HTC_IME keyboard for Android

That's right. It's a Hello Kitty skin on top of the HTC on-screen keyboard. I'm OK with that. And you should be, too. (There's also Batman, Spider-Man, a panda, Jango Fett, Autobots, Ohio State, Atari and the N.Y. Giants, if you don't want to make your own.) Available with or without root. [Droid-Life] Thanks, Kellen!

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moosc says:

Cool I just dl the Batman on thanks for tip.

i tried on my motorola cliq and cant get it to come up. could u help me?

furuo says:

Pixogen(search on market) has good keyboard themes for better keyboard.

I like the gchrome theme.

babybear293 says:


furuo says:

No. I use better keyboard and it works great for me.

kbaker says:

Can you use this on any Android device?

patch8908 says:

Does this work for the Eris?

Ozmodiar says:

...I'm not able to install this on my Hero. The thread over at XDA is for the Nexus One...maybe it requires Android 2.0/2.1?

patch8908 says:

I have 2.1 I installed the skin but it doesn't fit the screen

rw6497 says:

same here on Eris. enormous. way off the screen

How do you get a custom HTC keyboard? Do I find it in settings or do I have to install an app? - newbie HTC Hero

chtoya22#AC says:

I really like the different keyboards. But what I really liked that only happened once was that when using the hard keyboard on my Droid it would give spelling corrections like when using soft keyboard. Does ANYONE know how to make this come back I REALLY like it . . . THANKS

beehumble says:

I'm not expert myself, but this is what I did.

Downloaded the file
- copied it onto my SDCard (mount phone, etc.)
- Then I installed an apk installer app from the Market (search for apk)
- Used that app to install the keyboard app in this thread.

chtoya22#AC says:

one other things I wish I know how to fix when I'm using my hard keyboard it doesn't auto capitalize "I" anymore or add ' where they need to go HELPPPPP =(

Eligirll says:

Howw yhu download thiss app