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It's iPhone 5 day. Sigh. The Internet is practically wetting itself over something we pretty much know all about already.

So, here's an open post. Comment your little hearts out. Try to keep it a tad respectful. But otherwise, have at it.


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Your anti-iPhone open thread



I'd easily choose the iPhone 5 over any GB phone. However, pitting it against a JB phone is a lot harder for me. Apple knows what to focus on with hardware but their software sucks ass. I get 2-2.5 hours of screen on time with my Galaxy Nexus so the iPhone 5's 8 hours of LTE browsing has me wetting myself. Also, it'd be nice to have a top of the line camera again.

I think about the battery life, the camera, and all the apps I've invested in when I had my iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4 and I really want the iPhone 5. But then I think about how much better JB is than iOS 6, how easy it is to get free tethering without even rooting, and how awesome Google's services are and it's really not an easy choice.

I'm going to at least wait for the next Nexus announcement before I make a decision. Hopefully Google puts their main focus on battery life and sticks a good camera in it too. If battery life still sucks and/or it doesn't come to Verizon, I'm going to buy an iPhone 5.

You know you can buy an extra battery on amazon for ten bucks right? A simple replaceable battery is a feature that truly gets over looked.

I have a spare battery that I rarely ever have with me because it's one more thing to carry around and charge. People like to brag about replaceable batteries with Android phones but I never needed to swap out the battery in any of my iPhones. They all lasted me all day and I never had to worry about it. It would be nice if my Nexus was the same way because that's the main thing I envy about the iPhone.

Well, my S3 doesn't have that kind of battery life issue. I'm perfectly happy with it's performance, and from Apple's point of view, with 20 million S3's sold so far, and an expectation of 30 million, that is the phone to beat.

Apple is playing catch-up here, and not doing a very good job at it.

Didn't you know they invented the 5th row? LauncherPro, ADW and GoLauncher had better lookout for the forthcoming lawsuit.

Honestly though - I don't know why HTC Sense hasn't given us the option to make it 5 rows already. Srsly, I'd use their Launcher if it had that.

Agreed. I run a custom ROM (MeanICS) on my 3vo that has this feature enabled, but if you're not willing to root and unlock it, you'll have to go with a 3rd party launcher like Nova.

The first time I saw panorama on an Android device was way back on the Galaxy S. So I guess we could say that Apple copied it from Samsung. Great artists....

And rectangles with rounded corners never existed befor the iPod.

And the concept of pinching something to make it smaller

And a single search bar to search for everything


That depends on how well it works: if it is really an artifact-free, high-megapixel image file then no they didnt copy that from Android, they trumped that from android. The current state of panorama on android (up to and including the SGS3) is operational, but lackluster.

Panorama on my SGS3 is wonderful. I tried it while on my trip to Mt. Rainier and was highly impressed, and I am a photographer.

Panorama on my EvoLTE works great. It's detailed and convenient, but if I ever really wan't quality I'd just pull out my DSLR.

Say that to an Apple sheep, lol.
So, 1 of my buddies posted on his FB page about the incredible iPhone5 he played with (his buddy is an apple engineer and we live in the heart of Silicon Valley "he didn't give source name or details and he's very credible" he doesn't bluff) and he was sooo excited... He kept saying wait til I see it... Well, all I can think about is a sheep... Seriously, wtf is going on? The ONLY good I can say about an iPhone has always been the camera... I put the hype of iPhone5 & Motorola in the disappointed category, although I consider moto a better phone.
iSheep says: WOOOHOOOO, WOOOW, DAMMNNN 5th row UI change crazy hot wetness.
I say: Old news and agree with the sheep, iPhone is the sickest "sh#t" EVER, stick with yours AND I'll stick with mine (believe me and try it, reverse psychology works lol).

Good stuff: When do you guesstimate Samsung LTE lawsuit? I say by October 1st.

Its funny to go to the Apple sites and all the people that made comments that they wont get it if it looks like the leaked pix are all saying they cant wait to get it now.

It doesn't matter how nice they say the screen looks on the iPhone 5, or how thin and light it is, it will always look crappier and be larger than a Galaxy S3.

How you say? Take your phone and drop it. Accidents happen to everyone, and everyone had dropped their phone. Now that snazzy iPhone looks like junk with a shattered screen. S3? Apart from a few scratches on the bezel, looks just fine.

"But I use a case on my iPhone that protects the screen..." Great, now that "small, thin, light" iPhone is now a gigantic Zack Morris smartphone. Not pretty anymore.

IMO, an unshattered, caseless S3 is always going to look better than a shattered/ottercrap iPhone.

Since when is the S3 "unshatterable" as you claim it?

I can prove to you that is the exact opposite! Within a month of owning it, my nephew had dropped his from his lap when standing up, dropped maybe 3.5-4 feet max, guess what happened? The screen SHATTERED!!! Same thing happened to my nieces S2 the year before. So, please, before you claim something, get your facts straight.

BlackBerry By Choice!

I got a Blackberry Playbook for free for porting my android app... was nice as long as you wanted to use the browser, for a while anyways before it crashed. Everything else sucked, including native apps. Got $140 for it, and applied it to a Nexus 7... money well spent.

Blackberry is great for people who want a feature phone, but are afraid of using a smartphone.

i have dropped my samsung galaxy s1 many times and it only have some marks on corners... the screen is still great!

It is interesting (like you point out) that of all the iPhone users I know (and I know a shit ton of them) probably only 1 in 20 actually uses the phone without some sort of super fugly rubber ring/shell/casing/armor around it. Wow, the iPhone 5 is 1.1 mm thinner? Great, because that means i can get 1.1 mm more ugly ass case crammed into my pocket!

Apple doesn't realize that only the "true" loyalists want a phone that is physically flawless but completely inept at surviving in the real world. All the rest of their customers just want something that won't shatter til they are done with their contract.

