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Straight Talk's $45 monthly "unlimited" plan gets even faster

Straight Talk, the national MVNO who uses bits and pieces of all four major carriers networks to provide inexpensive pre-paid service across the US, now offers AT&T LTE on their bring-your-own-phone monthly plan.

You'll need a compatible phone from AT&T and a 30 day $45 "unlimited" plan, and a new SIM card from the company, but after that you should be good to go -- there's no need to unlock your phone. 

Before you rush out and sign up, it's worth noting that there are some drawbacks. As Andrew notes here, you'll not have any roaming and customer service isn't a priority, and Straight Talk's "unlimited" is a squirrelly thing. Hence the quotes. The biggest issue is how they define unlimited, which seems to vary from person to person. There is no hard cap, but the terms and conditions allow them to terminate or throttle your data at their discretion. For what it's worth, our very unscientific testing shows that in congested areas like Seattle (for instance) you'll get throttled around 2GB, where in places like West Virginia where there's less data traffic, things usually are closer to real unlimited. This will matter when you're burning through things at LTE speeds.

Anyhoo, as long as you know what you're getting yourself into, LTE on Straight Talk may be a perfect fit for you. Hit the source link if you're interested.

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Straight Talk now offering AT&T LTE with supported phones


nice !!!! one more reason to jump when my contracts over

unlimited is a mute point for me im in wifi 98% of the time and normally only use 1 gig or more of data a month most of the time less

Not worth it. I used StraightTalk for 6 months. Calling Customer Service will make you want to slit your wrist. They have a set script, they take more than one call at a time, and they lost my phone number back to Sprint somehow and had to retrieve it again. This is AFTER I had to spend a total of 27 hours on the phone with them.

It is by far the worst experience with a company of my life. I switched to T-Mobile. Truly unlimited.

You get what you pay for.

Yep Yep


You do get what you pay for and T-Mo's new plan is very clearly spelled out.

I also moved from ST to T-Mo and am happy I did.

You should port your number to google voice. Then you can forward calls to whatever number you like. Throw away prepaids or whatever...

Plus you don't have to worry about giving your number out to whoever because you control who can or cannot call you. Can have them receive the old "the number you have reached is no longer in service" message. Plus leave individualized messages if you like.....

I use it a fair amount. Clients send me sample images and I sent them location photos and such. It's generally easier and faster than email since I don't know how they access it but I do know how they access their MMS.

Hey. Your post intrigued me. But I've got some stupid questions. I have google voice. I also have a cell phone. If I port my cell number to google voice, how do I use the cell phone? I guess what I'm asking is, how do you use your google voice? Sorry, I'm a newbie.

Go to your account on computer and get to Google voice settings. If you already have a number set up just add cell phone number to forward to.

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When you port, the cell phone contract then is cancelled. Watch out for early termination fees. If you want to continue using your phone, you will need to contact your provider to issue you another number (and possibly start a new contract).

yeap that is good way to put it, hahaha, man i don't think any one can be as bad as strait talk customer service even if they try.

be careful i had straight talk on two phones and for the most part they are ok but if you ever and i mean ever have a problem and believe me you will, their customer service is horrendous,they will make mistakes and disconnect your service out of the blue and good luck talking to them, the majority of them don't know how to help you, don't even know what the doing, really bad customer service i got a good case of you get what you pay for.

Just came from Walmart. They had a table set up. Had a young man standing their with Straight Talk vest on. Asked if I had any questions. Yes, can I use a CDMA phone? "I don't know". Seriously.

People that work at Walmart are not trained. I know I worked there, with previous cellphone experience. But if I had a question even most of the managers do not know the answer. The training you have to take before going on the floor has nothing to do with cellphones and tablets.

Lol yeah I went there to get service for my nexus 4 and they didn't even know what that was thought I was talking about nexus 7. Walked out and ordered t- mobile Sim for a buck and pay $30 a month.

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SOB! i was leaning towards AT&T GoPhone when the Nexus 5 gets here but may now choose this. any downsides other than what Jerry listed? what exactly is meant by "no roaming"?

I believe it means that, in the event that you are in an area that has no signal from your service provider (say, AT&T), your service normally enables you to borrow another carrier's signal to compensate. In the case of smaller prepaid providers, if that provider (AT&T for straightalk) doesn't have signal in said area, you're outta luck. It effectively makes your coverage a bit worse, especially in more rural areas.

