It appears the Kogan Agora still has a pulse, albeit no release date at this time. Ruslan Kogan has made it known that his previous Android attempt, the Agora, had screen compatibility issues, preventing mass production and release of a $200 unlocked Android phone as a second entrant into the Android world. We all held our breath and hoped, and now it appears our hoping is not in vain.

No code name has been leaked for the new device (perhaps "Phoenix" would be appropriate in that Kogan's new device seems to rise from the Agora ashes), but Mr. Kogan intimates that the new Agora's development is well under way and he still expects it to be available as the second Android handset (following on the heels of the T-Mobile G1, of course). He also hints that the phone will have the same pricing - let's all hope for a $200 unlocked Android handset with front-facing QWERTY keyboard, eh? Good luck on the new design, Mr. Kogan. We here at Android Central are pulling for you!

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