I've always said that. I've been using Android since the OG Droid, and I love the durability, but I've finally decided to make the switch to the darkside, only because I'm tired of getting updates months later, and the awful battery life.
I don't plan to use a case on my iPhone 5, but I rarely drop my phone, so I hope that's good enough.

I've seen a GSIII break dude, all phones with glass can break if it lands right. I've seen iPhones survive dozens of falls and be fine and at the same time I've seen them break the first drop. It's luck of draw.

I've seen broken S3's and broken GNexus...also plenty of dropped iPhones. In my experience, the difference is that the Samsung screens are still usable and quite readable with a few cracks from top to bottom. You drop an iPhone the wrong way and it's completely balls shattered, or if it's not, give it another week or another drop and it spiderwebs. Yea, luck of the draw, but odds are in your favor with non-Apple screens.

I sometimes referred to them as iOrnaments.
You wouldn't carry round a crystal glass jug of water with you everywhere eg jogging, you take a plastic bottles and leave the crystal jug home to be looked at unused as an ornament.

OMG yo!! OMG! Apple you really need a upgraded processor with that outdated single-tasking OS?? Really yo really!??
are your developers that lazy in lieu or tweeking the os they just stick in a faster processor as to sync iTune to your home computer....

Are we AMERICANS such idiots that some of us will be standing in line as to LEAVE NO OS BEHIND?? OMG OGM OMG OGM!!

Im dont thank you!

I liked the "Stevo Hologram" idea.

Pretty much a non-event. The FanBoys will spin it into the greatest advancement of smartphone technology EVER! 200 new features??? I bet rounded corners of icons is one of them - there now roundier!

I think everybody here has missed the point. In my opinion, the iPhone 5 is not about beating Android on features and specs. It's about establishing the iPhone as the ONLY premium brand. We've all seen this phone design before! It's not new! So that naturally leads us to question if Apple has run out of ideas or if they are not innovative anymore? Hardly! They're still tops at innovating, but they are also very clever at marketing. I believe this design will define the look of the iPhone going forward. It will create distinction between it and the competition. It will strengthen the brand in consumer's minds and establish it as the ONLY premium brand. At that level, you don't compete on specs and features. You compete on mindset. People will see or hear about it and want it! Even more than they do now. Again, Apple is playing by their own rules.

It is illogical to not give consideration to the specs of the device. When the specs of your device aren't so great, your only option is to not focus on them.

Also, how is Apple innovating again? The newest iOS just now got search from address bar in Safari and the ability to attach files to the default email application. In fact, it appears that Apple's idea of innovation includes copying features from other operating systems..

To someone who does consider the specs, it seems illogical, but I think you missed Jamaicanbob's point there. Most people who buy iProducts don't understand or care about the actual specs. They buy what is "perceived" as the best, premium, leading product. Apple's innovation and Steve Job's genius was the marketing skill to take so-so technology and successfully convince the public it is the best, most popular, and coolest technology to have.

aaaaaand that's why they are called isheep. followers. Sheep don't care if the grass they're eating has plenty of nutrients.

While reading this post, I couldn't help but hear that old jingle from Saturday Night Live...."Lowered Expectaaationnnns".
Thanks, but my Evo LTE's UI is smooth as butter (even without JB) and as polished as I choose it to be, and it will still do more than this already outdated piece of hardware.

Last time I checked, iPhone = iTunes. is there a crappier, slower, worse written piece of software out there? It makes HP's printer and scanner software look absolutely brilliant and that's saying something!

I'm actually not anti iPhone. iPhones are good little devices that have a lot to offer. However, I am VERY anti Apple culture. I am so tired of the pompous apple disciples that think that the iPhone is innovating things that Android users have enjoyed for years. Today I read a thread over at iMore where some guy was asking if people want a wider iPhone. But he said: "Fan boys will say to just get Android, but I don't want it wide like THAT". And that illustrates perfectly the 'head in the sand' mentality that so many Apple Disciples have. I love seeing what Apple offers, and I am very excited to see it. However, I will then use my 4G LTE on my Android after the announcement while Apple lovers crap themselves waiting for it to be released and available. It's just so senseless to me. If you want something, go look for it. Android already offers what you are looking for, you just have to accept it and swallow that pompous Apple pride.

I agree with everything you just said. It's not that I hate the iPhone, it's that I hate that people think they're better than you because they own one. Not to say that everyone who owns an iPhone feels that way, but I've come across it way too many times to not be disgruntled.

+1. I'd also like to add that it irritates me that people can be so naive about the technology that's all around them, which leads to the whole "Apple is revolutionary" concept.

Exactly. I mean if Apple was truly the company that people say it is, I would SERIOUSLY consider switching to them over Android. But the reason I stick to Android is because I have learned from EXPERIENCE that Android offers more, and it is more effective. I don't need a senseless conversation with my phone as it tells me it's opinions on global warming. I need a phone that actually helps make my work easier. I have friends. I don't need my phone to be my friend. My phone is a tool in my hand, and Android makes the best tools. By far. iPhone is great, but in my experience, it seems to fit high school girls way better than adults of either gender that have real responsibility.

For some reason i thought i was on reddit, so i tried to upvote this. After not being able to find the upvote button, i figured i was on twitter so i tried to retweet/favorite this. But i remember i'm on android cntral, so now i shall give you a +100

All of my internets for today to you, sir. Very well spoken, and I agree 100%.

I don't hate the iPhone (even though I don't care for it) but I do hate the mentality that Apple creates through their marketing. Their entire marketing engine revolves around "be special: buy an iPhone".

It's ridiculous to me, reading some of the coverage on the Apple event today when they say things like "a 4" retina display, providing even more pixels!" Well, of course, it's "more" pixels, there's "more" screen, but the actual resolution is exactly the same. The theme of deceptive "specs" preying on the technology illiterate is irritating to me. I get that the "non-tech-savvy" is their target market, but don't put up comparisons like this:

Galaxy S3 Battery: 1800mah
iPhone 5 Battery: 8 hours

I mean, if you don't *want* to tell us how big the battery is, don't just "invent" numbers, because those of us with 1/4 of a brain know that "8 hours" is meaningless in the real world. They make all these claims that it's the "most advanced phone on the planet" while making it literally impossible to prove this claim. You don't want to give us the actual specs on the CPU, graphics or battery? Fine. But you can't just pull numbers out of [you know where] and compare specs with other phones in an attempt to appear superior and expect those of us who know better to keep our mouths shut. Simple as that.