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ok thanks. kind of like Sprint and Verizon roam with each other. but WTF would AT&T partner with? T-Mob? i wonder what the real world ramifications of "no roaming" would be. i'd hate to be traveling through east b******k and have no signal.

Just go look at AT&T's coverage maps. Anywhere you see "partner coverage" that's roaming. There arent a lot of places around that AT&T doesnt have native coverage in, but they do exist.

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Like the part of Nebraska from the Colorado Border to 100 miles outside of Lincoln. On a GoPhone you will get nothing. You are roaming on a company called Viaero, who's sole purpose in life is to make money off of AT&T when people use their network.

Same thing with t-Mobile. AT&T and t-mo have roaming agreements, and a lot of the T-Mo services is actually via AT&T. And in a few places it actually works the other way, with AT&T roaming onto T-MO.

My son lives in a place that had no T-Mo towers, and his T-Mo phone was always roaming on AT&T.

Then one day T-Mo actually put a tower in his town, and in some parts of town he could tell he was on t-Mo (it was faster), but where he lived it stayed on At&T.

Two months later T-Mo terminated him for too much roaming, even though nothing had changed in his plan for over a year. Their computer said he lived near "close enough" to a tower, but was still roaming so Bam! he off the air with two days notice.

Straight Talk wouldn't have helped in that situation.

Dude, you gotta get out more often.
You haven't lived till you see your fancy phone drop to GPRS! ;-)

Same here, Never have I roamed in the Chicago area. Nor have I roamed when leaving it, but I guess I do not travel more than 50 Mi. from the metropolitan area.

I use AT&T proper, T-Mobile and Straight Talk. 

There's a little lake halfway up the mountain where I like to spend some time. When I'm there, I can get a weak T-Mobile signal but no AT&T signal. My AT&T SIM card will let me attach to that weak T-Mobile signal at 2G, while Straight Talk tells me I have no service because it doesn't roam on other networks.

great real world example. thanks. i'll choose AT&T GoPhone which i believe will still treat you as a first class citizen with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities appertaining thereto.

Even GoPhone has restrictions compared to postpaid AT&T service. You seem to get a limited subset of roaming on GoPhone, and when you do its only for voice, not data.

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Not sure when or if things have changed, but just looking at AT&Ts site for coverage you can see there are differences between postpaid and GoPhone maps.

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I'm already on Straight Talk (AT&T). Do I need to order a new SIM that's LTE compatible or will LTE just work with what I already have if I get an LTE phone?

nuprotocol says:
A new SIM is required. I have an ATT HTC One with the old sim and none of the settings work to get LTE working. New sim is required.

Android Police has an update and has verified a new sim is required for current users.

Posted on Sep 13 2013 | 5:55 pm - 3 hours ago

Ok, thanks for the heads-up. I've been thinking about switching lately, so if I'm gonna order a new SIM, I might head to AIO or GoPhone. My service has been wonky since ST made me update to the new APN settings. The phone barely switches towers for the most part unless I Airplane Mode it to switch and other similar stuff. :-/

BTW, do you like DollyWood lol?

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Jerry in a previous post you mentioned that you will receive your Aio sim within a week , when you do ,would you review their service pro/cons and compare it with Gophone and t-mobile? thanks.

I was on ST for 8 months in Montana on an ATT sim with a N4. It was OK at first but very throttled as time went on. I never went over 1.5GB. (I averaged 0.7 to 1GB). I had to toggle airplane mode quite often to get the phone to switch towers or connect properly after being on WiFi. I switched to GoPhone, yes I am paying $15 more but I can go into the ATT store if I am having issues, they don't throttle me (in fact the speeds are very noticeably faster), and I know what my Data limit is (plus if I needed you can buy more data each month). I don't think that I would go back to ST.

Tethering is absolutely forbidden, without regard to the amount of data you use. That is ABSOLUTE. You may not tether your laptop to your phone even if it is just to work on a shared doc, etc. No exceptions, no discussion. Totally unreasonable.

I tried straight talk earlier last year and I started getting harassing phone calls at around the 800mb mark. I never got throttled, just daily threats to terminate my service. After a couple days I terminated my own service with them and just switched to tmobile. For me straight talk wasn't even worth the hassle.

Idk if this sounds bad but I honestly wish someone would sue them to force them to be upfront with their data policies.

