The LG G2 is still one hell of a phone

Sometimes, you just love what you already have

We're more than halfway through July, which means we're more than halfway through the year 2104. We've seen some amazeball new phones from all the big names, and sales predictions and analyst speak aside, millions and millions of new Android phones have already been sold in 2014. Chances are, about half of the folks reading this were part of it, and have a shiny new Android in their clutches. Congrats on such a good choice, no matter which one you chose.

But there's a case to be made for the folks who didn't bother to upgrade. I don't mean all of us waiting for the new hotness from Motorola or that Note 4 we all know is coming, I mean the folks who just decided they didn't need a new phone because the one they have still kicks ass. I've been digging through my 2013 phones to make sure everything works well with Android Wear and had one of those mini-epiphanies I often have after a few cold beverages — the phones we loved in 2013 were so damn good nobody needed to upgrade. In fact, I wonder if I would have even looked at this year's crop of wünderfones if I had a different job. Probably not, because the phone in front of me with my "real" SIM card in it is still the Moto X.

If you're using the HTC One M7, or the LG G2, or the Galaxy S4 or any of the top-tier handsets from the big names in 2013 and are completely happy with it, I understand. And you have more free money than the rest of us, so you get to buy the beers when we have our next meeting. Now I think it would be cool to hear from everyone, and that's what polls are for. Find it below (or on the right sidebar on the homepage) and tell everyone if you upgraded or not.


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This week's sidebar poll: Who hasn't upgraded their phone in 2014?



Does it count if I bought last year's model earlier this year.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!

I did the same in January. Saved a fortune by bagging the M7 on Vodafone with my employee discount, and - while it's an improvement - I don't think the M8 was worth the extra money and the 3-month wait.

Count me in on that. I went with a Tmo LG G2 a couple of days before the G3 came out. At the price I couldn't pass. It's a great phone.

I still have nexus 4. Sure I want the nexus 5, HTC one or Sony compact but other than battery issue don't see me spending the money.... Yet.

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My plan was to roll with the N4 through to the fall and compare the newest Moto X (please add qi charging!) with the next Nexus, but a bad emmc chip forced my hand on the N5 in March.

I had the N4 and if it wasn't because the screen cracked I hadn't updated either. The design and build materials are much better than my N5 IMO.

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Here here..

Had the N4 until it's screen cracked last summer. Rolling with a M7 ever since.

If the N4 would have survived Id still be rocking it.

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If we get a new nexus this year I'll probably upgrade. but yeah, other than battery life (which is pretty horrible) and a dodgy USB port (probably my fault) it fills my needs brilliantly.

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I have the Nexus 4 as well. I wouldn't necessarily call it an upgrade, but I just bought a Galaxy S4. No more phones with non-removable batteries for me.

Absolutely the same. Though battery capacity already decreased (after 1.5 years it's ok for me) I think I'll stay with N4 till the end of year. But as I'm big Blade Runner fan I'm going to purchase Nexus 6 as soon as it will be available. :)

Not yet. I currently use a Nexus 4 and I'm hoping to see a Nexus 6 this year. As long as it's $399 or lower with great specs, I'll be upgrading this year.

Ditto. Still very happy with my nexus 4. Nexus 5 didn't really upgrade anything enough for me. I would change to a moto x but am waiting for its successor to see if I want one. Nothing else matches its Cristal process back.

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I'm with you. I sold my N4 and got an N5, and while I like the N5 a lot, I miss the construction and feel of the N4 a lot. That glass back just looked and felt so nice.

The N5 sure does work a lot better with the Qi charging orb, though.

I got the Nexus 5, late in the piece, I got the Nexus 4 when it was discounted due to the Nexus 5 coming out, I got the 16 GB version N4, $360 AU. Because it was a 16 GB, it sold fast for $200, I got the 32 GB N5, for $470, so it really only cost $270, at 32 GB, it'll resell fast at $300. A 64 GB Nexus, 6 will probably set me back $470, so it'll only cost me $170, I think it was a significant upgrade, FHD screen, 32 GB flash, LTE advanced, WiFi ac, Adreno 330, more advanced CPUs. But many of you are right, some of this years crop are not big upgrades, many are not beyond FHD, few will notice the CPU speed increase, commoditization has occurred, Samsung profits are down. We need generational differences to entice the customers, things like 64 bit, at least 64 GB flash, ideally 128, at least QHD, ideally UHD, at least 4 GB of LPDDR3 RAM. These features all need to be present, or they won't buy, because they won't notice the difference otherwise. Apple have beaten us on 64 bit and resolution in the past, they're well funded for the fight. Samsung will be going UHD next year, QHD and 128 GB of flash phones are already out there, Android L will be 64 bit, the chip makers are pumping, the 64 bit chips off the line. Flash and RAM are cheap, 128 GB USB 3 flash sticks, are $72, RAM is cheap as chips, Tango has many of these characteristics, screen is a bit weak, price is high, but that's because it's a small production run prototype. My Nexus 10 only cost $300 recently, it was $1,000 18 months ago, QHD, my UHD TV is only $400 US now. Looking forward to more $200, or less UHD Android TV set top boxes.

Still happily using my M7. I don't see any reason to upgrade just for a bigger phone. I'm quite comfortable with what I have.

I'm also using and happy with my M7. Even despite the fact that I damaged the speakers, so they aren't as loud as they should be. I think I'll stay a year behind and get the M8 next year

Moto X doing great. Probably best phone I've owned. That or the Droid X. Or my first smartphone love, the Blackberry Curve 8330

Yes love my moto x too. Never thought I would get a phone without sd slot and removable battery but x is best phone I ever had.