I did really love the line from the release about how they "pioneered" putting the LTE into the A6 SoC. Really? Don't tell that to Samsung or HTC because the S4 had that more than 6 months ago and nVidia has versions of the Tegra3 coming out now with LTE built in that they've been working on since the beginning of the year.

It's one thing to "up talk" your product. It's something else entirely to outright lie and play upon the ignorance of the market.

/RANT - Sorry for the length. Got carried away :)

If the rumours are correct, then they did "pioneer" fitting the LTE chip on a A-15 architecture. Unless Apple is doing something special, they do have the only phone that has the same battery size as the 4S and increasing battery life with a new faster processor with LTE.

"iPhone is great, but in my experience, it seems to fit high school girls way better than adults of either gender that have real responsibility." <---- perfection.

What? You don't like people who put apple stickers on the backs of their cars like they are in some cool hipster club? You don't say. ;)

It's just like people who ride Harley Davidsons...They won't give the time of day if you don't ride anything but Harley!!! Iphone people are the same, they don't even care to even look at what Android has to offer cause they feel nothing is better than Iphone...I can't say everyone is like that but allot of the majority feel that way!

just like the Harley Davidson guy would look at you and say I ride an American bike? But yet their daily vehicle is a Toyota Tundra??? LOL

I rode Harleys for years, then got a Android and a Rice Burner. The world is round again. Long live Android.

Nothing says douche like a harley. Love that south park episode on them. BRAH BRAH BRAH BRAH! Get out of the way, you are holding real motorcyclists up....

I drive a Hyundai, wear one shoe, have a Windows PC, a Macbook Pro, Galaxy S3, and like Tacos. I am also a Scottish-Mexican. Take that.

For a split second, I thought you were making a joke. Then I remembered Kawasaki makes a sport bike called the Ninja :)

I have to disagree....its having a phone with a polished UI that doesn't lag or to unfreeze it you have to pull the battery, etc. That is the difference, its not about thinking iPhone users are better than Android users, its not having the bugginess of open source solutions. Sure you have far more options, but some people just want a smartphone that works and is easy to use and offers you most options that you need with a simple choice of picking the phone for your needs. No one is better than the next person, I don't think that is what you are seeing is iPhone users thinking they are better than you are. I have seen it here with our IT Director, we all had Android phones and they all blew up about the same time. Others went Android and some of us went to the iPhone once it was released on Verizon and my boss loves it, no lockups, etc. iOS has some issues with my biggest grip of not being able to mount it on OS X like a removable drive, etc. But for the most part the UI is easy on they eyes, easy to use, no lockups and usually just works.

Doesn't lag? Huh? Try watching a video and hitting the home button and try to swipe to another screen. Chug..chug..chug. While playing a game, hit the home button and swipe a screen..chug..chug. This myth about iOS having no lag is nonsense. Every OS has lag. I know a developer for iOS, who says that it has just as many problems as Android.

Dude I have an iPod Touch 3rd gen which I got before my first Android and it too had software crashes and times I needed to reboot the damn thing. Apple is not perfect despite what they want people to think. As for lag, JB makes that no longer an issue.

If you think the iPhone doesn't lock up, I will gladly take that bet. Say $1 for every customer I deal with that has had an iPhone either freeze or shut down and not power on? The only solution? A soft reset (ie: a simulated battery pull)

iOS lags and glitches just as much as the next OS. witnessed it on my iphone 3G and my friends 4s as seen in the picture.

You are all missing Cashxx's point. If you want a product that is "easy on they eyes, easy to use, no lockups and usually just works.", if you don't need any of the features in android, and have bucks to spare (or someone else is paying for it in this case), then the iPhone is great. It is polished (and shiny), it is popular, it feels good in your hand, its functionality is good enough. Those are the key decision points.

Thank you for an intelligent and respectful post. I feel ashamed at times reading the rants and anti-Apple comments I see. I sometimes wonder how people are so narrow minded and feign intelligence.

Actually read through all the comments and comparisons of devices. They are valid. Sorry if you disagree, but this iPhone really is playing catch up to a bunch of stuff Android has been doing for quite some time and not going beyond that. This announcement really brought nothing new to the table.

I just love how the audience applauded the new "all digital connector" design... Much to Apple's delight, it's still proprietary and they will likely be charging $39 for a simple cable. Not sure how customers could be remotely excited about this proposition. Micro USB is "all digital" and accessories are cheap and plentiful. Guess you have to hand it to the Apple culture for embracing such a pompous decision.

I think they should have went standard and did the micro usb, but people are fools if they are paying Apple's prices. Can get the same cables on monoprice or watch slickdeals for a 4-pack or so for like $2.

And I really don't like the Micro USB either, its flimsy and doesn't plug in tightly. Looking at the new Apple plug it looks like its going to have the same issues. One nice thing it doesn't matter which way you plug it in, I hope it has a tight fit as well.

Freaking everything but Apple now uses Micro USB. What is not to like? It makes cables cheap and easy to get!

Some of the iPhone fan base is to the smartphone community, the same way that Harley fans are to the motorcycling community.

Some of them are stuck up ignoramus's that think their phone/ride don't stink and the rest are beneath them.

That's not accurate at all. "Some" people doesn't equate to an entire user-base being stuck-up or ignorant. With phones or bikes. Never met a rider I wouldn't talk to, regardless of build. Never met a phone I didn't like, either. Company culture? That's another story... ;)

Well it sounds like you are anti apple so aren't you the same for sticking up for Android? Everyone has a favorite in something.

You are so right. Such people have ruined Apple products for the rest of us. At this point I don't think I could ever buy an Apple device without feeling like I was joining a cult.

