With the OMG news tonight that Twitter bought Tweetie and has made it its official iPhone client -- and it's a great choices, as Tweetie is a damn good app -- we can't help but wonder: What Android Twitter client would you like to see as the the holy writ for Android? Something from your own must-have Twitter client list? Something else? Let's hear it, people. [via TiPB]

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weehooherod says:


Twitdroid is good but would like to try tweetdeck.

milrtime83 says:

I wouldn't think they would buy another one. They will probably develop their own android program so it has a similar look to the iphone one.

rion_j says:

tweetdeck is the best. i use on my itouch and its awesome. i'm looking forward to its release on android.

morkuma says:

although free, i find it to be filled with awesome.

doogald says:

Um, how about they port Tweetie over?

johnolesen says:

winner! ^^^^

misterfan says:

I'm not a big fan of twidroid at all. Have the full version. Feature rich just can't warm up to it dislike the UI. I like Seesmic more.

ali.fazal says:

UberTwitter FTW- I have yet to find another client that has a 'shrink tweet' option! I miss it so much!

MowDownJoe says:

Well, the paid version of Touiteur has support for TweetLonger. And if the shrink tweet option on UberTwitter is anything like the one on TwitterGadget that rests on my iGoogle page, I'd hate to use it due to my grammar nazi tendencies.

Mohawk3 says:

I am a big fan of the Seesmic Twitter App. I don't know if I want them to buy it though.


Looks beautiful, works brilliantly, incredibly full featured.

Twicca for the win.

I agree with the earlier post. The ONLY thing I miss about my BB Storm was Ubertwitter! The twitter client was freakin' smokin'!!! As far as Android itself, before last week I would've said Tweetcaster. I love the UI. But now that Tweetdeck is going to be bringing its Steroid using baseball team to the game, i'd go with TWEETDECK!

OregonYankee says:

Agree totally. UberTwitter on my BB Storm was - is - the best Twitter client I've found. On my Moto Droid I switch between XeekuTweet and Swift - but they don't come close to UberTwitter. TwitDroid and Seesmic are very distant.

Fatasaurus says:

Socialscope is the best Blackberry Twitter client by far. Its extremely similar to Tweetdeck. I cant wait to see Tweetdeck or Socialscope ported to Android.

bnob99 says:

Touiteur and its not even close.

Click says:

Touiteur is awesome!! Great features and still more to come.

cheshire76 says:

My favorite Twitter app is Swift. All the bells and whistles are left at the door for MySpace, Facebook, FourSquare, insert-next-social-networking-site-here.

Sparkus says:

Twidroid and Seesmic for Twitter seem to be the best two. I use Seesmic.

UberTwitter is the best one I have found between my old blackberry and my new Evo. If you are going to buy one that's it!