Motorola Chindi

We brought you the first shots of the Motorola Flipout with AT&T branding, and now it's back, with a new look, a new name and its same square sliding form factor. There's not too much new in Giz's leak, though they say it's codenamed "Chindi," and we get a look at the rear of the phone, which is done up in some, erm, interesting copper scheme. Could just be a preproduction shell, but who knows. Check out the pics at the source. [Gizmodo]


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Square Motorola phone with AT&T stripes pops up again


It's the Motorola Flipout, it's been released on Rogers in Canada, so more than likely will come out on AT&T, because of their partnership.

AndroidCentral guys, I check this site daily, but you REALLY have to start paying more attention to user tips, I sent this in forever ago, along with an introductory (albeit sorta sucky) Android phone release on WIND Mobile in Canada (