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Don't want those apps on your phone? You should be able to delete them!

If you've ever seen a Korean phone up close, you'll know that those things come absolutely stacked to the rafters with pre-installed, bloatware apps. Be they from carriers or OEM's, the result leaves a brand new phone coming out of the box filled with apps. But, while the pre-installing can continue, new guidelines there say that those apps must be user deletable.

"The move aims to rectify an abnormal practice that causes inconvenience to smartphone users and causes unfair competition among industry players,"

Filling up a phone with non-removable apps just hurts a big portion of the folks who buy it. Less storage space is available for one. A positive move for our Korean friends then, and the new guidelines will come into effect from April. I'm guessing there are more than a few folks out there who'd like to see a similar practice over in Europe and North America? 

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South Korea says smartphone bloatware be gone!


I agree. I disable as many bloatware apps that I can. I also leave a 1-star review stating I consider it unremovable bloatware.

The FCC needs heavier regulations against the carriers. The Carriers are just making sh@t up and calling it the status quo. The carriers are doing everything possible to bleed customers dry, and on top of it they don't pay taxes. Verizon has paid 0% taxes now in 4 years, over 100 billion dollars in taxes, while grossing 30 billion a quarter on average. And now Carriers can filter their ISP's to the highest bidder limiting and filtering our access to the internet. Telecommunications industry is in dire need of regulations here.

Let me be clear first. What I am going to say is NOT a political statement. Just a statement of fact.

The GOP spent a lot of time and effort in making sure that new commissioners were not appointed to the FCC because they did not want Democrats in those positions.

This caused a bit of a leadership gap there which many companies took advantage of. Not just in the mobile world, but in a lot of different areas. With no one to interpret Grey areas that arose in complaints, they just got pushed off.

I am not saying that this is the sole reason for the issue, but a contributing cause.

With the commission getting filled out do to recent procedural changes in the appointment process thing should go smoother, no matter who is in charge, dem or Republican.

We may not agree with the decisions, but at least decisions will be made instead of the rudderless, political football it has been.

I have hopes that maybe, just maybe, the FCC might actually do their jobs a bit better. The attitude there certainly has changed since the government shutdown and the procedure changes.

I am not being political, I am just stating a fact.

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It is political if it was NOT political you would be blaming both sides since BOTH are wrong. You have to remember, as Obama was elected as President, the republicans were elected to the house majority for a reason.
So blame both, but don't blame one and say it is not political.
I might also add that the FCC has no authority over IRS regulations; at least not yet.

No I am stating a fact. Obama made the appointments (did his job), the GOP in the Senate either blocked, or didn't allow even hearings on half of the nominees.

It was political. The GOP knew that under the old rules they could hold up appointments forever, and did just that. The nominee for chairman was put forth in June of last year.

He was blocked from a HEARING until after the shutdown and the rule changes.

This is fact, not a political statement, but a fact.

I deal with the FCC daily, there is a different mood over there now that they are out of limbo.

No one brought the IRS into this. It has nothing to do with it.

Hear! Hear!
Thoughtful, reasoned, and to the point overview of the FCC situation.

It is clearly detrimental to ALL Americans and a waste of our resources and treasure for these agencies to be left rudderless simply because of partisan idiotic political stonewalling.

It's a tit for tat situation.

If you look to government for solutions, you'll get governmental solutions, and quite frankly, you'll deserve those solutions.

Quit looking to government and start hitting the carriers where it hurts: Their pocket books.

Never buy a phone from a major carrier, and quit signing up for contracts. While you're at it, encourage everyone you know to go to carriers that don't require bloat. I believe T-Mo is doing a pretty decent job of this.

Furthermore, buy a Nexus. While it has some arguable bloat, at least each and every app that might be considered bloat can be disabled.

Instead of whining about the government, who shouldn't be in the business of telling a business how to operate, take matters into your own hands and stop rewarding people who do things you disagree with.

Think that has been the argument they can choose to have that features (bloat) out of the box. But the user should be able to remove what they dont want without having to root.

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Bloat is crap like chat on from Samsung, not smart stay. That is a feature and is not likely to go away since it is incorporated in touchwiz.

