T-Mobile USA has just confirmed that their next Android phone will be released in 'early summer'. If we're looking at our calendar right, that means today at the earliest or at the very latest: the next few weeks. The next Android Phone from T-Mobile is expected to be the HTC Magic (rebranded as the MyTouch 3G). Cupcake is trickling down to G1 Users and the Google Ion (aka HTC Magic) was deemed primetime enough to give away so yeah, the HTC Magic is probably ready to release.

[via engadget]


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T-Mobile USA: Next Android Phone Coming 'Early Summer'


Um, the first day of summer is June 21. So, if the phone is going to be released "early summer" then it won't be until at least then, right?

I can't wait for this! I held off from buying the new Sidekick because I felt the Android phone wouldn't be far behind. Thanks for keeping me so informed. I've been pining for an upgrade since the G1 but didn't like the way the G1 keyboard felt. I think this new phone will be the ticket. I have seen the G1 live and I love it. Android is awesome!