Verizon just released a new Droid Incredible commercial that actually shows off the phone. *gasp* Don't worry, it's only for a few seconds, the rest of the time it's red lasers firing off in every direction and the ominous voice saying "you've never seen fast" before. This ad spot definitely builds off the previous commercial (and all the Droid commercials really) but does it hurt to show off the phone a little more? Not hurting sales one bit it seems.

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Verizon Droid Incredible commercial finally shows the phone


See, I was thinking a commercial for the EVO like this would be cool but show off more of the features that the EVO has to offer. Verizon definitely has a good marketing campaign.

The Evo4G has been all over the internet for months, Sprint has done a really good job buying up internet ad space... but I wonder if/when we will see any TV commercials leading up to or after June 4.

Man, Oprah plugged the Evo 4G a month ago... that thing's gonna be sold out for months!
Not to mention it made a cameo on last night's 24.

Very cool.... i WANT that eye animation and the "DROID" sound as my boot animation/sound!!! But they need to SHOW what it does, not just the cool effects. That is where the iphone truly does shine, the marketing genius to the masses who don't know what a processor even is... just show what the maps and navigation do and how fast they do it taking pictures that upload to your local Target and actually print useable photos...the list goes on and on....

It kills me that this is the best they could come up with. This is almost surely the fault of execs and focus groups. Coming from the Pre, my frustration with smartphone advertizing it boiling over. Here's what I want to see: a commercial where there is no talking whatsoever, just a finger activating feature after feature after feature, and in real time. I know what they're trying to do, but this phone is so powerful, there is no reason to make it seem better than what it is. Let the devises speak for themselves!!

Good advertising has more to do with getting the viewers attention and not show everything the device does. People get bored with that type of advertising and lose interest.

Yeah the phone is kickass !!! This is just 1 of many commercials to come out !!! Love it !!!

I sense these commericals are more teasers then selling points. If they showed people something neat the phone can do it would be more of a sales pitch.Hoping people come in to see WTF the hype about is sort of a gamble i think. However knowing they dont have any in stock doesnt make for selling anything easy.

True, the phone sells itself. Once you try it out, you see just how amazing it is.

Now about that dwindling stock....HTC needs to get on it!

they probably couldn't get one themselves to put in the commercial because of the back orders :P

I'm just pumped that Verizon has good phones to actually have in their marketing campaigns. A few years ago it was so pathetic with the Treo's and the weak Moto stuff, now they are killing it. Well Played big red.

AAARGH!!! SERIOUSLY?!? These stupid commercials are why the general public thinks Android phones are for D&D nerds and the IT department. HTCs HD2, Iphone, and the last Palm commercials have all been great. Showing the phones capabilities and connecting with the general population. Beat Apple at their own game. The Evo needs to show off it's features (big screen, front cam, Sense UI, speed, and show that Android is just as capable in the app department as Apple, then cap it with the speed of 4g, so not to risk losing every potential buyer not in a 4g area).

The new LG Iron Man commercials were great, in that it showed off what the phone could do and had a few funny lines. Now if only one of the top O' the line Android phones could step up with a marketing blitz that connected with more than people that live on Android Sites :-) They don't have much time before Apple steps up a new round of Iphone commercials that have every mother, father and child wanting one.

liked the other ads more than this one.
this is like, woah look heres the droid incredible ... and the other things in the ad have nothing to do with the droid itself...

I think this is much better than prior commercials. most people get that 1ghz is good and, at the least, the commercial makes it sound impressive. And much better than the commercial with all the geek-speak. This sounds more exciting.

I think they did a good job with this spot. It should at least spark some curiosity for someone in the market for a new cell phone.

glad they came out with a second commercial actually showing off the device. I always love the voice in this commercial