Not to be left out in all the fun that its little brother is having, the iPhone 3G is joining the Android party, too. David Wang has ported Android to the iPhone 3G (not the current 3GS, mind you) and well, it boots and loads Android all right. The Android iPhone 3G port is a little rougher than the original port but who really cares, these hacks are awesome! Supposedly, we'll find out how to do this ourselves in a couple of days. True freedom is here iPhone 3G owners! [pcworld]

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Channan says:

I wonder why iPhone users are trying so hard to get Android on their iPhones but we're not trying to get iPhone OS on our Android phones.

Paladin says:

Come over to the dark side!!! We have cookies!!!

Jim says:

Steve's not happy.

c3PreO says:

Very humbling, very humbling indeed.

Good job!!!

UncleMike says:

I understand the appeal of the challenge, but where's the appeal to the end user? Is the iPhone hardware really that good, or is this for those already stuck with an iPhone?

JohnnyACE562 says:

Next up, iPhone 3G-S with Android 2.1!

Screw it, why stop there? Next-Gen iPhone with Froyo!


bbrosen says:

Yet my hero is un rootable and stuck for who knows how long, on 1.5