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Wow. I've been on straight talk since December. I use about 2GB per month and have never received any kind of notification from them.

Me neither... kinda funny how many people seem to be having problems with straight talk were so quick to post on this article.

I haven't had a single problem with them. In fact I have saved a lot of money.

There actually is a current class action lawsuit against Tracfone/Walmart (the owners of Straight Talk) for the deceptive practices they are now becoming notorious for.

I had ST (with the AT&T SIM) and went through a long period of data just dropping out. Toggling in and out of airplane mode was the workaround. After two months of that I was ready to jump ship. It wasn't local. On the phone forums it got talked about a lot and was a very wide-spread phenomena. Data would just stop working until you forced a reconnect with the network.

It cleared up when I was shopping plans and I put it down to system upgrades. Maybe that was the case, maybe not. It was the consensus based on rumor. The whole time (about two months) this went on, Straight Talk was lacking in any explanations and usually blamed customers - advising them to recheck APN settings.

Fast forward about 3 months latter and AT&T SIMS became unavailable - clearly there was some power struggle going on behind the scenes between ATT and ST. Now my data problems were different. The month would start well - then about halfway through data would slow to a crawl despite minimal use (less than 500 MB total for a month). This happened 2 months running and I left ST for good.

Now they are all chummy with AT&T???



Caveat Emptor...

Also: "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Never again will I use an mvno. They are demonstrably operating at the whim of the network they piggy back on.

I don't think whims of the parent carrier are the problem. The terms between them and the MVNOs are set in contracts which are not changed that easily or that often. The problem is that the MVNO, while selling unlimited data, certainly does not purchase unlimited data from the parent. They pay on a metered basis, so it's in their best financial interest to keep a lid on the amount of data their users consume.

Contract between ATT and ST aside... I DID experience severe throttling with minimal data usage during the time frame that AT&T SIMs were not available on Straight Talk.

Angering their customers is not in a provider's financial interest. I doubt it was ST dialing down the data speed on a customer who was not using much data. AT&T controls the towers and can also control the traffic.

If AT&T is upset that too many of their contract customers are not renewing so they can jump ship to an mvno, then whose interest is served by throttling on a regular schedule???

Jerry - fyi - for some reason the AC site thinks i tried to post spam in my last attempted comment and it would not let me post it. then, to add further insult to injury, it retroactively obliterated my last two comments that were already posted. that spam algorithm you use is vicious!

Yup. that is the most infuriating treatment of any blogging site I've ever seen.

I've had this happen more than once, mention anything about PR!CE or m0ney, or a whole host of other things, and you get every thing you've posted and all the replies blown out of the water.

Its like walking in a land mine field, you have to always second guess every word you type.

GoPhone offers set data caps and doesn't throttle speeds, but is the most expensive.

Aio Wireless offers set data caps and higher data offerings (7GB plan available) but caps LTE data speeds at 8mbps.

Straight Talk is the cheapest but doesn't have a set data cap, which means you could get cut off earlier than you'd like.

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At 2GB of usage per month any of the options could be viable. Depends how important speeds and reliability are to you. Straight Talk is cheaper but might not give you as reliable of coverage, Aio gives you more reliability but capped speeds and GoPhone gives the most postpaid-like experience.

If money isnt a factor Id just go with GoPhone. Been using it for a few months and havent had any issues.

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How slow are the speeds when you are being throttled? I normally keep to under 2GB a month but would hate to be on the road getting EDGE speeds after the soft cap.

EDGE or worse... The straw that broke this camel's back was when it took 3 minutes to get a manual refresh on my Gmail inbox with ST.

Awesome. I already have straight talk at&t with my nexus 4. Obviously I'd need to get a phone that supports LTE to take advantage of this... But would I also need a new SIM card?

nuprotocol says:
A new SIM is required. I have an ATT HTC One with the old sim and none of the settings work to get LTE working. New sim is required.

Android Police has an update and has verified a new sim is required for current users.

Posted on Sep 13 2013 | 5:55 pm - 3 hours ago

I hate it when that happens. That's why I use the app more than the website.

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I wonder if Net10 will begin to off LTE also, on ATT. They are the same company, so you would think that it would.

NET10 site is showing LTE availability too. The big question is do you need a new SIM card or will they roll out LTE to existing SIM cards?

A new SIM is required. I have an ATT HTC One with the old sim and none of the settings work to get LTE working. New sim is required.

