The Google Play Store is filled with third-party launchers to tweak and customize the look of your phone, but one that we keep coming back to is Chirs Lacy's Action Launcher. The last v30 update that landed in late October added the Pixel 2's At a Glance widget and further customization options for the Quickbar, and now that v31 of the app is here, there are even more goodies to check out.

One of the biggest additions to Action Launcher with v31 is adaptive folders. Just like how adaptive icons change the shape of all your app icons to create for a more cohesive look, adaptive folders allow your app folders to match the shape of whatever your current adaptive icon style is set to. To celebrate this new feature, Lacy is making adaptive icon support free for all users – something that was previously reserved for Action Launcher Plus.

Also new with v31 is official support for the Essential Phone, the ability to use Google's Product Sans front throughout your entire desktop for an even more Googley look, as well as support for pinned widgets and shortcuts from other apps.

Adaptive folders in Action Launcher v31.

Top this off with more than 20 different bug fixes, a dedicated support site, and a renewed focus on overall stability and performance of the launcher, and there's a lot here to take in.

Action Launcher v31 is live on the Play Store now.

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