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According to IDC, smartphone shipments hit a record 1.43 billion units in 2015, a 10.1 percent increase from 2014. In Q4 2015, shipments totaled 399.5 million units, an increase of 5.7 percent from the same period a year ago. Samsung retained its spot as the number one manufacturer, and Huawei recorded shipments of 106.6 million, netting a year-on-year growth of 44.1 percent.

In Q4 2015, Samsung shipped 85.6 million smartphones, with a 21.4 percent market share and 14 percent YoY growth. Among Android manufacturers, Huawei came in second with 32.4 million shipments and an 8.1 percent market share, a YoY growth of 37 percent. Lenovo accounted for 202 million shipments, a massive increase of 43.6 percent from Q4 2014. Xiaomi shipped 18.2 million devices.

2015 sales

Overall, Samsung saw shipments of 324.8 million, a YoY growth of 2.1 percent. Apple came in second with 231.5 million iPhone shipments, an increase of 202 percent from 2014. Huawei was the standout vendor with a 44.3 percent gain, now occupying a global market share of 7.4 percent. Lenovo's 74 million shipments (including Motorola's sales) saw the manufacturer netting a YoY growth of 24.5 percent. Xiaomi was unable to achieve its 100 million sales target for the year, with 70.8 million shipments representing a growth of 22.8 percent for the year.

Q4 2015 sales

Source: IDC