Android Police has an update and has verified a new sim is required for current users.

This almost makes me want to buy a Moto X from att and put it on straight talk. Almost. Too bad I want a wood back and won't be dealing with locked carrier phones with bloatware on it.

Does anybody know what speeds they are seeing on Straight Talk LTE? I know that their HSPA speeds are slower than AT&T.

I bought the new straight talk sim and got 8mb download. My wife has net10 and didnt even need to get a new sim. Her data speeds were faster she got 10mb download speeds. I was kind of pissed lol

Have never used straight talk but I had red pocket mobile (at&t mvno) for 4 months and had similar problems people experienced with ST. First week of billing cycle speeds were good but after that my days speeds were basically at a stand still. About 3 times a month I would have to contact cs to reset my data and still half the time that never worked or worked only for a few days. Several days before I decided to cancel my service they changed their plans to 3gb of data for the same $59.99 price. No thanks. Made the switch to Go Phone and couldn't be happier. I will never use an mvno again and I'm fine paying an extra $10 or $15 for the same plan just to not have to deal with the crazy throttle issues or this and that. I would advise anyone considering these crazy cheap plans to do their research first.

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Like others have said, just note the "buyer beware" slogan. I signed up for ST AT&T on my N4 last Dec, after trying out the TMo $30 prepaid plan for the 1st month. Didn't get signal at work, so jumped to ST. Worked great from Dec-Jun '13 and then the shit hit the fan. Data cap galore/shutting my data off and using just around 1GB, no video streaming ever/downloads. But even in that 7 month period, just locally around town, I would get no phone/data signal in spots and when at a restaurant/work would have to toggle wifi on/off A LOT.
Finally gave up and went back to TMo $30 prepaid this past July and LOVE IT. NO signal loss, perfect around town and at work now. I know TMo beefed up to "LTE" in Atlanta, so maybe that's why.

Good luck and just be forwarned, ST&T is not all that "glamorous"!

Would an unlocked TMobile HTC One count as a supported phone? It has the necessary bands and works fine on ST pre LTE. This may sway me away from the $30 Tmo plan...

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Would an unlocked TMobile HTC One count as a supported phone? It has the necessary bands and works fine on ST pre LTE. This may sway me away from the $30 Tmo plan...

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Also, according to the AIO website "high speed" data is maxed out at 8Mbps on compatible devices. So just keep in mind when dealing with mvno's like ST or Red Pocket or whoever, there's always an asterisk after everything.

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I had ST for a couple of years. First with one of their own smartphones and then when they announced that you could bring your own phone, I bought a WP7 and used it with them for a long time, when the phone met it's demise, I got a Galaxy Nexus that I used on ST.
I was never throttled, capped, or got a phone call or text because of the data I used. I even streamed music sometimes all without issue. My data usage was usually in the 1.5 GB to 2.5 GB per month.

Forget Straight Talk then! Just read some of the TOS and it's BS! What's the point of having unlimited if you can't do anything with it?!

I stream TuneIn almost an hour a day and have run Pandora and All Access without a problem, but they aren't eating tons of bandwidth. I use about 700 MB per month, so it's not like I'm a pig on the system.

I saw some tool whining about how ST cut him off "after I tethered my laptop and downloaded 1GB in a day." Everyone knows (or should) that "unlimited" has quotes around it for a reason, but the rampant entitlement too many have these days leads many to believe they should be pigs and no one should say boo about it.

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A couple of folks have asked and no one seems to know the answer or hasn't answered yet. With someone please let us know if we are currently using straight talk or net10 with an AT&T SIM card, if we have to go get a new SIM card to take advantage of the LTE? My girlfriend has a souped-up Atrix 2 running on AT&T net10.

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But StraightTalk has free overnight shipping on orders $6.99 and up, which just happens to be the price of a new SIM. So that's not too bad to get LTE.

I believe you. I asked them and they said no. But then also they said we dont even offer LTE on bring your own phones on ATT service.I ask Straight Talk doesnt even has a clue about there own service.