I have upgraded and ready to do so again, but not because I am unhappy, just a toy addict. Currently have Moto X and HTC One M8. Would love to pick up a G3, but probably going to wait to see what the Note 4 is going to bring.

I will upgrade, normally 6 months is my limit with a phone, but the Note 3 has served me well. Interested in the G3, but waiting for some real specs on the Note 4, then I can decide to go with the G3 or wait for the Note 4. I do use the SPen, so I probably will end up waiting

Played with the G3 at Best Buy today. Will most likely be my next device. I was concerned about the size, but the difference between it and my G2 is minimal. I refuse to buy it until I can get ahold of the QuickCircle case though.

Some days it works great, other days it dies in 6 hours...

I'm sick of my G2. I'm definitely going to be changing it out for a new phone this year. I might even switch to iOS and get a battery case, since I got a Mac laptop for college and continuity looks pretty awesome.

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I want a G3, but being in the UK means no 3gb version, which I have to say annoys me. So, my G2 will have to do for now (possibly). It still works as well as it always did, just yesterday I had to charge it after 47 hours, over 6 hours screen on time and plenty of use. It is a beast frankly. But, I like new things, so an upgrade will happen before the year is out.

I just checked out the G3 at a Sprint store and it's the best designed and most beautiful device out there. However I needed to know if it would drive headphone speakers like an HTC. So I grabbed a pair of high-end headphones and the volume isn't half what an HTC is. I'm pretty sure HTC devices (since "beats") are the only Android phones with a lot of headphone power. It matters to me because I have headphone speakers inside my motorcycle helmet. So I'll be sticking with HTC for my next upgrade, maybe next year's model.

I'm in the same boat. I wouldn't mind slightly better battery life, but as I spend most of my life sitting in my office, it's just not enough to make me change.

If they release a Nexus 6, I'll probably want it, but I won't pull the trigger. I'll wait another year and see what happens with Motorola following the purchase by Lenovo, Sony and HTC.

I don't know about many more years, but the Nexus 5 might just be the first smartphone that I keep for two solid years... Had all three HTC EVOs prior to this, FWIW. If my phone was my primary camera I might be itching to upgrade sooner, but the Nexus 5 satisfies pretty much all my needs.

There's phones with better battery life, but only because they have larger batteries (and are usually physically larger). If anything, the one thing that would tempt me would be a SMALLER phone with flagship specs (ball's in your court Moto). If Silver just turns out to be a retail push for GPE-like devices I doubt I'll upgrade until next summer.

Got my Nexus 5 late in 2013 so getting any of the new big boys would have been too soon, non of them were a big enough upgrade over it to justify the prices. But if a new Nexus phone is released late this year it will be a Day 1 purchase.

Still rocking my Nexus 4,but because the battery is so appalling I shall be upgrading imminently. No idea what I want next though.

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I am ditching my Nexus 4 for a Galaxy S4. I love my Nexus because of the fast updates. Moving forward I will probably be sticking with the Galaxy series. No more non-removable batteries for me. Being able to expand storage is also a plus.

External storage has become worthless on any android device, my note 2 has plenty of room on the SD card but internal memory is gone. ETF's keep me from leaving Sprint for now, but next year I plan to move my family somewhere that allows me to try a flagship Windows Phone device.

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I don't have those problems with my Note 2, not yet.
>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

You need move to SD card app in Google play store, although it may be too late, so you may need to perform a factory reset. Needed to do a factory reset on my sisters Note 1, too little app space in Samsung stuff, too much skin bloatware.

Same about battery. Got so bad I had to get a battery pack. For me it's X+1, Nexus 6 or the ever elusive OPO.

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Until Sammy screws it up like the s3 with the awful bugs added with major updates

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5

Got the nexus 5 so technically didn't upgrade in 2014. And I love it more than any other Android I've ever had from the Evo 4g, Evo lte, and galaxy s4.

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Nexus 5 here. Love this phone. I have an M8 too but I keep going back to the nexus.

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Another happy Nexus 4 user. Haven't seen any overwhelming reason to dump it for any of the 2013 or 2014 models so far. (If I were in a position to need long battery life, might be singing a different song.) Here's hoping that something comes along that blows my socks off (and that has reasonably-sized screen), but, until then, #HOLOYOLO.

You're one of many who are still happy with a Nexus 4 it's not a big phone and I think that's what's nice

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5

Funny thing is that, when it came out, the N4 was a (pretty) big phone. Was certainly a big step up for me - in size and performance - from an LG Optimus V. But it's crazy how biggie-sized all the phones have gotten in the past 2 years.

People have been saying that every year... And it hasn't happened. This year's flagships probably grew the least (M8 vs M7, SGS4 vs 5, etc), but some still did (isn't the G3 larger than the G2? Nexus 5 is certainly larger than the 4). I'll be mighty disappointed if the X+1 doesn't buck the trend, again.

The S5 water proofness/resistance is the only thing that tempts me, but not worth the money to replace my S4. I put a new battery in the S4 after about a year and it's as good as new. Lasts all day (normally), no problem, with plenty to spare.

Yeah, water resistance is tempting. I'm not a Samsung fan at all and yet I still think they didn't get enough credit for having that on a flagship device.

I am still rocking the HTC one M7. It just got sense 6 update and still works great. I did get my son a LG G3 and I am a bit jealous, but I can wait another year. :-)

Still using the Nexus 5. The only thing I've been really interested in upgrading to so far this year is the G3, but I want something a little smaller than the N5, not a little bigger.

I'm waiting to see what Moto releases later on this year. Otherwise, I'll probably keep the N5 around until Silver rolls out.

