Brandson Watson

Brandon Watson, a major player in the resurrection of Microsoft's Windows Phone OS, specifically in his work with developers, has taken a job with Amazon. Watson confirmed his departure Friday on Twitter, and ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley tracked down that he'll be director of the Kindle Cross-Platform Team. Foley says that makes him responsible for for all of the first- and third-party Kindle apps, which would include Android's own Amazon Kindle application.

Said Watson:

The rumors are true. The team is in great hands. I'll miss working on #wpdev. I will [miss] the community, but won't be a stranger.

With a high-profile name like Watson, who was one of Microsoft's biggest cheerleaders for the revived Windows Phone platform (and a hell of a nice dude -- I've met him a couple times), you can't help but wonder what else Amazon has up its sleeve. Amazon's running what is believe to be the most successful forked version of Android with its Kindle Fire e-reader/tablet, along with its wildly successful Amazon Appstore. And now Amazon's picked up some serious Microsoft talent. 

No doubt that if anyone has the traditional manufacturers looking over their shoulders a little bit, especially in the tablet space, it's Amazon. On the other hand, while the Kindle family (and Kindle Fire in particular) may be moving a bunch of units -- up 177 percent over last year -- maybe they looked at Amazon's profit and shrugged. Either way, things are getting interesting.

Source: @brandonwatson, ZDNet; via WPCentral


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Window Phone developer guru Brandon Watson joins Amazon Kindle team


Interesting. The apps were one thing on Windows Phone that everybody could agree were not up to par with Android and iOS. In terms of quantity and from big developers. Words with Friends? Skype? Google Voice?

If any type of windows os shows up on my kindle fire. I WILL get the largest sledge hammer i can find and crush it!!! Seriously!!!

Why would it? Just because someone from one platform moved to a different one? Happens all the time.

Amazon is heavily invested in android, from their app store to their OS development. To think that someone leaving the Windows Phone team will bring Windows to such a company is not a well thought out idea.

No matter how you look at it, Brad is a seriously talented guy and I'm excited he's associated with Amazon. He was one of the few that put Windows Phone on the map. He will do an amazing job for Amazon. And no, he won't be able to sway Amazon to WP. I hope they come up with a better fork of Android, and better specs for Kindle 2. I love the Fire for what it is...but I seriously miss Bluetooth, GPS and some of the Google apps. I have no idea what influence he'll have on Kindle 2 or following...but this is a huge coup for Amazon.

It says a lot for Microsoft's incompetence that they needed someone to put Windows Phone "on the map" considering how totally they dominated the mobile space not so long ago.