Thanks for that reply brother. I appreciate it. I wonder if I walk to purchase that I'm going to call them I guess in the morning and ask I think they should provide previous custer's with the sim. Anyways thank you +1 or thanks... whatever flies brother

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Thanks for that reply brother. I appreciate it. I wonder if I walk to purchase that I'm going to call them I guess in the morning and ask I think they should provide previous custer's with the sim. Anyways thank you +1 or thanks... whatever flies brother

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ST was the first service I used when I first got my N4. Like others have stated, read the terms of service. They can and will cut your service off at any time, for whatever they deem is abuse of their network. Abuse in their eyes is also subject to their discretion. I used them for only 2.5 months before I, a moderate data user received the "Warning" email from them stating I was using excessive data.. which btw was only about 200mb in that day, only about 1.5gb total usage over a month. This was on their ATT sim. The coverage was pretty good, I went between my state and neighboring state with decent coverage, but is it worth the harassment? Plain and simple, NO! Don't get it twisted people, its not just data, use too much talk time, or text messages, you too will get the threatening messages. If you are a casual data, voice, text user, then take your chances, but if your a "normal" user of a smartphone, think twice before you make this your only carrier. I switched to tmo's 30$ plan, which worked great, but talk time was to small. I switched to regular TMO unlimited and haven't looked back. The coverage isn't as good, but they are upfront about what you pay for and what you get. My advice, if you consider ST as your mvno of choice, make sure you have a backup sim with someone else... Nothing like having an emergency and getting cutoff for making phone calls!

Terms of Service:
We may interrupt or terminate your service without notice for any conduct that we believe violates this Agreement, if you behave in an abusive, derogatory or similarly unreasonable manner with any of our representatives, if we have reasonable cause to believe that you are using your Straight Talk phone and/or wireless service for an unlawful purpose or in a way that may adversely affect our service, if you engage in any deceptive or unfair conduct with respect to your Straight Talk phone and/or wireless service.

pretty much every phone you unlock from ATT. Like lets say the LG Optimus G ro the G2 S4 HTC One and so on. the list is big u just need to pay a few bucks to get them unlock. eBay is your best place to get an unlock code or unlockr as well

When it comes to AT&T prepaid, IMHO this is where I rank my top choices.

1. AIO Wireless (can't beat LTE softcapped at 7GB)
2. GoPhone (91% of AT&T contract coverage isn't bad)
3. H20 (easy to start, intertational calls and number porting actually works)
4. Red Pocket (customer service lacks but makes up for it with international stuff)
5. Net10 (straight forward, may have soft caps depending on market)
6. Straight Talk (see above)
7. SkyView (new player, has same plans as H20 and Red Pocket)

There is caveats with every prepaid service. It all comes down to how you plan to use your service. Most prepaid carriers are not direct replacements for contract carriers, but some come damn near close.

And always, ALWAYS read the TOS.

Amen! I am on AIO Wireless now and will never go to another wireless carrier. 7GB, even though it's "only" capped at 8MBPS right out of the gate, is a moot point when all I'm using it for is YouTube, tons and tons emails, and lots of web browsing. I can easily stream a 2 1/2 hour Netflix movie with nary a hiccup!

Customer service on ST is beyond abysmal. I recently switched credit cards, and after email and website fails, I finally got them on the horn. After a painful conversation, I was assured all was good. Until my next refill: they just pulled the plug. Getting it straightened out made me want to slit THEIR wrist. Still getting texts that my card was refused, but I do have service.

So I'll pass on their LTE. Once the new Nexus phone comes out, I'll be jumping over to Aio.

I've been with StraightTalk for about a year. This is good news. Now when I retire my Galaxy Nexus and get the new Nexus, I can upgrade my SIM for LTE.

Just dumped ST for Aio. Had way too many problems with St like shutting off service to throttling to 60kbps!! customer service was a joke. I didn't do anything but average usage on my phone. So far, Aio has been pretty good with better signal coverage. If you're not worried about the speed then Aio is the way to go. At least I know where I stand with them. My advice is beware of straight talk, never know what's going to happen.

Posted via the AC app on a nexus 4

For everyone belly aching about ST realize that it depends on where you are located. I have never once had a problem with ST for the almost year that I've been on them on my N4. I stream, tether (rarely and only if absolutely necessary) and download podcasts all the time. If you live in a congested area you'll need to be more careful. I live in the Portland area and have never had a problem. Running an AT&T sim.