I'm not sure what Silver could do to tempt me personally, not this year anyway (considering none of the current flagship models were even remotely tempting). I guess the one exception might be a Moto (or whomever) flagship that's actually SMALLER AND features either a larger battery (3000mAh+) or weather resistance. Just being smaller or just having a larger battery wouldn't do it tho, and yes, I know that's asking a lot.

the true flagship phone of 2014 hasn't revealed itself just yet....

I'm talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, of course.

When it shows up.... time to upgrade!

I'm still using the Note 2. I really don't see a reason to upgrade to anything else. I'm guessing my next upgrade will come in 2015 sometime.

I'm still using a Note 2 as well. The Note 4 may peak my curiosity and get me to consider switching, but I may wait longer.

I'm waiting until Android moves to 64-bit to get a phone that is capable (64-bit processor). I believe that my Note 2 is capable of most tasks that are thrown at it. Android L may change that, but I doubt it.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Oh boy...can't. ...resist.......ugh......that's what she said! And I'm spent

Seriously, note 3 for me on phone for me that I've ever owned. Still kicking it clean rom style.

Still got my Note 2 also. Can't see me upgrading anytime soon. First phone I haven't got bored with.

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The Note 2 may be the best phone I've had yet. I'm interested in the Note 4, but it has to have amazing specs and features for me to leave. I'm starting to get a little bored. I downloaded TSF Shell Launcher to give it a fresh look.
I'm not sure of the processor that they are going to go with for the Note 4, but if it's a 64-bit I may. I will especially if Android moves to 64-bit in the near future.
I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Ditto here. Still rocking my 2012 Note 2 and loving it to this day. Bring on the Note 4!!!!!

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Sticking with my Moto X with Google launcher installed. I like the bigger icons. I will check out the Moto X+1 however when it comes out.

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Moto X still kitten perrs....Sorry have not been blown away yet by anything.
Waiting to see what else comes out...Moto, Nexus...Iphone (if I'm waiting for the nexus, might as well see what Apple has).....

Yeah, I'm not looking to jump platforms any time soon, but I'm always excited to see what Apple comes out with in the non-S years.

I have a MotoX. I see a lot of new phones, some are quite nice. But my Moto X operates flawlessly. I really do enjoy this phone. Additionally, I can't give up always on and contextual awareness. I think I will hold out for the Moto X3, as I probably won't upgrade to the X+1.

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Results are pretty much what you could expect from something like this. Slightly in favor of people upgrading this year... This would be due to the fact that most people upgrade every two years. Therefore, half of us will be upgrading next year while half have upgraded this year. The slight tip in favor of updating this year would be due to the few people (usually techy people in this community) that upgrade EVERY year.

Sorry for an over-analysis of the poll :-P I just saw the correlation and had to comment about it.

I went with the Asus Padphone X. I still have my HTC one m7 plus the OG Galaxy note. Good thing is the Asus and m7 both take the micro sim card so I can switch.

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Upgraded from a Nexus then it fried on me then got a lender phone from a family member iPhone what a mistake that was... Then upgraded to the beast Galaxy Note 3 even though it is last year's model it's still the fastest phone on the market yet. Probably still going to compare with the Note 4!!!!! I was stuck between the Note and G2 and M8.... I think i made the right choice!!!!!

I was happy with my nexus 4 until the wife dropped hers onto cement. So I got a nexus 5 and gave her my nexus 4. I probably wouldn't have upgraded until next year otherwise. But the nexus 5 is very nice. The screen and speed are awesome

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I still love my LG G1 (Optimus G). It's a Nexus 4 with LTE and that beautiful glass back. If it gets Kit Kat, I'm keeping it another two years. It is the best Android phone I've owned. Keeper.

Still using my X since September. Its been tempting to get the m8, s5 and now G3 but every time I think about it I know I'll miss touchless controls & twist to open etc.. Hopefully the x+1 will be worth the wait!

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Staying with my lg g2. Still waiting on a phone with a built-in 3d printer and retina scanner for passwords lol

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Cellphones won't exist then. It will probably be something that you wear or a brain implant. :-)

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I have had no reason to ditch my HTC One (M7) Google Play Edition - great hardware, fast updates. Best phone I've owned.

If the Nexus 5 had a better antenna, I wouldn't even think of upgrading. Love the phone, but I have noticed so many dead areas that didn't exist before.

Really? Coming from an EVO LTE it seemed like an all around upgrade to me as far as reception, I'm on Sprint and I notice it definitely holds unto LTE better in borderline areas. I did lose SVOLTE or voice + data in general, but I would've lost that with any phone from this year.

Yeah... Picked up my Moto X early in Q4 2013 and I'd like to get a couple years out of it; I won't be upgrading for a while unless there is a radical game changer.

I have my nexus 5 which I bough in 2014 moved from s4 and before that my first phone HTC one s

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I'm actually 26 months into my HTC One S, and I still see no reason to upgrade. Best device I've ever used... There can never be a perfect phone, but for my use case scenario the One S made all the right compromises/trade-offs. That being said the best PHONE was the RAZR Vc3.

I'm using the G2 I bought in November, 2013. The next phone I buy is not going to cost over $500. Perhaps $300. It will be something like a One Plus. This will be my last contract. In fact I will probably exercise ETF when it gets down to five months or so. Sprint sucks where I am located. I bought the big, fancy phone to endure 3G speeds. No more.

Nexus 5/6 would be best. Has the access to the most carriers full LTE, "4G" HSPA, and CDMA (sprint) access. The only phone that comes close to being fully compatible with other carriers is Verizon iPhone 5s/5c that works on ATT and T-mobile out of the box.

I still have the M7 HTC One. I didn't see the benefit of jumping up to the M8 as I liked the feel of my phone better and it has done everything that I could want. All I wish was that it had a better camera. Luckily my wife has the GS5 because she dropped her phone so we have that for pictures when we need it.