Thankfully, I like the current non-Apple offerings better anyways :)

I know the feeling. I once had a customer ask me "So, the iPhone is the best phone, right?" and was shocked when I told him there was no best phone and the best fit would depend on what you would use your phone for. He was even more shocked to the point of refusing to believe when I told him other phones have features the iPhone does not or are more advanced.

Another time someone wanted to buy several iPhones for himself and the employees of his company, and told me he didn't really care about the phone itself, but just wanted customers to see all his employees sporting iPhones.

Lots of people fall for all the marketing hype and never even stop to think the iPhone isn't the most advanced device on the planet. Or, they do but still want an iPhone just as a status symbol, because its an Apple product.

I have to agree. Apple makes nice software and the iOS stuff works well, but, after recently switching over to Android with a Galaxy Nexus (replaced a 3GS) and a Nexus 7 (replaced a first gen iPad), I feel like I gained a lot and lost nothing. Today's announcements nicely reinforce that feeling.

Apple's problem is that what has led to their success is a constraint on their ability to truly innovate - there is only so much change that your loyal customer base can tolerate. The Android market's success is that they can constantly seek innovation and invent new paradigms. The Nexus 7 is a great example - build a great 7" tablet and see what happens - sometimes great things do. Apple can't do this - if they had built a small iPad and it flopped, the stock price takes a dive and the existing customer base is irritated and panic sets in. Unfortunately, when that happens (Microsoft), often times, there is nowhere to go but down - sounds like a great short play.

The small iPad gets its own event in a few weeks. They are releasing one despite Steve Jobs comment that 7" is stupid (just like he said phones over 3.5" were stupid...I am sure before he died he had a major part in planning iPhone 5)

I also agree. I like the iPhone , I still like my Galaxy S3 better but iPhone's are fine. What bothers me is how Apple has treated others in the market and the claim that all innovations begin with Apple. I wish they would stop with the whole patent war stuff, I wish they would stop with rounded corners, rectangles and the number 280.. Some things are just generic and everyone should be allowed to use it. That's why I like android. It's open to anyone.

I have the same view. I have respect for Apple's products and are great for some people (like my sisters and parents who are not as tech savvy), but it is their behavior which completely turns me off from their products, not the products themselves.

At some point some people started to base their identities around their electronics. All of those folks, whether they use Apple products or otherwise, need to take a step back and unplug a bit.

And I say this as someone who has pretty much nothing but Apple hardware in our family, devices should be used based on their ease of use and utility. I'm not sure when it became perceived that phones are a status symbol...but they're not. The absurdity of that is only outmatched by the unabridged passion that some users have in defense of their product of choice. Probably just the inherent desire to justify the purchases made, but it is annoying nonetheless.

Well said. You have a better sense of self-worth than many, but sadly there are a *lot* of iPhone owners who are proud of nothing other than the fact that they own an iPhone. That's not to say that there aren't people like that using non-iPhones, but it seems much more prevalent with iPhone owners. And, in all honesty, it's not all Apple's fault. They started out their marketing with this "it's hip" mentality and it's kind of snowballed from there.

Love your phone. That's cool. I love mine. But that doesn't mean that all other phones are crap.

Is it any better here at Android Central? Look at the guy a few posts above claiming the GS3 is unbreakable and all iPhones break on the first drop. Come goes both ways.

+1. This is my exact issue with the Apple brand as a whole. If everyone here hated the iPhone noone would have watched they keynote today. Im am happy to see them upgrade the phone but I just don't understand the logic some of them have. All my friends said the screen on their iPhone 4 was the perfect size that anything bigger was "too huge". But today, they all say they are so happy for a bigger screen. sigh, now ill have to listen all week about how much greater and innovative the iPhone 5 is than all other phones. Ill stick with my GNex. Thank you.

I watch cause it's funny seeing Apple say they "invented" everything while touting tech that I'm like "Really? That wasn't in the iPhone already? That's been around since before the last phone launched." :)

Wireless N and LTE come to mind.

I love the way you express your opinions. On the flip side though, are you anti Android culture as well? Do you hate the pompous Android disciples that thinks that every iPhone user is dumb and believes that Apple created the world? Do you hate the pompous Android disciples that believe every single iPhone user is a iSheep that bowed down to Steve Jobs's every word and now worships Tim Cook?

That's the thing that people don't seem to understand. Your hate for people who like Apple products are turning you into a culture that is very similar to the Apple culture that you despise. Using terms like iFan and iSheep is over generalizing people who like Apple products. Think about it, we are participating in a discussion board that has the single purpose is to talk negative about iPhone lol.

So honestly, I think the anti Apple culture is just as bad as the Apple culture.

I don't think his comments were intended to include "all" Apple users. Indeed, even the terms you mention "iFan" and "iSheep" were created specifically to refer to those people who act as he describes, not "all" iPhone users.

It's not an "anti-Apple" culture. It's an anti-Apple-fanatic culture :)

I dislike ANYONE who is pompous based on their possessions instead of who they are. I don't care if they are Apple, Android, RIM, or Windows fans. My point is, that from my experience, the Apple culture is the most severe. If that isn't your experience, that's great. I'm the one that typed the comment, so I'm the one voicing MY experiences.

I absolutely do not have hate for people who love Apple. My father in law, mother in law, 2 sisters in law, 2 brothers in law, ALL use iPhones. And I still love them. It isn't the phone or the person I hate. It's the mentality that they belong to some privileged group because of what they text with and make calls with. Again, I am not accusing all iPhone users of doing this. If you are not an Apple disciple in that sense, then I clearly am not accusing you. But maybe now is a good time for everyone to maintain that perspective and be a little more cautious how you come off when you blindly follow a company without doing research on what else is out there. Honestly, if this phone was released last year I probably would have gotten it. But now, I have seen that Android is leaps and bounds ahead of Apple in many ways.

