We're not sure when this sweet new feature came up but if you point your Android Browser to m.nbc.com you'll be able to enjoy full episodes of your favorite NBC shows. We're talking about full episodes from 30 Rock, The Office, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Kings, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and many more.

It works best over Wi-Fi but 3G or even EDGE should do the trick. It's not quite as slick as a dedicated Hulu app would be but hey, it's full episode streaming on your G1!


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Anonymous says:

cool but the videos keep telling me they can't be played after about 30 seconds

Anonymous says:

Yeah same here, Has anyone got it to work?

Ben says:

Mine works, but the quality is horrendous. The audio sounds particularly bad, almost like those 50 year old wire recording devices. yeah... bad.

Greg says:

The video stops playin after 1 minute

Teo says:

Quality is not the best.. looks like most youtube vidoes... but it's very good overall.

Kevin says:

Same here. Video only plays for about 30 seconds and stops. Quality is OK. (On a Droid on WiFi).

Anonymous says:

mine don't even start.

Rhonniegwen says:

Hey to all

labasheesh says: