The quest to make smartphones as thin as possible will take a new leap later this month when the Ginoee Elife S5.1 is released in China. A "coming soon" listing on a retail website shows that the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean device will be just 5.15 mm thick.

As the photo of the smartphone shows above, it's about as thin as a regular pencil. Inside the 4.8 inch display, there's some kind of quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, along with 1 GB of RAM and a 2100 mAh battery.

There's no price mentioned for the Ginoee Elife 5.1, but the listing shows that's it will go on sale in China sometime in September. There's no word on if the smartphone will find its way outside of that country. Would you buy an Android smartphone that's just 5.115 mm thick and do you think we are getting close to seeing smartphones break that 5 mm barrier?

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Upcoming Android smartphone will be just 5.15 mm thick


Do average customers really care that much about the thinness of a smartphone? I prefer to have a huge battery (maybe not zero lemon, but at least 3000mah).

I know some people like phones that feel like bricks, but I prefer very thin and light phones and tablets, which matters 10x to me more than cosmetics. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to sacrifice battery life or durability either, so there's a balance to be met ...

Definitely agree with you. Not to mention that at a certain point, thin phones become very difficult to hold. Thin bezels and thin profiles make sexy looking products, but if you can't easily hold that product in your hands, then who cares how thin and minimal it is

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Example: I'm glad the Z1 Compact is over a millimetre thicker than the Z1 - the slightly bigger battery (for its size) it totally worth it.

Fully agree with you. I would much rather have a 10mm thick phone with twice the battery capacity.

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It's so there's no room for a decent battery so you have to choose between having Google now, GPS, syncing or charging it 2 or even 3 times a day (and that's before they battery starts to fail).

You do understand what you just said is pretty much a oxymoron. Chinese and great phones generally don't go together. There are a few exceptions the Opo and One+1 being two of them. Generally they are very cheap and knock offs of other phones. I would go as far as saying you get a little bit more for your money from the cheaper Chinese phones, but you still pretty much get what you pay for.

The key with Chinese phones is to calibrate our expectations. They just aren't the same as our Moto X's or S's or Note 3's they are often trying to copy.

This being a original phone should lead it to be better then the typical knock off phone though.

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You do understand what you just said is pretty much as narrow minded as Fox News.
I do not know if you ever had first hand experience with these "Oxymoron Phones", but please update your comment if you ever get the chance to. Companies like XiaoMi, HuaWei, Oppo, and ZTE have consistently produce high quality devices with top of the line hardware and software without tacking on the inflated pricetag that flagships released in the US have.

Rather than looking at this phone as an exception to what Chinese phones are supposed to be like, understand that those "get what you pay for" phones you are referring to are actually the exception. The majority of devices in China are very much original. XiaoMi currently leads the marketshare, and if you ever looked into their devices, you would understand why.

The only reason you never encounter Chinese phones in the US that are actually worth buying is because China uses different bands than the US and they wouldn't work here.

Now I want UNITED STATES phones to "calibrate our expectations", and that's to actually release a flagship device with top of the line specs at a reasonable price. China has already done this with the XiaoMi Mi3 (Mi4 releasing soon), Oppo Find7 (Not the crippled US Variant "Find 7a", N1 releasing soon), ZTE Grand S, and now the Gionee E Life S5.5

Hahahahahaha, you made a Fox News joke. No one has ever done that. Because it's not allowed to be news if it doesn't regurgitate government propaganda. Anyways, the only reasons Chinese manufacturers can even put out these relatively competitive phones are 1) practical slave labor and 2) massive and completely shameless copyright and IP theft.

Sir, your comment was practically word for word what the stereotypical "Omg China technology" script is, often spewed out in articles with no basis or logic.

Basically, you know how Phil and the AC gang usually mockingly refer to the "doom and gloom" and "fear, uncertainty, and doubt" present in other websites' articles dealing with Android "fragmentation"? Yeah, you just did that for Chinese technology. And we must now laugh at you.

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What can the average consumer do to make these manufacturers understand we don't WANT thinner.

We want bigger batteries. When the phone is pushing two years old, we STILL want at least a day of runtime.
They seem to design battery size for ample runtime when the phone is new, as as soon as the battery ages and naturally loses some capacity you are ready to toss it out for a new one, or become a "wall hugger".

They are already so thin that they are hard to hold. STOP making them thinner!

You say consumers don't want thinner phones, but consumers seem to indicate with their wallets that that's exactly what they want.

Do they have a choice?
You want a new phone, you don't have much choice.

And when we were give a choice with the Razr vs Razr Max, everybody went with the Maxx, and it outsold Iphones, which at that time were king.

Too bad it was exclusive to Verizon. Really hoping the rumors of a Moto Maxx, which is hopefully an X+1 in Maxx version, are true. Because then yes, I'm pretty confident we'd see a shocking swing back away from thinness when people actually have a choice for extra battery life.

I'm quite confident that they're indicating no such thing. In much the same way they're not voting with their wallets for bigger screens. In much the same way they're not voting for Muslim, Hindu, atheist, or Buddhist presidents. Why? Because none of them is AVAILABLE. When all of the manufacturers are making their phones slimmer instead of giving them bigger batteries, all of them are making the screens larger each generation (for flagships), and all of the viable presidential candidates are Christians, we have no way of knowing WHAT people would vote for if they actually HAD a choice.

I really like you analogy and agree with you completely. The problem is that "thinner phones" has become as standard as Christian presidents (In the US). There is simply no other candidate. I personally don't care about thinness, although I can see the appeal to people who think of their phone as a status symbol (cough iPhone Cough). I actually prefer phones with a bit more thickness, they feel much better in hand. Right now I have a OnePlus One, absolutely amazing battery. Other phones should follow its lead with a 3100 mAH battery (except make them a bit thicker, the Oneplus is actually uncomfortable to old due to the thinness combined with tapered edges....)

You're dead wrong!

Most people want extremely thin and light phones with excellent battery life.

OEM's should make that happen.

Since you don't care about the size and heft of your phone, how about rigging your car battery to work with it then you can carry your hefty phone around

Ridiculous much?

Since you have such a problem carrying any current thickness of smartphone, maybe you should go to the gym and work out a little.

I was thinking that Maggnus should get to the thrift store and trade his girl jeans for something a little more manly so that his tiny pockets aren't crammed.

I don't care about 2k screens, faster processors, more ram and I definitely don't care about thinnest. All I want is battery, life, battery life. My son's LG Volt has a 3000 mAh battery in a mid range phone with 4.7" screen and it really last for days.

From my Note 3 to thee

Surely there is a point when too thin is just too thin. You need something to grip onto for a comfortable grip.

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Why give a 5.1mm phone a average Joe spec's? Hey we've made the skinny phone you need but it's slow as hell.

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They are following Apple's business model. Lower the specs to allow for better design. Personally I rather have a large phone with a large screen and large battery. I actually already have that.

OnePlus One

I've never understood the obsession with making Android phones thinner and thinner. Once they got to 9mm thin I feel like that was enough. My moto x is 10mm at its thickest point and it feels just fine in my hand. Also feels VERY sturdy. The thinner you make a phone; the more flexible and fragile it becomes.

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You understated it. The Moto X is one of the MOST comfortable phones to hold. Yeah it's a bit thick, but that's what's comfortable.

I don't need a phone thin enough to roll a spliff in!
I do need a solid 24 hour battery in a device with solid connections, in a durable case with a great screen and lots of grunt. Priorities!

Awesome AC.

Aren't thinner phones less comfortable to hold? I'd prefer a bigger battery over a thinner phone. Many of us put a case on the thing anyway to protect it and to make it more comfortable to hold. The Moto X isn't as skinny as this phone, and it's one of the most comfortably held phones because of that. Why is there this fixation on making phones thinner, but larger? I don't want a phone that feels like it will snap like a cracker.

I completely agree. I like the thickness of my Galaxy S5 with a case. I hate how the quest is to make phones thinner. It makes the phone feel like a piece of glass that will snap. They should pay more attention on putting in larger better batteries.

Brought to you by the Samsung Galaxy S5

I want a 6.6" screen and 1mm thick so I can show off how sexy it looks. So long as you don't hold in at the corner and it breaks in half from being so brittle.

I have an Xperia Ultra. 6.4 inch screen on 6.5 mm thickness and 3000 mAh something battery.

It doesnt feel thin at all. It felt superb. Battery life is nice too. It is possible to have a good phone on thin case.

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I personally don't mind a thin phone, but the problem is weight. When a phone is super light it bothers me I need some mass to my phone. If not it feels cheap, that's why I'm a fan of metal bodies.

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I'm getting tired of constant whining about battery life when overall, it's actually gotten better. Think about the capabilities of phones now as compared to 10 years ago.

Agree with others. I don't want my phone super thin. This isn't the type of technology that I want to pay extra for. It's along the same lines as televisions. Once they started going flat, I don't care how flat. Just as long as they are flat.

I don't want to have an awkward feel holding a phone. I need it to have some substance. If they make it thinner on the other components, just to be able to have more battery in that same space that existed before; sounds good. But outside that, I don't need something that makes me feel like I'm holding a shard of glass.