Still rocking my BB Pearl. Sweet, fast and /;6+ #) 2 crAp ;da /mm :uttons stic(ING AgaiNy

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I'm waiting to see what Moto comes with. My ultra works perfectly for me but i might want to get the last pre-Lenovo Moto phone in case they screw things up after the sale

Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra

Ditto.. combo of core features performing well/close to stock Android, battery life, and the nice Moto SW additions are hard to beat.

I would LOVE to see a MAXX-style battery in the Moto X successor. I don't care about the vast majority of extra features on the flagships from this year and last (which is why I'm mostly happy with the Nexus line), but a huge battery in a relatively minimal phone would get me to buy it immediately.

+100 I'm not planning to upgrade my N5 this year at all, but a slightly thicker phone with a larger battery in a smaller form factor a la Moto X would tempt me. I'm not unhappy with my battery life as is, wireless charging has got me charging a lot more often, but 3000mAh is like the new standard. Moto was way ahead of the curve on that, shame they never made an X MAX.

The only upgrading I plan on is getting a new battery and back cover for my Galaxy S3, it still runs perfectly well with CM11 on it. Plus, when I upgrade, I won't be staying with Verizon, and I just don't want to deal with that hassle of moving carriers right now

That's what I did :) I use cm11 on my s3 and I noticed some stuff would lag unless it was in performance mode, which in turn ate up battery. Picked up the 7000 man extended battery and it has been great. Performance mode, thrusting, what have you. Lowest I get is 48 hours off a full charge. Adds bulk but it breathed life into my phone

Though I'm generally sick of Samsung, I'm finding the S5 nearly the perfect phone for me. Great screen, good battery life with the ability to switch it out, SD support, the back is not slippery, excellent camera. Add to that the gee-whiz features and the $100 Gear Fit that was briefly available, and I'm not really all that tempted to switch to a different phone OR buy a Gen 1 watch. Think I'll see what comes in the Spring of next year.

Moto X for the win. There hasn't been another phone that can do what the X can as far as touchless control, hardware customization, and active notifications. I hate to steal a phrase used by so many iPhone owners, but the Moto X "just works."

I love and use an iPhone most of the time, but I really love the Moto X. It is the only android phone I've used and really wanted to keep. Just couldn't take the pictures... iPhone 5 (c)(s) or GS4 for picture quality alone. Really sucks b/c the Moto X was very nice.

I have a S3 and I'm up for an upgrade in a couple weeks. I'm currently thinking about a G3, but I'm really wondering if the Moto X+1 would be better.

I'm in the same position (tho a Nexus 4 is my current phone). Want the G3 but must force myself to wait for the X+1. Please have an awesome camera, please, please...

Stuck on my Verizon Note 2 - not out of choice but because I'm poor.

not sure what i want to upgrade to though... curious to see what HTC, Sony, Moto, and Samsung have to offer the phabelt market, and if the LG G2 Pro ever comes to the US (or if there's gonna be a g3 pro)

I thought I'd upgrade by now but nothing has really tickled my fancy, so still using my trusty nexus 5. If there's a new nexus might jump there, or a new Sony phone if they decide to grace us with their presence. We shall see!

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I purchased a Nexus 5 on release day and used it for a couple of weeks. I sold the nexus and bought a Note 3 only to sell it and buy another nexus 5. I'm still using it and I can't see wasting money on a phone full of marketing.

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Still N4 here hacked to make LTE work. Other than battery still a great phone. Battery usable but could be better.

Waiting for Q4 and the chance to see the next Nexus or Moto X

Still using my HTC EVO 4G LTE on Ting! Contract-free and saving lots of $$$$. This is a very good and underrated phone.

I upgraded to a Nexus 5 last year but haven't gotten around to selling my EVO LTE. I really ought to before the value plummets...

Still rocking my LG G2 here. The G3 looks amazing and I'd love to upgrade, but I just can't justify it to myself for such minor differences. Maybe next year.

Moto X here and loving it. I convinced my fiance to get one in the spring because she needed a new phone but wanted it free under contract.

Here's hoping the X+1 isn't huge like the rumors say it will be. I think Moto found the perfect size phone with the X.

Droid DNA has been an amazing phone, even with its limited storage. Waiting to see if HTC does a refresh of the One Maxx but may settle with the Note 4 if Samsung has learned something about build quality.

I can get through a day without any issues and have had the phone since launch so it's holding up well. Definitely the best phone I've owned so far.

If it was 32gb, I would still be on it. Hit the limit a couple times, but damn what a great phone. Real nice in the hand too. Perfect size for me. Camera was prolly the last great HTC camera imo.

Nexus 5.. Hate the speaker/sound output tho 'cuz I do use it often but whatever.. If there's a new one this year I might get it..

Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5

I feel like I do and don't fall into this category. I bought a iPhone 4s in 2012 got a insurance replacement up to a iPhone 5. Then just 2 weeks ago I bought this lg g2. Which isn't really a current flagship but I did upgrade in 2014 to a 2013 phone. And I can easily see myself using this exact phone for more than 2 years. I love the dammed thing.

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Upgrade? Explain. If you mean through a carrier, NO. Got unlimited and wont/cant. If you mean changed phones, then only 3-4 times a month.

I want to know if you can still "transfer upgrades" and keep unlimited. I will find out soon enough when the iPhone 6 comes out... (Verizon = Carrier)

It's more about price and contracts for me. I still have the old Z10 and Nexus 4 from last year but my contract's out in October so hopefully, I can upgrade the Nexus to the One Plus. It's all about price for me, I could have a new iPhone from work but I can't carry 3 phones. Sso my upgrade has to be cheap, since I'm comparing it to free.

