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Vertu, perhaps best known as a purveyor of ridiculously expensive Symbian phones, has turned its attention to the Android smartphone market with a new device, dubbed the Vertu Ti. In keeping with what you'd expect from this kind of brand, the Ti is pegged as a luxury device, as is reflected by its €7,900 ($10,000) price tag.

On the inside, the Vertu Ti isn't all that remarkable -- there's an unnamed 1.7GHz dual-core processor running the show, an 8MP rear camera with 1080p video recording, as well as a 1.3MP front-facer, a 3.7-inch WVGA screen, 64GB of storage and pentaband DC-HSDPA connectivity. Even less remarkable is the year-old skinned Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich powering the software side of things.

But Vertu's banking on its build quality and unique materials to set it apart -- the chassis is constructed out of titanium, and the screen is fashioned from sapphire crystal -- apparently designed to be more durable than the average plastic phone. What's more, customers get access to Vertu's "concierge" call service to help out with things like "local advice and restaurant booking." (Think of it as a little like Google Now, except with humans.)

We'll be honest here, we doubt anyone reading this will actually stump up the $10,000 to purchase a Vertu Ti, but the fact that this kind of manufacturer is embracing Android goes to show the wide appeal of the OS. If you've got ten grand to burn, the Vertu Ti is available for sale now at the manufacturer's website.

Source: Vertu; via: BBC


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Vertu announces $10,000 Android phone - titanium and sapphire on the outside, Ice Cream Sandwich within


What you don't understand is the target audience - people with more money than brains. They're obsessed with status, and $10,000 to them is like $10 to us, so phones like these are a cheap way (to them) for them to make themselves look good (in their own minds). The fact that it has an outdated OS and will likely never be updates is irrelevant. Neither them, nor the people they're looking to impress, know or care about what OS version their phone runs.

Welcome to the shallow cesspool of materialism and consumerism that the US has become.

What I think is worse is that you (or your butler rather) could most likely update the OS via a custom ROM. But that screen size you can't upgrade. 3.7"... really?

And before everyone continues to jump all over the price, please keep in mind that this does come with a car charger, case, and head phones... all of which any carrier would charge extra for. Almost makes it break even.

Lastly, in direct response..... "Handmade in England"

Does Nokia still make Vertu Phones?
If so, and I think I read this in another site, this is Nokia's first Android Phone.
So, people who keep whining about Nokia not making Android Phones, this is your (overpriced) answer.

No, Nokia sold Vertu.

It is silly money, but the product is top notch. Its not really about the hardware specs, its about the Gold, Diamonds and design. Think of this as a Ferrari, sure the Nissan GT-R is every bit as fast, if not faster in many ways, but its not got the quality or design.

Vertus always were low speced. Even when they are Symbians they were like 3 year old symbians. Im not defending them, but they are all about image and less about ability.

can you imagine the near fatal levels of douchebaggery you'd have to have to buy this phone?

The question remains - what about OS upgrade?

I don't want to pay $10K (as if!) and get stuck with an aging OS.

Does anyone here know if Vertu is actually a profitable business? How many phones have they actually sold? It seems ridiculous for anyone to buy one of these considering outside of the materials used, it's really just an overpriced feature phone.

You'd think that, selling their phones at $10000, they'd at least be able to afford top-notch hardware and software specs in their phones. Shame on Vertu.

I think this is a bit of a "panic device" for Vertu. It is very probable that they were developing a Meego Harmattan based product when they were owned by Nokia but the abandonment of the platform made it necessary to quickly go Android.

Rather than scrapping the Harmattan based device completely, it was converted to run Android and that is why the ICS is onboard. Those changes has delayed the product and that is why it is a bit outdated even if the areas that were simple to change (onboard storage) became upgraded.

I would guess that newer Vertu devices will offer better hardware and use newer OS versions.

They never did have high end specs. Symbian Vertus were always low end hardware covered in gold and Diamonds.

Oh please. This $10,000 piece of "Ooh look at me I'm so important I have a phone that costs as much as a car ooh I'm so special booboobeeboo" will look like a playskool phone compared to that douche-canoe Stuart Hughes' version of it. It'd be $4,500,000, have 160 carats of diamonds on it, and grazing it against a wooden table would turn it into dust.

The thing is ugly beyond description and to add insult to injury it is crippled with an outdated operating system and yesterday's hardware specs.

A person who spends that kind of money of this POS for status must be as shallow on the inside as an idiots mind. I wouldn't have an ounce of respect for such a person and it would serve them better to spend that kind of money on a psychologist

Instead of making a phone that has an expensive exterior but with lackluster internal hardware and an old OS... these luxury phone makers should just take an existing phone and put a new body on it. Like take a Samsung Galaxy S3 and then put a fancy body on it. That way the hardware wil be top notch... and whenever there's a software update it can just be pushed to the "luxury phone" as well.

Guys calm down that extra $9,500 is what 32/48 more GBs of storage go for.

See the big guys are just saving us some money by only offering 16/32 GBs in everything. So I for one will say thanks to the reg phone manufactures for saving us from outrageous prices!!!

You'd be surprised, when I worked at Neimans in college years ago we'd sell about one a week of the Nokia based dumb phones they sold for $5000 bucks. This was when they didn't even have color screens, a camera, or anything other than calling and phone book capability.

The interesting part was mostly people said they just wanted a quality unlocked phone for traveling internationally. They felt the services offered were of added benefit when traveling too. Since I was commission and they were rich I didn't care to tell them they could go buy an unlocked Nokia for a few hundred bucks.

They still wouldn't have bought one. The point of this phone is that YOU cant have one, that its made of expensive materials, and that it offers 24hr backup anywhere in the world. The CPU, screen and OS aren't relevant.

Frankly im surprised its as highly specced as it is. I was expecting a single core CPU and Gingerbread.

Does this mean that Sephen Elop and Nokia are startingto get into Android? While I don't agree with a $10,000 phone, they may start getting more marketshare of smartphones

At least its better than a Nexus in some sense. 64GB vs 16GB, usable with 1 hand, and made of more durable materials. The Nexus have pentaband DC-HSPA, but very few other phones have this.