Remember the Motorola bootloader unlock site we talked about just an hour or two ago? We've got some great news to share direct from Moto -- the Sprint Photon Q will be one of the first phones eligible to use it. Per Motorola:

As of August 2012, the only Motorola devices which can be unlocked are:

  • Photon Q 4G LTE (Sprint)
  • RAZR Developer Edition (Europe Only)
  • XOOM

This leads to one huge question, which Moto addresses -- what about other phones? Moto says that they have to evaluate that on a phone-by-phone basis, and that they have worked with Sprint to come up with a solution that's favorable to everyone involved. It certainly appears that as far as Moto is concerned, unlocking shiny, new LTE phones is cool with them (using the right tools), but a lot of it will depend on the carrier. I don't want to sound discouraged, but we're all aware how that's going to fly with Verizon and AT&T.

Of course, there are risks involved when making your phone unsecure on purpose. Moto goes over these well, and it's a must read for anyone thinking of taking the plunge. We're just glad to see Motorola doing the right thing here, and now Android hackers and developers might not have to work as hard to own the phone they paid for.

As you can see, we've unlocked the Photon Q. The process only takes a few minutes, and pretty much mirrors what HTC's done with its more recent phones. You reboot into fastboot and get a token (you'll need the Android SDK installed, of course), feed that token back to Motorola, which gives you yet another number to repeat back. Quick, relatively easy -- if you can't follow these instructions, you really shouldn't be mucking about with custom software anyway -- and the way it should be done.

Source: Motorola


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Sprint's Motorola Photon Q one of the first phones to grace Moto's bootloader unlock page


The razr, razr maxx and the bionic better be added to. I suggest people start blowing up moto's facebook & twitter .

I dunno jerry because verizon allows all of their htc's to use htc dev to unlock. I hope moto smarten up and add relavent phones. The razr line is far from outdated.

So with this information out, we can all confirm that the entire locked bootloader problem was NEVER OEM specific, but always carrier.

Gee, thanks Verizon.

*flips the finger*

"there are risks involved when making your phone unsecure on purpose"

I assume you've given the same warning to anyone who's bought a PC in the last... uh, ever. It's far riskier to not have control over your own equipment, in my book.

The site says as soon as you generate your unlock code, your warranty is void... I wonder if Motorola/Verizon/Sprint etc.. will be able to know that you unlocked your device even if you relock it. That is going to suck if you need to get a replacement and somehow they find out that you unlocked and you are stuck with a a malfunctioning phone due to hardware issues or something. I am all for an unlockable boot loader but not if it keeps me from getting a replacement..