I switched from an S4 to a Moto X in February. Even with a downgrade in specs I am happy. The phone is a better size and the interface feels smoother.

So I voted yes but I upgraded in early 2014 to the nexus 5 (a 2013 phone). I have to say I have been very underwhelmed with 2014 with the possible exception of the LG G3.

I'm pretty sure the nexus 5 will last me through the rest of this year and into the next. I am curious to see how android L turns out. I usually choose nexus phones but if android L is a big step backwards (so far I'm 50/50 on android L features) I may go with something else.

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Not yet, but possibly later this year or early next year. My HTC Evo 4G LTE stopped working due to bent frame, so instead of upgrading, I just bought an LG Optimus G for $100. I like this phone and it should last me for a while longer

Its not unlocked. I bought it from for Sprint. It was in surprisingly good condition, with little to no sign of use.

Wow I didn't know about I always check on eBay for used phones but the descriptions and deals are better here.

Still have my N4 and still very happy with it. I hope to get the new L update if not then I will think of changing.

Had an iPhone 4S. I wasn't planning on upgrading until this fall once all of the flagships of 2014 were released, but my son dropped it in the toilet (my fault for giving it to him!) earlier this year. I needed an intermediary. Solution? Moto G. EXTREMELY impressed by how well this phone performs for $200 off-contract. Yes, it's a little glitchy. Not sure if that's Android (coming from smoothly operating iOS), or just cause I've nearly filled the limited 16gb storage. Hoping an upgrade to a flagship later this summer resolves these issues.

Very tempted by the G3, but 5.5" is just too big for my tastes. I'm eagerly anticipating the Moto X+1. Motorola has won me over with stellar pricing and near stock-Android experience, with great hardware and customization to boot. I've already purchased a 64gb microSD in anticipation...

I have a Note 3... One of the best phone on the market...
I can't see what feature a new phone can put to make me change...
My Note 3 is already more than I need.

Nothing will make me get rid of my n5 except an n6. Nothing out there seems worth the tradeoff right now and that's amazing because I'm the worst for getting a new phone quarterly lol

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Right now it looks like I might keep my Nexus 5 for two years, even tho I bought it from Play and could upgrade soon for cheap by renewing... Even if I do upgrade, the N5 might be the first smartphone I don't end up selling. Not because it's unique in any one aspect, but because it's just so versatile.

The LG G2 was a 2013 Phone? I got my Optimus G in 2013 but the last time it got a OTA Update was 4/7/2013 shortly after I bought it. Runs fine under Jelly Bean. The only reason I would upgrade would be for the promise of KitKat or L. This is the biggest phone I would want so a Flex is out of the question. I would go for a Nexus 5 (practically the same phone) or a Moto X to get my latest Google experience if i ran into some money.

I did, however I went from an LG nitro to the G2 in January. So currently I'm really content with my phone. I would love to get the G3 but I cant see upgrading my phone just yet. Thank you T-Mobile for giving me phone freedom.

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Nope. My LG Optimus G is chugging along. When/if it gets Kitkat, I'll hang on until LG G3 is free with 2 yr upgrade. hehe.

Picked up a G3 a week ago as my first new device of 2014. Leaning toward returning it and waiting since my Nexus 5 is doing fine. Just sold my moto x so waiting to see the new moto. I might keep the G3 but I have several more days to decide.
Sent from my seriously HD G3!

Still rocking my Note II from launch day, nothing seems worth an upgrade yet. Will wait to see what Note 4 and Z3 will offer later this year.

my s3 2 year contract just run out a few days agoand i am having the hardest time trying to decide s5 or g3 any help? ive used a g2 and not sure if i am used to the nav bar but it seems like nothing hugely differnt than my s3 any guys want to give me their 2 cents

The s5. Sure the g3 has higher resolution, but that also means slower performance and shorter battery life. Also the s5 is water resistant.

Posted via Android Central App

i dont need to for the first time i can say am happy with my phone

i have the note 3 which is awsome : great camera, fast, big screen , enough internal memory, battery and memory removable, s pen, what else can i ask for?

I couldn't do it. I like the M8, but it's not so much better than the M7 that I was willing to part with my money. I'm riding with HTC till the wheels fall off, though. Sense has been too good to me over the years.

+1... I even started to use my otterbox case, which hasn't seen much action because I like to use my phone naked, to make sure I don't have to do an unwanted upgrade because of a butterfinger drop.

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I miss the stock Android of my Nexus 4 but I have had the Note 3 less than a year and I do like the phone. I will not be upgrading this year.

All you guys switch phones quick I think my s5 will do for a a year and a half

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I'll be upgrading2x this year. In May i couldn't deal with my moto g lack of storage so i upgraded to the lg volt. Got a ir blaster and better camera with sd slot plus the knock feature which i love since the moto g 4g lte is gsm only. My wife is a music junkie she couldn't take the moto g storage either so last week she got a lg g2 for free from Sprint. Now I'm jealous of her phone and am ready to upgrade again but not until the fall when the new android version is released to the general public. I'm not gonna sit around waiting for a carrier to give me android L. My next phone will either be a nexus 5 (right before Google pulls it from the play store) or nexus 6. So 2 upgrades for me this year. One down, one to go
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My Razr I is still running smoothly, so i see no need to upgrade. Had big hopes to get the oneplus next year, but they really messed up the marketing. Looking forward to the moto x refresh!

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Your self restraint is admirable. Forget dual cores, higher res displays, LTE, or newer OS versions... That 1GB of RAM was the first thing I noticed when I upgraded to the EVO 3D (multi tasking was just so much smoother), and then the EVO LTE felt so much better in my pocket than either of those bricks. N5 was probably the least significant upgrade for me, at least st first blush, but it'll probably be the one I keep the longest. The OG EVO probably had a louder speaker than any of the phones I've had since tho!