You are also generalizing me, while accusing me of generalizing apple users. I never mentioned Tim Cook, iSheep, iFan, or anything like it. Don't try to guilt trip me for something I never did while you yourself are guilty.

Hey dude, no need to get emotional. You clarified your statements and I understand where you're coming from now. I didn't generalize you at all and never accused you of generalizing anyone. I didn't say that you were the one who said iSheep or iFan or any of those stupid cliches. I asked if you dislike those people they generalize iPhone users as well as people that blindly follow Apple. The first sentence in your second statement answers my questions so I understand your perspective now.

I just reread my previous post and I used the word's "you" and "your". So I now see how you thought I was targeting you, that wasn't my intentions at all.

@LegalAmerican, aw, go ahead and vent, it IS an Anti-iPhone thread, no need to be even and fair, for example

"What's the best kind of iPhone? A broken one! HA HA, Oh wait, then they are all the best."

@Rikfu3000 RE: "anyone remotely interested and truthful about mobile devices" shouldn't expect such truth in this thread.

Trust me, I cant stand Android followers that are like this too. Biggest difference is Android users dont necessarily worship the phone like the Iphone folks do, its more of a following on the OS since we have such a huge selection of phones with different sizes, shapes, colors, screens, hardware. I dont have a hate for people who like the iPhones, some of them have good reasons, they want a simple OS, they like the smaller screen and some have to have them for work purposes.

So in retrospect, its not the iSheep that I only hate, its the crazies who follow any product with no desire to learn the differences and similarities in the competing products, but instead have tunnel vision thinking their product is gods gift to the world.

PS: Ive been looking at that new Lumia 920 phone, love the phone, still unsure of the OS, but dont tell anyone. LONG LIVE ANDROID! :P

I see what you're saying and I agree with what you're saying. I used Android for about 2 years and gave the iPhone a try. The main reason why I'm staying with the iPhone for now is I'm addicted to productivity apps like Omnifocus and Due and I can't quite find equivalents in Google Play. In the ideal world (aka me having a lot of money), I would have an iPhone in my left hand, and an One X in the other lol.

PS: I think anyone remotely interested and truthful about mobile devices recognize that the Lumia 920 is an absolute beast of a phone. I think that's the one thing Android and iOs users can all agree on lol.


I do strongly resent the "I use apple products so I am superior to you because apple make them easy for idiots like me to use"

This is hilarious, and I approve.

Everyone ready for some "revolutionary" new features that have existed for quite some time?

Its amazing you people make the same comment over and over and over again. And I have the same response for you all. What does a android phone user using an android phone with android features. Have to do with iPhone users using a iPhone?

I find it funny that take time to go to an Android website to respond to what people have to say on an ANTI-IPHONE thread. If Android is not relevant to you and you're not spending money on an Android device, then why does all this bother you?

To each their own.

Have a nice day.

I own three android devices smartass. The first being the HTC Dream which maybe 10% even knew about without having to google it. I've been on this site before most of you knew what android was. Im just not as close minded as the rest of you as I use many devices that run different operating systems .And I'll go we're I please. you've been coming to this site for that long and still are retarded. I've only been coming here for about a year and i'm pretty sure i've never annoyed the masses like you do. Congratulations on your inability to be a decent individual.

Dude... click on your name and go to your account page. Right at the top it says this:

"Member for 6 weeks 1 day"

So, either you're lying through your teeth about how long you've been on this site, or you've been banned and created a new account and you shouldn't be here at all.

Either way: most people here, their problem isn't with the iPhone or Apple. It's with Apple claiming to have "invented" technology that's been around for years and then suing all the companies that use that technology (even if they were using it first). And it's with the iSheep that run around claiming that "Android sux" when they've never even touched an Android-based phone and they just think that anyone who doesn't own an iPhone is a second-class citizen.

You might laugh at that, but there are a *lot* of iPhone users like that out there. And most of them are not afraid to tell you what they think of you. It gets tiring. My father has an iPhone, and he loves it. But he knows I love my Android phone. We don't preach to each other. We respect each other's preference.

Unfortunately, contempt often breeds contempt.

Macboy 74----

"I've been on this site before most of you knew what android was. Im just not as close minded as the rest of you as I use many devices that run different operating systems .And I'll go we're I please.""

WTF?! Am i missing something? your profile says you have been a Member for 6 weeks 1 day?


U must be a I diot

That is all

Hmmm, I was following this site a long time before I became a member. I for one welcome Macboy74, and respect his hutzpah for defending Apple on an thread title "your anti-iPhone-Open-Thread". The Apple attacks are fair game and he undoubtedly expected them, but the personal attacks on him or others seems like going a bit too far.

Apparently, enough to do with it to distract you from to come troll over here... Seriously, the thing that's funny about Apple launches is how thick they lay on the complete bull**** marketing speak, with a straight face. Seriously, ten minutes talking about how "it's the best phone we have ever made, so beautiful, so perfect, so engineered, and so... just... splendiferous!" Gag me. Give the specs, show some live demos, and then GTFO. The fact that apple drones eat this stuff up so heartily is what we all chuckle to ourselves about. It's not an inside joke, it's just a joke you don't get.

I own three android devices smartass. The first being the HTC Dream which maybe 10% even knew about without having to google it. I've been on this site before most of you knew what android was. Im just not as close minded as the rest of you as I use many devices that run different operating systems .And I'll go we're I please.

Thank goodness I'm heading to a meeting for an hour. I'm interested to see if this phone will deliver on all the hype, and how much of it they've pilfered from Android to claim as their own.

Apple Snapple....sigh....yawns! I read people were complaining about the dock changing and they'd have to buy new chargers....This is why I can't stand Apple products so proprietary....I don't even own a Ipod or any Apple product....Android FTW....

Sure, they mentioned an an adapter and showed it for a moment, but that won't do much good for speaker docks and other docks. Do you really want to balance your new $650-$850 slab of lies on a 1"+ piece of plastic? That is, if it even works at all with it...