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I don't live in a big city and one time I streamed pandora for a few hours. Keep in mind I didn't go over the 2GB cap, I just "used too much". Streaming is actually a violation of their ToU. A few days later ST decided to throttle me down to Edge speeds and that lasted for a few months. I was at the beginning of a six month prepay and when I complained they said "your full service will be restored on next crediting of account". They won't restore normal service until you "renew" the account! That means if you just bought three or six months of credit you may be in terrible-data-speed land for quite a while. Luckily my data randomly came back around 90 days before my credit ran out. Anyway, I ended up going to AT&T prepaid. WAY more reliable and when you call they actually help.

If you don't mind having your data cut off or throttled for any reason ST sees fit, go right ahead and jump on this. I personally just moved from ST (AT&T) to AT&T prepaid ($60/mo). I get refills at 10% (or better) discount and feel like it's worth the extra cost for infinitely more reliable service and support.

I know straight talk and net10 are owned by the same people but is there a difference in how they deal with data, customer service, etc?

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I bought a Galaxy S2 from Straight Talk almost a year ago. I later found out it isn't the same phone sold by the major carriers. TracFone, or ST, dumbed it down by disabling certain features.
Worse, the phone was on Gingerbread 2.3.6, and both ST and TF told me it would not receive any OS upgrades, not even security ones.
It did work week, however, and I never used more than about 1.5 gigs in any month.
I've since bought an HTC One Google Play edition. I started it on T-Mobile prepaid but I can only get Edge at home, though LTE is nearby. I then switched to AT&T GoPhone prepaid and have two bars of LTE at home, but it's twice as costly as TMo.
I'm moving in the next six months, and I'll make sure it's where TMo has LTE, but until then I'm going to give Straight Talk another try for its LTE.
As an aside, I still have the S2, and it's still on ST.

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I tried straight talk until the data cut off and throttling started. Went to Net10 but got tired of their APN MMS problems. So I went with AT&T LTE $60 plan with 2GB data with additional Gigs costing $10 a pop. Yes its more but its more reliable. I know my limitations.

AT&T in store customer service.
In plain view limitations and restrictions.
Options to expand data if needed.
Reliable services,MMS mostly.
LTE access.
And a sense of comfort knowing I have a proper cell phone provider.

Cons of Net10/Straight talk
Helpless CS. Shouldn't have to depend on Facebook to get better, time consuming support. I don't have days to get a problem fixed.
Unreliable services, flakely data and MMS support.
MMS is considered data services and not a TEXT feature so if you get data cut off, bye bye MMS.

But its on a consume basis what works for you and what doesn't.

I always read the worst reviews on Straight Talk.. Always hear their customer service is terrible.. and that they cut off data for some people at different times for no apparent reason.

I did have straight talk, really bad customer service. I do pay more with AT&T Go phone but but customer service is much better and I enjoyed the LTE speeds.

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Has anyone tried switching from the old AT&T Straight Talk SIM to a new LTE AT&T-Straight Talk SIM? How bad is the process of moving your existing Straight Talk number over to the new SIM?

It's not. Just go to the ST web site, log in, and go to where you activate SIMs. You can transfer your number from there. It's painless and I've done it between multiple SIMs.

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Does your pre-paid credit move over to the new SIM automatically? Or do you have to load a new card to activate it?

I just bought one of the new Straight Talk ATT SIM cards that is compatible with LTE and it uses different APN settings than the previous Straight Talk AT&T SIM (non-LTE). Here are the new settings:

Name: Straight Talk (just an identifier, can be whatever you want it to be)
APN: tfdata
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410

Someone needs to file a class action suit against ST. I bet they would come up with a definition of unlimited data.

They have, but TOS allows them to switch it. if you don't like them don't use them as many have. I love them and the price its great also, especially the refill cards found on ebay some times. cant beat 31 a month for unlimited, wink wink.

Just installed the Straight Talk LTE AT&T SIM card and am getting similar down and up speeds with 2 bars of LTE at home that I get using an AT&T GoPhone SIM card: about 12.5 down, 6.5 up, but it's $15 cheaper.
In the year I've had ST I've never had to call customer service, and not needed CS except to bellyache about the awful phone they did me.
This time I brought my own phone, an HTC One Google edition.

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The question is, if for some reason they terminate you can you still take that number and port it to another company?

I've been on straight talk since August 25th and in my first month I used 7gbs of data on an AT&T iPhone 4 and I was never shut off or throttled. And now I just switched to a Xperia Ion yesterday and got the apn set up and found out that I have 4G LTE, but I don't have the newer 4G sim card... So I'm now confused haha.