Upgraded to a Nexus 5 back in January. But thanks to JUMP, my upgrade is today actually. But I will hold out a few more months until I look for a new phone

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Still on my Bionic. it has worked fine for me the last couple years, but it is going to be replaced this year with out a doubt. Maybe with the note 4.

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When I switched over to T-mobile from Sprint in February I traded in my Galaxy S4 and got a Nexus 5... I guess that may or may not be considered an upgrade depending on how you look at it. Personally I couldn't be happier with the Nexus 5, but honestly if I could have gotten a Moto X from T-Mobile instead, I definitely would have.

Still rockin' a RAZR HD Maxx. I am looking to get a LG G2 or G3, Nexus 6 or Moto X+1 at the end of this year or beginning of 2015.

Need another response to the survey: Yes, already upgraded, but planning on upgrading again in 2014...

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I upgraded from an S3 to a Note 3 back in January. I just changed carriers from AT&T to T-Mobile last month and unlocked my Note 3. I plan on waiting it out until the Note 4 comes out to decide my next upgrade.

But still holding out hope that AC gives away another OnePlus One (and hopefully I win it!).

My Galaxy Nexus is still chugging along, i waiting on either getting the next Nexus phone or possibly the Galaxy Note 4

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I have a note 3 and I don't plan to change my phone for this year. It still runs really good and I have no incentive to change it.

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Still on an old Droid 4, mainly because I still want a physical keyboard. I am fairly convinced at this point that no one is going to come out with another qwerty smartphone with acceptable specs; it's more out of protest than actually waiting for a new qwerty. If they don't want to give me what I want, I don't want to give them my money.

That, and I honestly haven't seen anything come along that has really made me want to spend my money. I am in fringe signal areas, so I look for phones with the best reception - typically Motos. Thanks to my Droid 4, I refuse to buy another phone without a removable battery, so there goes all the recent Moto phones (without even considering the somewhat lackluster specs). Samsung radios are too weak, so they're out. HTC, again with the sealed battery. I've considered the LG G3, but I'm undecided at best.

well as everyone knows i'm sure, the nexus 6 comes back and kills its creator , so ..... good luck google.

Nope, I'm happy with my N5 and I'm waiting for a good Band 12 device for T-mobile before my next upgrade.
Personally, I'm hoping we'll see a nexus 6 with Band 12 support.
But I'm no longer an early adopter, I'll be waiting a few months so they can work the kinks out of their production process first, so no upgrade for me in 2014.
It's probably the first year I didn't upgrade at least once, which I think shows how far the smartphone market has matured.

The alure of water resistance on the S5 will probably get the best of me by Christmas, but I have no legitimate reason to dump my S4 yet. It does everything that I need it to do in an extremely satisfactory manner, 13 months and still thoroughly impressed.

It's pretty darn cool. My buddy washes his s5 under the sink after the day to get the fingerprints off

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*like* that's exactly the kind of ideal scenario that has the S5 calling my name; the G3 and M8 are gorgeous but those suckers can't swim, nor can my S4. We'll see if i actually make it all the way to the holidays lol

FWIW, you can wash off the screen on any decent phone with a wet paper towel (just to moisten it, don't scrub with paper) even without turning it off. Been doing it with my HTC/LG phones for years without issue, not like water's gonna penetrate thru glass.

Not that I'm trying to underscore how neat the SGS5's water resistance is, it's probably the one and only thing I envy from it and Samsung really didn't get enough credit for cramming that into a flagship device.

Happy with my moto x and g and my other half has the gold s5 but I still prefer my X over her s5

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Nope, my N5 will last until end of next year and same goes for my N7 if Volantis is 4:3. I am saving my funds this year for a Prius and Macbook Pro :D

Saving my pennies for the Moto 360 and new headphones (V-Moda XS even tho I have the M80, maybe Philips X1 for home too)... Possibly a new pair of GPUs for the desktop too. My N7 & N5 should definitely last me thru the year and beyond.

I'm waiting until Android moves to 64-bit to get a phone that is capable (64-bit processor). I believe that my Note 2 is capable of most tasks that are thrown at it. Android L may change that, but I doubt it.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I haven't yet, but I'm only a few hours away. My new phone (LG G3) was just delivered to my house, but I'm stuck at work for a couple more hours.

My Rezound has served admirably for the past 2+ years.

i find no reason to upgrade from my note 3 until of course the note 4 release which is sitll a few months away hehe

I've got an S4 that I've had for a year but the only thing I'm interested in right now is the M7 or the M8. I'm so over Samsung's terrible UI. I would much rather enjoy Sense. The only thing I'd miss is my camera

Agree completely. I liked my s4 then I fiddled around with my fathers m7 with sense 6. Its just a more complete and fluid experience.

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Love my Droid Mini, battery life issues notwithstanding. Not eligible for upgrade for more than a year, so not switching yet. I would upgrade to whatever Moto X or Droid successors will be out by then though.

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I went Note 2 at the end of 2012 and grabbed a note 3 in 2013, I will probably get the note 4 too. My note 2 is still used almost daily on wifi, would still be fine as a daily driver but Id rather have the latest.

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Have Verizon Galaxy S3, looking at the LG G3. Kind of wanting a change from Samsung.

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Have the nexus 5 and have to say this is the first time having a smartphone for around 8 months and don't even care about anything else on the market. I am sold on the 5 inch display and love how buttery smooth it is. Yes the speakers are crap and I cannot get 2 days out of the battery but everything else is perfect for my use.

