News Feed on both its mobile and desktop versions. The new feature was put in as part of a new partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to help find missing kids faster. While many Facebook users have shared...

    Facebook discussed investing in Xiaomi, ended up not doing that

    A new report claims that Facebook held investment discussions in late 2014 with China-based smartphone company Xiaomi. However, those talks did not result in a formal deal between the two companies. Reuters, citing unnamed sources, claims that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met for dinner in...
    Facebook will now let you put stickers on any photo

    Facebook's new Stickered for Messenger will let you slap stickers onto any photo

    If you've not had enough of stickers inside Facebook Messenger, get ready for stickers on your photos. Facebook's Stickered for Messenger does just that — it lets you place stickers on photos and send them via Messenger. Not only can you slap on whatever sticker you like, you also will get to use...
    Facebook Trending

    Facebook's Trending feature is now in the Android app

    Facebook Android app users in the US will soon see some new Trending features, after first launching for web browser users earlier in 2014. The new features are designed to offer links to the latest news and events that are currently popular. Facebook says that tapping on a topic in the new...
    The Banner Saga on the NVIDIA Shield Tablet

    Best Android apps and games of the week: The Banner Saga and more!

    It's been another week, and another batch of awesome Android apps and games are ready for the downloading. There's a big dose of communication apps this week, and a healthy mix of action, strategy, and physics games to dig into. Grab your closest Android device and dive into our top ten new apps...
    Facebook Groups app on Android

    There's now a Facebook Groups app, because Facebook

    First there was just Facebook, and then there was Messenger, and now there is Groups. Yep, Facebook has launched a dedicated app purely for their Groups feature, and, well, it's pretty much a different user interface for the current groups that already exist in the primary Facebook app. Unlike...
    Facebook Messenger

    Facebook successfully makes over a half-billion people download Messenger app

    Over 500 million people have now downloaded the standalone Facebook Messenger app since it was first made available in 2011, and it's likely that it has seen a surge in users since Facebook removed the messenging features from its main app several months ago. The company didn't offer a...
    Facebook App

    Facebook now lets you better customize what's in your News Feed

    Today Facebook is rolling out a new feature that will give you more control over what you posts you see in your News Feed. You'll now see a list of the top people and pages in your feed, and you'll be given a one-click option to unfollow them if you chose to do so. You can also choose a filtered...



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