Galaxy S3 update

A couple more updates for you on this fine Thursday. T-Mobile is sending out updates for the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3. The GS2 update is said to include security enhancements, a "Qualcomm fix" and "Vlingo S Voice improvements," while the GS3 update has security enhancements and "improved user experience." Both updates are available via KIES or over the air.

  • For Galaxy S3 owners: You'll need to be on Android 4.1.1, software version T99UVDLJA to get the 4MB update.
  • For Galaxy S2 owners: You'll need to be back on Android 2.3.6, software version T989UVLDG for the 6.5MB update.

Galaxy S2 users on Android 4.0.4 looking for an update should have already received their bugfix update last week.

Source: T-Mobile (GS2 update, GS3 update)


Reader comments

T-Mobile updates its Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 phones


4.1.2 probably will be the last official OS update for S III.... I am looking forward for that because I am going to load a custom ROM after using the 4.1.2 for a year or so....

Anyone know what the "improved user experience" of this update is? I updated a few minutes ago and see absolutely no difference in the phone from 10 minutes earlier. I wonder if this isn't in prep for the OS update the phone is supposed to be getting in the not to distant future.