Speaker doesn't bother me, it's no Boomsound but it's loud enough for most tasks... I use headphones or BT for anything longer than 5 min or if quality matters. Battery life could be better (if we'd gotten the G2's 3000mAh battery) but that too is satisfactorily for me, been charging way more often after getting a few wireless chargers.

I'd like a smaller phone, and/or water resistance, but neither feature is a must. I've gotten along fine with 32GB and I'm quite glad I splurged on the higher capacity version. With all the USB OTG flash drives and devices, I don't really miss removable storage at all.

Still rocking HTC One Developer Edition (m7) and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Nothing major released yet to make me upgrade yet (and both were paid for with no contract).

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I got HTC One M8 last month. I was using an extremely laggy Sony Sola before. M8 is my first high end phone. I still can't believe that now I have a lag-free device XD

Still have my M7. Have not found any compelling reason to buy another phone just yet. Although, I have been wanting desperately to leave Verizon and move to either T-Mobile or AT&T just so I can have a Nexus phone.

Last year, I was very sure, as I awaited the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, that this was the phone for me! I've had it since December of 2013, and loved it ever since. I'm always interested in the latest and the greatest of Android smartphones, with new features and good specs. As the new products roll out, it gives us a better idea as to the future progress of Android and the future of mobile technology. There's always something fascinating to see, appreciate, and gain from. So, bring them on!

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Nope, picked up my G2 last fall. paid full price to keep my wonderful VZW unlimited data so this phone needs to last at least another year.

Same for me. I bought my Note 2 that way.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I am still rocking my Nexus 4. Nothing is good enough to make me want to give it up. I have it rooted and getting 2 days battery life with moderate usage out of it. With the probable upgrade to the next version of Android coming my way I don't see myself upgrading this year at all. Maybe not next either.

I voted nope. But that's not entirely true. I upgraded from my Nexus 5 to the HTC One M8 but I went back to the Nexus 5 three months later.

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Just got this in mid '13, likely will be looking to make a more serious upgrade next time though.. I went from the Pantech P9020 to this Jelly Bean device.. That was a HUGE upgrade at the time... So if I follow that trend, I see myself looking at the SG-S5 or perhaps the SG-S6 if it's the new 'Latest & Greatest'..
I tend to follow a 2 year upgrade mindset even though I am 'cash & carry' on a PrePaid service and not subject to a 2 year contract.

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Using a Nexus 5. Waiting for the next Nexus or Note 4. If there's no next Nexus or Note 4 doesn't impress, will stick with my Nexus 5.

Bought an LG G2 off ebay when I switched from Sprint (EVO LTE) and its been great.... Not sure why I'd need an upgrade to any current offerings. Maybe the Snapdragon 805 will change that.

I got stuck in the middle of my last contract and unexpectedly had to upgrade early. I have to wait it out with my Galaxy S3 until May of next year. I still like the phone, but it's starting to feel sluggish and outdated. The only thing that's getting me through this is hoping my next phone will have a Snapdragon 808 or 810 processor.

I upgraded from the iPhone 5s to the Moto X a few months ago. It's not a 2014 phone, but for me, the Moto X was a definite upgrade from the iPhone. And for any Apple diehards out there, Android is now equal if not better than iOS. I still use my iPad mini and MacBook Air, but unless iOS 8 is a super-duper change from iOS 7, it's Android for me from now on.

but wait, this fall, the iphone (apple) will invent this new thing with siri.. ALWAYS LISTENING, it crazy i know but all you have to do is say HEY SIRI at any time. those people at Apple, always innovating.

Still rolling with my GS3 which I will have unlocked by ATT soon. Meantime, I like the G3 but am concerned about outdoor viewing (the GS3 sucks in that area). The GS5 looks pretty phone must have removable battery and micro SD, GREAT outdoor viewing, good camera, easy to navigate UI and cost effective. Not sure if I want to commit to another contract again though I'm on the $45/mo mobile share plan which is FAR better than the old one. "and that's all I'm going to say about that".. ~ Forrest Gump

Moto G user here.. like it just fine even though its not a flagship phone.

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Thought about the G3 but size creep (it's only a few mm wider and a few mm taller) convinced me to skip this year's crop (totally unimpressed by the S5 and all the HTC Ones (M7 and M8) were WAY too big with the top mounted power button, need a much better camera and the metal design, while nice to look at once does nothing for me in the long run. I'm sure next year when we have a new crop of Snapdragon 810s and built in VoLTE (who knows if any of the current phones will get it) and great battery life will probably catch my eye.

i will fight you on that one. : p I dont see how its an upgrade, smaller screen, smaller battery, bench marks say its faster, but they said that about the Moto x and my Nexus 4 beats the Moto x in a ok google voice search. If it was the LTE version, i might give you that .

I am through fighting people on the POS that is the Nexus 4. I am just leaving it at the fact that it was a POS

lol i respectfully disagree, but thats the great thing about android. many phones for people to pick from, something for everyone.

Yup same waiting for note 4 could not go back to smaller screen and the spen kills it for me yeah rest of touch wiz in crap but it's no big problem .

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

The new moto phone, g3 or note 4. I guess they haven't been released, but from the predecessors, I don't you can go wrong with any of them :)

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My Galaxy S4 is a year old, and I can't think of any good reason to upgrade when it is still a great phone. The Galaxy S5 isn't enough of a change to warrant an upgrade for me.

No plans to upgrade my Galaxy S4 until mid 2015.

What would make me upgrade early is an Android phone with hardware-based encryption and instant wipe capability, like the iPhone has.

I have a 32GB Nexus 5 and it's working flawless...I probably won't buy another phone until Google stops supporting it.