Can I please have a phone with features that have been available on other cellphones for years and can you throw in a closed draconian culture of "SUE First, Innovate later"??? Ohhh please, please, please?

It amazing you people make the same comment over and over and over again. And I have the same response for you all. What does a android phone user using an android phone with android features. Have to do with iPhone users using a iPhone?

Well, Androids have a lot of features and flexibility iPhones don't, and the iPhone's "new" features are from Androids that came out last year. Oh, and we can write a complete sentence without breaking it into two fragments.

You are making the same comment over and over again, and with bad grammar. Your last two sentences are both fragments that should be one complete sentence. Consider revising.

Happy Apple Day - the best day of the year for IOS users, who will finally get access to functionality that Android users have enjoyed for the last year (or two in some cases).

It amazing you people make the same comment over and over and over again. And I have the same response for you all. What does a android phone user using an android phone with android features. Have to do with iPhone users using a iPhone? Do you expect them to don't ever upgrade?

I'm waiting in line for my new IPhone 5 right now! Oh wait. Never mind. This is the line for the bathroom. Smells the same.

The only people who are really all that excited about it are the tech bloggers. It gives them something to speculate wildly about for months before the fact, something to gush over at release time, something to compare like apples and oranges (should you buy an iPhone 5 or a manual typewriter? Our experts help you decide!) and something to sneeringly deride for months after. Then the cycle repeats. It's called job security.

"We are proud to present on iPhone 5, a brand new, never before seen, impossibly smart feature.......Google Now." -_-

I still can't believe the event isn't streamed live. Are everyone really just watching liveblogs? The Norwegian cellphone site covering the event had to travel to London just to be able to watch a live video stream!

I actually wanted to watch the event, but I'm not watching a liveblog, that's for sure.

I'm not anti-iPhone, but I AM against Apple culture. I hate it when Apple people go out of their way to come up to ME and tell me my Galaxy Note is too big and looks funny when talking on it, then I show them something cool on it and they get jealous, kind of like when you beat a guy at the traffic light and he zips past you because you were faster to get to the speed limit.

iPhone has its place, and I can't say I'm Android for life either, but I love OPEN SOURCE.

Apple Fanboys have an argument that being the first isn't always best, and that's fine, but:
1. Apple takes TOO long to catch up
2. When they do implement these things they act like THEY invented it

I can't support that. I mean come on, iOS6 finally has the ability to natively decline a phone call and reply with a text. I was doing this on my Sidekick in the mid-2000s.

That's my beef with Apple. If they leave me alone then I'm fine. I left my iPhone for an inferior Motorola Cliq, and even then I was happier. Open Source is what I love. I am OPEN SOURCE for life.

ooh ooh, and adding a wallpaper that can barely be seen behind the rows of movable folders and icons....

I wonder what features the iphone will include that google has already bestowed upon the aneroid faithful?

I hate apple.

It amazing you people make the same comment over and over and over again. And I have the same response for you all. What does a android phone user using an android phone with android features. Have to do with iPhone users using a iPhone? Do you expect them to don't ever upgrade? morons

It amazing you people make the same comment over and over and over again. And I have the same response for you all. What does a android phone user using an android phone with android features. Have to do with iPhone users using a iPhone? Do you expect them to don't ever upgrade? morons

Man, I wish I could "like" comments on here, or rate them like before. Then again, I'd be liking everything on this thread. I can't wait for my "friends" to poo themselves over the awesome features they're going to get on their new iPhone that I've been enjoying for years. Oh, but they still won't be getting nfc.

Just watch. Afterwards, it won't be a matter of iPhone5 having new features, but that they (Apple) did it BETTER than Android. Yeah, Android had 4" screens first, but iPhone does it better, because of ....

+1! LOL!

We made it bigger for your you made it bigger because EVERYONE complained about how small it is compaired to all the other phones in the industry.

They just said it was the thinnest smartphone ever.. Last I checked the Droid Razr was still 7.1mm thick... hmmm..

You beat me to it :) The iPhone5 is 7.6 but of course the will say that they came out with the thinnest first and sue....

Perhaps the thinnest iGadget ever... looking over my co-worker's shoulder, it looks like a Galaxy SIII (^_^)

There is a Fujitsu phone that was released in January 2012, it is 6.7 mm and it is waterproof and has a TV tuner. It is also a 4" LCD, although it is only an entry Android phone.

Regardless, Apple didn't get the memo and probably have hundreds of millions of people thinking Apple makes the thinnest phone. Oppo got the memo and are making their phone 6.65 mm thick.

My general take on android is that when they get it they will give it, were as Apple will wait till they have made as much money as possible then they will give a little. B@@STARDS.

It amazing you people make the same comment over and over and over again. And I have the same response for you all. What does a android phone user using an android phone with android features. Have to do with iPhone users using a iPhone? Do you expect them to don't ever upgrade? morons

Dude seriously I've owned both phones droid and apple. I can honestly say I jail broke my phone like crazy because I wanted freedom to do whatever I wanted with my cell phone apple has yet to embrace that simple concept since the first iPhone which is why the best phone is one that comes with awesome hardware a software platform that allows you to let the phone be truly yours. When you buy a droid no two phones ever have to look alike however every iPhone u open up looks exactly alike. Plus as others have stated the iPhone Really doesn't have amazing new features outside of its processor and display everything else is just something I've had on my droid since as far as I can remember. If you want the truth apples real reason for success is its market and the 3rd party Dev support. If the same devs backed Google as much as they do apple we wouldn't be having this convo today. And the devs keep producing more items for the apple market because most apple users are gull able and will but useless apps for no reason.. I can't count how many times I've been shown a useless app that got tons of purchases all because its on the iPhone. Wake up buddy apple is playing catch-up and they only have the 3rd party devs to thank for their continued growth

I'm assuming, based on your handle, that you were born in 1974 (though I hope... no pray... that I'm wrong). That would make you 37-38 years old. If I'm right, have you ever thought about getting out of your parent's basement and getting a life? It's a big, fun world out here and there's lots to do besides troll on web sites for products you don't like.

