HTC ThunderBolt

No real surprises here -- the XYBOARDS already had been announced, same for the Xoom and the Rezound. It's good to see the ThunderBolt and Droid Incredible 2 make it.

Here's the full list

  • HTC: ThunderBolt, Droid Incredible 2, Rhyme, Rezound
  • Motorola: Xoom, Bionic, RAZR/RAZR MAXX, Droid XYBOARD 8.2/10.1, Droid 4
  • Samsung: Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 7.7
  • LG: Spectrum

No word on when the updates will come.

Source: Verizon


Reader comments

Verizon announces list of phones to get Ice Cream Sandwich update


IMHO, the Droid 3, X2 and Charge are the most unfortunate omissions on that list. I know the Charge sold in quite good numbers (remember how hard Costco was pushing it last summer?) and the D3 is simply too new and too powerful not to see ICS. Who cares if it doesn't have the RAM for Webtop!?

And the Incredible 2 and Rhyme are the two most surprising entries that made it.

I REALLY feel that VZW should throw a bone to all their LTE handset users and mandate that EVERY current LTE handset gets updated to ICS. We're really just missing the Charge, Revolution, Stratosphere (almost identical architecture to the Charge), and Breakout. How hard can it be!!??

I really feel for all of the non-techie unknowing customers who walked into the VZW store today and bought one of the devices not on that list and will end up essentially abandoned for the next 20 months...

It came out in May of 2011 and has current specs (dual core, 512 MB RAM) so I really don't see their excuse NOT to update it.

It's not my phone but I know a few people with the samsung charge, it was only released last summer, guess samsung still is worse with updates than HTC or MOTO

I guess no love for the Droid X original :( I'm due for an upgrade come April anyway... Wonder if the HTC OneX will be coming, or at least breathing heavy for VZ users?

Hmm i thought the Thunderbolt and the Evo 4G had the same processor? (or atleast processor speed/type).

So a Single Core 1 ghz Thunderbolt gets ICS but a Single Core 1 ghz Evo 4G doesn't?

The list only references 4G/LTE devices. Perhaps that's an indication of the update strategy, or Verizon is just trying to push LTE devices.

True, but that "Wrong" should really be directed at VZW. Look at the language on it's page linked in the post.

"Wondering if your device will receive Ice Cream Sandwich? Here’s a list of Verizon Wireless 4G LTE devices currently scheduled to be upgraded."

Ah well...I was probably going to upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus in July when I'm able to upgrade anyway. (I have the Charge now)

This is just Verizon's way of distracting the developer community about releasing bootloaders. I'm betting we won't see any of these devices (except for maybe the tablets) get ICS until late in the summer or even fall.

Phil, your poor ThunderBolt... You work for a site with an accessory store (and don't we know all about it, Mr. Every Third Story Is A Case Ad), and you use no case? Shameful! :P

This can't be right. When the Razr came out people were complaining that the Bionic would be abondoned, so it can't possibly be getting ICS.

Seriously, your tbolt looks worse than mine and I got it last may. Wish they'd give some kinda hint at when on the updates.

As a Droid Charge owner, fuck you Samsung! The only time I'll ever buy your hardware again is if it is a NEXUS. And that's because Google would handle the software and not your half-assed, over-saturated market.

As a Droid 3 owner, I think this ends my relationship with Motorola and probably with Verizon when my contract is up.

Can't say I'll leave Verizon simply because I have no other real alternative where I live. But as an X2 owner myself I'm more than a little non-plussed if you catch my meaning. I think I'll say no to Moto too.

I am very excited the Thunderbolt is on the ICS list. I use it as my go to device when I need a reliable, fast tethering monster. I have that rooted and tricked out with all the bells and whistles. That Thunderbolt on it's slow day is pulling down over 16 MB down and 4 MB up. Now on it's fast day well let's say over 25 MB download is very common. Those speeds along with my unlimited data plan makes a great combination.

Hopefully the ICS update doesn't make it unreliable! That's my biggest fear considering my Thunderbolt has been working so damn well after getting Gingerbread and a couple subsequent updates. It's rock solid and "just works". Don't screw that up Verizon! Grrrr

WOW, everybody take a DEEP BREATH!

All this hate over nothing. First of all the D4 IS included in the list on VZW's site (looks like Phil updated the post here). Second of all this list is described as 4G devices (yes they included one 3G device but that's their gaff). Third no where does it say that this list is all encompassing. "Here’s a list of Verizon Wireless devices currently scheduled to be upgraded." *A* list not *THE* list.

You all missed the following statement on the bottom of the original post which clearly says otherwise:

"We will continue to update this list as additional details become available throughout the year. Also, follow @VZWNews on Twitter for additional upgrade announcements."

In other words there is still a possibility that other devices sold last year (Charge, Revolution, DX2, D3, etc.) will get ICS. I do think it's unlikely that the original DX, Incredible, and Fascinate will get it though. They just wanted to update us on the decisions about some high profile devices that people were asking about.

You make a good point regarding the wording of the announcement. I am however still a very skeptical D3 owner. If this phone doesn't see an update from its original OS, I'll be HIGHLY disappointed with Moto AND VZW.

There is absolutely no reason for this phone to NOT see ICS. I would be completely shocked it if didn't. It sold moderately well and has a nice and speedy dial core processor (still have mine, just not activated anymore). It's just a matter of time, though I would not hold my breath if I were you I have a feeling it wont be till H2 2012.

i don't understand how my xoom still doesnt have a release date, the wifi only version has had ICS since january hurry the fuck up verizon

It's because of the radios. Has to be. That and figuring out a way that the right devices (3G and 3G/4G) get delivered the right code.


As soon as Verizon can remember how to unlock the boot loaders just long enough to update the software and then seal them back up after the initial boot up of ICS.

The only thing I'm surprised by is the fact that Bionic actually made the cut. I'm not surprised by the others at all. None of the missing phones were really what they were cracked up to be when they were released. Sub-par phones get sub-par support.

The way ICS is integrated into the design of the galaxy Nexus, no buttons etc, it's hard to imagine how ICS will be on any of these devices. To me the biggest learning curve was figuring out where the menu button is in each different app. Stoked to see my little red headed step child DInc2 on the list. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

ICS is designed to SUPPORT devices with capacitive buttons, not REACQUIRE them. The buttons will work the same on ICS as they always have with Gingerbread and Froyo.

i can't believe believe the technology of the Note phone with writing capability is not highlighted nor in comparison charts. I still have my original and first Droid that is equal to do what others do and was waiting for the Motor Dinar a until the journal aka note appeared. If I wait long enough it will be in white, Hell the quads are coming out in May, prepared with jelly beans...maybe key lime pie???? Mmmmmm what to do what to do. Motor are you going to kick the Samsung's Note/Journal,s ass with your tech...can you do it before my next upgrade or beat Razrs variations to death....any one care to guess?????

I can't believe everyone is just OK with dropping two or more bills every couple years for a phone! Redonkulous