I jumped from a Galaxy S4 to a Nexus 5 in 2014. Will be upgrading in winter hopefully. Looking at the Moto X+1 and the new Nexus. There is still plenty 2014 to go so perhaps this should be asked by end of the year.

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Not happy with my blackberry Z10 looking to get the new nexus phone whatever they want to call it since my contract isn't up till Nov 2015... I have been using my nexus 7 more than my phone....

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I currently have a Nexus5 and i eventually want to upgrade in 2014/early 2015 but there hasn't been any current phones out right now that have impressed me. Battery size is very important.

No upgrade for me before I can replace my Z Ultra with GPe ROM. Requirements for my next device:

1. 6.5-7 inch screen (physical size similar to a Nexus 7 is OK).
2. 3-4 GB RAM.
3. Snapdragon 810/815.
4. Vanilla Android or CM.
5. Developer friendly (unlocked/unlockable bootloader), good availability of drivers for developers etc.
6. 8-20 MP camera (not that important because of the QX10).
7. Unlocked, unbranded.
8. 64 GB internal storage + microSDXC.

Still loving my Moto X. I wouldn't even plan to upgrade to the next version if t weren't for the damn front facing camera having a ring the works it's way down and obstructs the lens. I've had he phone replaced 5 times now for the same issue. Other than that, it's my ideal phone.

Still with my Galaxy 4. I just couldn't justify the price for a new phone when, other than the bloatware that is mostly turned off now, the 'newest' models don't really offer much more than I have. Maybe next year I'll take a look, but for now, happy, happy :)

I still use my Galaxy S3 and it works well (except for the new Kitkat update that messed up the resize/margins thing in browsers). Hubby got an HTC One 7 and it is pretty sweet...

No, I'm still happy with my M7, especially after getting Sense 6. Although I really like the M8 and G3, I think I'll hold out for the M9, and upgrade my iPhone in September.

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I'm still using a Samsung S3 and tbh I hated it until I whacked CM11 on. I have to wait until my 24 month contract runs out in October and I haven't a clue what to get :(

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I bought the Nexus 5 in December so a no for me. One of the bad things about visiting tech sites is that once I start seeing all the improvements I want to upgrade.

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Still got my S3. Rooted and running Roms. Does what I need it to do. I see no need to change.

I find it interesting that Samsung is giving S3 owners so much attention recently. Obviously, the goal is to guide us towards an upgrade that we don't think that we need.

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Note 4 might be really tempting. I'd like to go back to a phablet, but after N7000 I have avoided anything that isn't Nexus/GPe.

My upgrade is literally in 2 weeks. I'm rocking my G2 that I got in January still. Planning on going with an M8 or the G3. Leaning towards M8 since I listen to music pretty much all day.

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Within the last year and a half I bought my first smartphone, then upgraded to a Galaxy S3 (student budget, and the latest and greatest isn't always necessary). I am seriously looking at the S5, the waterproof feature is what's interesting to me, but I may wait and see what the S6 is like, assuming they keep the naming trend. That should be an amazing jump in versions *fingers crossed*

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I very much WANT a new phone, but than I look at my Nexus 4 and realize that I have everything I need right there.
Plus: I kinda want a smaller phone and these things just keep getting bigger and bigger. And the smaller ones are well below the N4, and I sure won't downgrade for no reason.

So I'll stick with what I have until it breaks down, I guess.

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the Nexus 4 is an awesome phone. i think i'll do a factory reset on mine before i install android L. Just to give it a fresh start.
and as everybody moves to LTE, H+ gets faster. lol : )

Bought the HTC M7 in August last year. Waiting until next year when my contract is up. Wife has the S3, she's happy with it. Her contract is up next year as well. I'm sure we'll both upgrade then. I'd rather wait for the snapdragon 805/808/810 processor.

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I just - yesterday - got my Nexus 5 to replace my 27 month old HTC One S, which I was quite happy with for most of its life. So for me this is a giant upgrade. I expect to use the Nexus for at least the next couple of years, unless something really compelling comes out.

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Got my GN3 in October 2013; unless something pretty spectacular comes along, I'll be rockin it for a long while (the soonest I'll upgrade may be 3rd our 4th qt 2016).

Im still using the Nexus 5 i got on release date. I'm waiting to see what the next nexus is like. if i dont like it i will either get a LG G3 or checkout whatever Morotorla puts out.

Not me. Got the N4 last Sept. -- it's never let me down and it handles anything I throw at it. I think I'll wait until at least the end of the year to see about a new Nexus and/or Android Silver, but not many phones have grabbed my attention this year. Of course, I'm very picky about my devices -- they should not be physically bigger than about the N5, need great storage, and maybe have a removable battery (or easily replaceable, like the N4's).

I think we've gotten to the point with quad-core phones that yearly upgrade cycles are unnecessary, like what happened with PCs (unless you're rendering VFX, doing video editing, or playing video games). I mean, I still have my quad-core Dell from 2008 as my main desktop; it runs everything great after 6 years (and multiple reinstalls of the OS).

yea, i want a 5 inch screen and lte, other wise my Nexus 4 is happily doing everything i need, no sweat. that was an awesome phone, still is.

It's bound to happen, it'll be different timing for each individual but it's inevitable. For me: going from an EVO to an EVO 3D was huge cause of more RAM and more cores, made a gigantic difference when switching between apps often. Going to an EVO LTE after that was even more monumental, LTE + 720p + ICS + much thinner phone...

My Nexus 5 was not as much of a leap forward, tho ironically it's probably the one I'll keep the longest. At least I hope it makes it to next summer and matches the EVO LTE's 1.5 year run... Haven't seen much to tempt me, tho I've also been tinkering less and spending more time in other hobbies (ironically having a Nexus device made me less interested in ROMs etc).