Does Apple pay you to do this? Is coming here (I'm almost certain you are one of those guys who goes to all the tech sites and spams Apple rhetoric, but I have no actual proof so I won't accuse you of it... whoops I just did) and posting making you feel better about yourself? It's pretty pathetic.

I think you need a hug... and friends... and a woman.

So, Phil said the iP5 is the thinnest smartphone in the world... WRONG!!!

the Droid Razr is 7.1 mm and the iP5 is 7.6 mm, while the Oppo Finder is 6.65 mm

I can only hope so! I'm hoping Samsung can essentially stop iPhone5 from being sold worldwide, and then use that leverage to force Apple to settle all outstanding patent issues with Samsung. Then we can all get on with life. I'm sure that is just wishful thinking though!

'Worlds most advanced display' no more posts?! I'll miss that.

Thinest, lightest phone..until someone puts an Otterbox around that bad boy because of the glass & aluminum. I wonder how much this sucker is going to be retail...4S was $649.

I was at the mall the other day and I pulled out my Galaxy Note. This girl looks at it, taps on my shoulder, and asks, "Is that the iPhone 5?! Because I heard it was going to have a ridiculously large screen!"

Even the cashier at Radio Shack laughed.

Welcome to Apple Culture.

An Apple iPhone user I work with asked "What is LTE?" Maybe Apple should be sued for preying and profiting from the ignorant. Or sell iClone as a one button tool for those that cannot think on their own.

Can you hate a company? Can you hate ideals? Can you love "hate"? If so I love all the well deserved hate for Apple. They stand for what I consider to be wrong with companies today. Loyalty to the money and nothing else being the biggest on the list. Apple loves to tell people what they should like, and I just can't stand by that.


The Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry is referred to as "Good, old-fashioned hate." It's done with a certain amount of respect between the companies. It's possible to have good-natured "hate" that everyone loves to take part in.

Iphone 5, introduced September 2012: "it's a 326ppi Retina display, 4-inches. 1136 x 640 resolution. Same width, but taller"

HTC Rezound, introduced: October 2011:

342ppi. 4.3-inches1280×720 resolution

Welcome to last year Snapple

Since they are gonna steal more Android ideas and innovations, about a real back button and a menu button? Since there's no uniformity about either of these in most 3rd party, and even some 1st party apps, why not put them on the phone on both sides of the home button. Then the user experience will be better, and Samsung can sue the f$ck out of Apple for "stealing" their design. That way everyone wins. :D

Holy Apple-sauce Batman.. Imagine a smart phone with a bigger screen, faster processor, 4G LTE connectivity, voice recognition and a ton of cool apps you can PURCHASE.. Oh.. that's right.. phones like this have been around for over a year now. I think they're called Android phones...Oh well. (kidding)

Having been an Apple fan boy for a few years, I also have to +1 on the 'yawn'. Now that I'm rocking the sexy red GS3 running ICS, I could never go back, nor will I. However in Apple's defense, they DO engineer nice hardware, though you have to be willing to pay.. pay.. pay and then pay some more. And the iP5 is going to need to be pretty spectacular to one up the GS3 and other Android phones, not to mention iOS 6 will also need to be amazing when compared to Jelly Bean with Google Now. MY $.02

I agree with you on the hardware part.. I am very impressed with the aluminum/glass aspect of all the iPhone phones. They seem sturdier and the guts are pretty outstanding too.. But in the long run it's the OS that wins for me and Android is better for my tastes..

It amazing you people make the same comment over and over and over again. And I have the same response for you all. What does a android phone user using an android phone with android features. Have to do with iPhone users using a iPhone? Do you expect them to don't ever upgrade? morons

I'm sad for you... that you are wasting your precious seconds on this Earth trolling an internet forum. Your life must suck!

Agreed... he or she just keeps copy/paying the same thing...prob mad the "new" iphone is old news yet again :D

I'm assuming, based on your handle, that you were born in 1974 (though I hope... no pray... that I'm wrong). That would make you 37-38 years old. If I'm right, have you ever thought about getting out of your parent's basement and getting a life? It's a big, fun world out here and there's lots to do besides troll on web sites for products you don't like.

Does Apple pay you to do this? Is coming here (I'm almost certain you are one of those guys who goes to all the tech sites and spams Apple rhetoric, but I have no actual proof so I won't accuse you of it... whoops I just did) and posting making you feel better about yourself? It's pretty pathetic.

I think you need a hug... and friends... and a woman.

well if they already have it they can keep it (if they dont mind paying retail for their phone that is) ... thats got to be at least 600-700 easy... have fun!

dynamic low light mode..Dynamic antenna...

Why you keep using that word? I don't think it means what you think it means...

Usually I love competition - it's good for development.
Apple is not about competition, it's about preventing development, and the only progress they know is the ever growing legal department.
I bet many will run to finance more lawsuits (and in the progress get poor goods in a new wrapping) - but I sure hope apple accumulates as much hate and disqust as they can, abusing the broken, ridiculous, US patent law.

Been watching the live stream of the event and the best...

"Now there's a full 5-day week view in calendar...."


I got that in a single widget. LOL (I'm typing this on my Mac of all things).

BlackBerry phones have had that for ages, not sure about earlier Windows Mobile phones.

It amazing you people make the same comment over and over and over again. And I have the same response for you all. What does a android phone user using an android phone with android features. Have to do with iPhone users using a iPhone? Do you expect them to don't ever upgrade? morons

Simple: Apple's portraying this old, tired feature as magical. It's almost as pathetic as you coming here to troll Android users in a thread titled "Anti-iPhone"

I'm assuming, based on your handle, that you were born in 1974 (though I hope... no pray... that I'm wrong). That would make you 37-38 years old. If I'm right, have you ever thought about getting out of your parent's basement and getting a life? It's a big, fun world out here and there's lots to do besides troll on web sites for products you don't like.

