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SwiftKey, one of our favorite third-party keyboards for Android, has launched its latest annual user survey designed to find out what all phone and tablet owners want out of their devices. It's open to everyone, even if your device doesn't currently support SwiftKey, and to sweeten the deal SwiftKey is throwing in the chance to win a phone or tablet of your choice, Android or non-Android, up to a value of $800. In addition to the grand prize winner, ten runners up will get a Moshi prize pack and SwiftKey t-shirt.

You can also increase your chances of winning by sending friends over to the survey and having them complete it. To get started, hit the survey link below. More details can be found in SwiftKey's blog post.

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Source: SwiftKey blog

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MC_A_DOT says:

Nice...so this is international right?

Alex Dobie says:


MC_A_DOT says:


completed survey and invited friends too, good luck people.

tonybyatt says:


I appear to be stuck in some kind of loop, I will keep trying though.

landjo77 says:

Happened to me twice. Resets back to the beginning after different pages. Maybe third time will be the charm...

10SE says:

Same here. Guess it'll open up a spot for someone else, because I've got other things to do!!

Try a different browser if you're using Chrome - surveymonkey is having issues with Chrome browser...

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CeluGeek says:

It keeps sending me back to the beginning and forgetting what I filled on the last page I was able to visit. My time is more valuable than any phone they can possibly give away. I'm now even less inclined to try out their keyboard.

eibook says:

This x 100!

d3c509b says:

feel like I was getting trolled,

just checked 35 bubbles?


Glad i'm not the only one this was happening too. I just gave up =(

yankeesusa says:

Survey keeps messing up. Oh well

Saneless says:

This survey is a practical joke. You go from question 1 to 2 to 3 to 2 to 3 to 1.. etc etc loop.

Works just as well as their keyboard for learning new words, I suppose.

Edit: While I tried to be helpful, I had to put in 0 phones and 0 tablets to make it to the end. Congrats, guys.

Survey not working for me

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fotyc says:

OMG why would I want SwiftKey if their survey is such a mess? I finished the phone part and it sent me back to the beginning. I paged through all my answers, which were still there, got to the tablet part, completed that, got sent back to the beginning. Paged through my phone answers, got to the tablet part, and my answers there were gone. Completed them again, and got sent back to the beginning. Hey, if you don't want to give away anything, don't post a survey at all.

Torrey Hull says:

All that survey did was piss me off, that looping is annoying.

10001110101 says:

This survey is like Groundhog Day!

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Dissident26 says:

Never ending story :-/

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prissysox says:

IDK what the problem was but it kept kicking me back to the beginning.

NoNexus says:

Yes because a third party survey app is totally a reflection on the Android app they put out.

If you guys were for real and not just Trolling, the Nexus 5 would have sold about 3 with all the issues they had.

No problem, increases my chances

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cowboys2000 says:


And even on my work pc with IE 7 as my only browser, I had zero issues.

eahinrichsen says:

I wonder if the issues were browser-specific. I would imagine most people here are using Chrome, but I'm on my work PC right now, using Firefox. No issues.

NoNexus says:

Chrome on the phone was a fail
Chrome on the PC worked well.

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jimrebello says:

Gave up after the second loop through. Screw Swiftkey.

pinch55 says:

Well, that was annoying but I finally finished it! Stupid ground hog day survey. I hope I don't get disqualified for wanting flying monkeys for future tech.

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L0N35T4R says:

Survey worked fine for me. Looks like I'll be a WINNAARRRR

Got it working

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Jonneh says:

Guys, why on earth would you be pissed at SwiftKey and believe they actually released a survey for the sole purpose of pissing you off? And some of you now aren't going to try their keyboard app because of it? I am almost on the damn floor laughing at your immaturity and entitlement. Wow! I mean...really, wow!

Taken from their actual blog post:
"It looks as if surveymonkey is having a few problems in Chrome - sometimes when you submit a page it sends you back to the beginning.
We have contacted them about this issue - in the meantime try filling in the survey using a different browser.
Very sorry about this!"

bsinc1962 says:


SwiftKey is the best keyboard out there and the survey conducted by a third party shouldn't be a reflection on them.

BTW after reading this I did the survey in IE and had no problems.

jimbo says:

Yes, there are annoying self entitled snibbling immature ignorant little bitchers who occasion these forums.

Diego Yanez says:

The survey worked fine in the AOSP Browser

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junior38 says:

All done..

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ozne99 says:

What bothers me is that it didn't ask for my information... How would I know if I won?

bsinc1962 says:

At the end you put in your email address

kgh00007 says:

Cheers Alex, so what is the most expensive android phone or tablet that you can buy right now?

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Dreadcthulhu says:

I think the most expensive Android phone is the Vertu Constellation @ $6990. Not counting one off jewel encrusted devices.

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alexlam24 says:

A Galaxy round is $1000, how much is a LG G flex? That won't depreciate for a while.

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quailallstar says:


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rkeenan says:

It worked fine for me on the first try using the Chrome desktop browser.

deadpenguins says:

I'm assuming this title is supposed to say, "Get a chance to win a phone or tablet of your choice by completing SwiftKey's survey"

Channan says:

Curious how inviting more people to join the pool INcreases your chances of winning.

deadpenguins says:

Because that's how the math works. If there are 100 people in the survey (you being one of them) you have 1/100 chance of winning. If you invite a friend, that adds you and another to the total making it 102 entries, but now you have 2 submissions yourself. The probability of you winning the odds of 2/102 (1/51) is greater than 1/100. It creates a competitive dynamic that incentivizes you to invite as many as possible (thus yielding stronger survey results for SK).

alexlam24 says:

much complex
such calculation
many math

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landjo77 says:

No looping errors on IE8

deadlock4400 says:

@ Alex Dobie

cool post

uh60james says:

Keep giving up suckas! Better odds for the rest of us!

Andriod_Evo says:

+1 hahahahha

scouser73 says:

Done it.

Dreadcthulhu says:

No looping errors using the Android version of Firefox.

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richardfoc says:

Desktop Firefox worked just fine.

EDIT: I mean desktop Firefox doesn't work at all. Everybody give up! Stop attempting to complete the survey! You will never be able to finish. Groundhog Day! Stupid SwiftKey! Dumb phone that displays malfunctioning survey! I'm going iOS7!

Jonneh says:

Comment of the day! :-D

dontlookatme says:

Worked fine on Netscape 3.1. No loop for me

kiddySG says:

If the survey is not working stop complaining and just give up. Better chance for me.

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K White1 says:

I had no problem completing the survey using the Chrome Browser.

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jimbo says:

Probably overwhelmed servers. No problem with (HTC) Webkit browser.

neonworm says:


geekymcfly says:

Entered just for the heck of it. Highly unlikely I'll win but hey it's worth a shot. Anyways enjoy your device if anyone of you just happen to win

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