Does Apple pay you to do this? Is coming here (I'm almost certain you are one of those guys who goes to all the tech sites and spams Apple rhetoric, but I have no actual proof so I won't accuse you of it... whoops I just did) and posting making you feel better about yourself? It's pretty pathetic.

I think you need a hug... and friends... and a woman.

My biggest complaint with Apple is, patent lawsuits, Apple may be able to slow invocation, but they certainly can’t stop it.

I went to engadget to see what was going on.... left in about 2 seconds.... nothing.... nothing is going on

I will laugh at the scalpers buying them up and trying to sell them for a grand or more. I already have a 4S and do like some features on it. Siri for me has been a rather helpful feature as a quadraplegic with limited use of my fingers. One button dictation is great and it has been pretty accurate.

On the other hand, I have my Galaxy S2 on T-Mobile (my iPhone 4S is fully unlocked and used on my same SIM). What annoys me is the iFans who just gawk if I'm using my S2 and hear. nothing but babbling from the lawsuit and the disbelief that I on a "lesser" carrier provides a solid 14Mbps HSPA+ connection without LTE.

Puts a smile on my face when I can pull up a YouTube video or publish one far faster over Tmo "4G" while many friends of mine who use a 4S or older iPhone are still trying to buffer or leech off local wifi to speed things up.

My only problem with my S2 and many other large screen Android phones is that I have trouble gripping the massive beast I'm using at the moment. I love my Samsung and always have liked the phones they released (aside from the Behold II).

I know these forums will be blasted by Apple fans later like the iPhone 5 is the second coming or otherwise. Makes@ me wonder what new features will be "barrowed" from not only Android but WP7/8 and even the BlackBerry.

When you can't innovate, you must litigate! ;-)

Looks mostly like a bunch of improvements for their current stuff. Not a bad thing, but hardly world shattering.

Oh hey look, panorama mode being revolutionary.

this new phone is absolute junk.

everything it features now, weve already been able to do so on android. like someone said earlier, apple makes it seem like they invented these "new features" when its already been done

Very underwhelming so far. Gotta love IGN's comment though:

"They're really excited about this panoramic photo software for some reason"

Lets talk about how we do everything wireless, and then, introduce our new Micro USB charger. We'll give it a cool name. Lightning, or something.

and then well charge u $30+ for a mandatory adaptor for ur old chargers unless u wanna look like an old skool gayboy using our obsolete technology now.

Samsung + LTE = LAWYERS. Sit back and pop open a cold one because hell is about to freeze over and melt in Judge Lucy's court all at once.......... GO ANDROID!

And don't worry about your older accessories. Our new adapter for the Lightning Connector is now available ... for only $39.99!!

Does this site have to be so overtly anti-iphone? Geeze. I love android too, and I take no particular liking to apple products (though I acknowledge their products are great for their target audience and also their marketing prowess). That doesnt mean we have to act like insufferable fan boys.

I mean really: "The Internet is practically wetting itself over something we pretty much know all about already." We all knew the specs of the gnex before release and we were all still excited for the announcement. Let the isheep have their fun.

I dont come to this site to read hate spewed about the iphone. I come here to read about android. Sheesh.

Then why did you click on the header to this article? They have tons of other articles to read but you chose this one..and took the time to read the comments & type a comment...


You can read other articles that came before this one, or after that pertain to android. And this article is extremely Android related, as we are expressing our support for Android. Also, no one is stopping the iSheep from cumming all over there pants for this phone. Get your head out of your ass,and stopping acting pious. It's obnoxious.

umm.. so you actually READ the TITLE of the thread right?? Read it again... slower this time, maybe out loud.... maybe have siri read it for you.... its an ANTI-IPHONE THREAD. and JUST in case you still were not clear here is the definition:

anti - Preposition:
Opposed to; against.
A person opposed to a particular policy, activity, or idea.

hope this clears up the misconceptions.

And they still won't give you transit directions or biking directions. And since they use Tom Tom, well... they won't give you decent directions either.

Apple peeps like to talk about Android "fragmentation" but will of this "new" maps stuff like turn by turn work on the 3gs, 4 or 4s? You get to have the release name and version number but no the features! That's how you beat fragmentation! :)

i dont get what people dont get abojut "fragmentation" of android. YES, there are different versions on different decives with different features.... ITS CALLED CHOICE.

If "android" released 1 phone a year that was a minimal bump to its predecessor, then we would not have ANY choice (aka fragmentation).

Here is the solution... root ur phone and always buy high end phones.

WRT maps, an ifriend of mine made a great point about why he was excited about the new apple maps being the native map program versus gmaps. previously, gmaps was preinstalled, and could not be updated until an OS update. now, theoretically, one will be able to go to the app store, download gmaps onto the iphone, and update when updates are made available by google. having never owned an iphone, i cannot attest to the facts here, but it does remind me of why i was disappointed that swype was preinstalled in my D2 (and i was unable to update), and more than happy to download it myself for my gnex.

completely unrelated to iphone bashing, just thought i'd throw in that thought ;)

Android is great and i've used it since the cdma hero. I take no sides. Android has been doing most of these ground breaking things apple are announcing but i do believe apple does it better.

10:44:57 AM PDT "I can get back to any of my content from any of my browsers on the go, it's called iCloud tabs." Sort of like Google's Chrome syncing between desktop and Android.

10:43:19 AM PDT "You take two fingers and you can change the camera angle." Seems to work just like Google Maps 3D view.

Help, I've been watching the event! Or did I just watch a recap of Android's innovations over the past 3 years?

gotta say i am super pumped seeing the specs and stuff on the iPhone 5.....

Android supremacy will for sure continue!! lol

I love how they are touting a 28mp panorama.... lets see on my one s i can take i think 5 shots in panorama at 8mp.... so i guess my one s takes a 40mp panaroma. Not sure if this is how they are selling it but i would be willing to bet for sure that it is the case.

"There are some great enhancements to the phone app, including the ability to send an SMS or iMessage back if you can't take the call."

Sound familiar, my Droid 3 does that....