Your definition of bloat is skewed

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I got about 5 Google apps I'd like to delete. Forcing them to stay on the phone is pointless. If I ever sell the phone a factory restore will put them back on anyways.

I'm not goona run out of space because of all these apps but I still hate that I can't delete them lol

In many cases, that would be the only browser on the phone at the time of purchase. That would be pretty confusing and annoying for most consumers.

It's a pre-installed app that I don't use and don't want, plus I can't un-install it. If that's not the definition of bloatware, then I don't know what is.

You need a default for the os to fall back on. It is a core app that needs to be there.

In reality, everything is an app, but you wouldn't want to be able to uninstall, let's say, all launchers

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It's about time! Next up will be the rest of the world then 10 years later the U. S OF A

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My phone didn't come with any "bloatware" I'm not sure bloatware even exists anymore, and even if it does i don't know what the big deal about it is.

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Bloatware was annoying years ago when I only had 8GB of storage space, but it's not really an issue, now. In fact, I feel like most of my pre-installed apps are useful. On the other hand, I would certainly delete the Photos app if I could.

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This IS most definitely still a problem. I have to scroll a lot more through all the apps I didn't put on just to get to the one I want. I don't put all my apps on the pages. Only the ones I use most often.

Plus the fact that not all apps allow you to move them to the SD card. IF you have an SD card. I have plenty of room on my Note 3. 32GB internal and a 64 GB SD card. It should still be up to the user.

I understand it's a problem for others, especially people with a Samsung device, and I'm fine with giving users the option to delete. Above, I was just stating that bloatware isn't one of MY issues, Unc.

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I'm pretty sure everyone's seen a Samsung phone close up.
I would love to see this happen, because unlike computers you can't just build your own, but I guess you could fit it and install vanilla Android.

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Oh how I wish this would come over here!!! I'm looking at you Samsung!!! It would be so nice to grab a new phone and get rid of all the crap you don't want so you can fill it with the crap you do want!!

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Class action lawsuit. Think back a few years ago when PC users couldn't remove things because Microsoft said they couldn't?

Our phones are no different. Subsidized phones aside, what gives a provider the right to install non essential software onto a phone and then not allow me to uninstall it? It only happens because we allow it.

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I will never buy a Windows phone. Just terrible compared to Android and ios and yes I have used one.

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Its certainty not an operating system for everybody, but its far from terrible. Coming from it to Android I do find there are a few things I do miss from Windows Phone. All operating systems have their positives and negatives. So I'm glad you found more positives in Android and iOS for your own needs.

Funny that the worst Android bloatware offenders, LG and Samsung, are both Korean. It's no wonder why South Korea is the first to have to do something about it.

NFL Mobile would be the first to go. After that, in very short order, VZ Navigator, VZ Tones, and Audible. Oh, and their stupid visual voicemail app that I'll never use because there are better free options.

Android itself has bloatware now. Ever since I upgraded to KK I'm getting pestered to update some HP printer app which I never installed (as I don't use an HP printer).

That sounds like a carrier or OEM thing. I got the same thing when I updated my VZW Note 2 to 4.3, except that, in addition to the HP print app, I also got one from Samsung.

It's neither a carrier or OEM add on; it's on the Nexus 5. It's essential to make the printer feature work on Kit Kat devices. The app resides in the store so it can be updated similar to Gmail and Google Play Music.

+1 I was gonna say that but wanted to look it up first. I am guessing Google licensed the software from HP

Would love to delete their crap.
Root and delete the crap and the installer fails at the next OTA because they expect the bloatware to be there.

It's not bad enough they put it there in the first place, but they enforce it's continual presence by an OTA failing if you delete it.

The only thing I like about Korea is their food. But now I like what they're doing with the phones. Good for you korea. I only hope they don't eat too many dogs this year.

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The electronics market in Seoul is pretty badass...I bought a 1.5TB Hard drive back in 2000 from there...TB HD's weren't even released in the States back then...Black Market? Of course. Korea is a blast...You shoulda' got out more. The Mall, Etaewon, Cheju-Do, DMZ, (Never mind the DMZ, I lived there and it sucked) and the people in general. Korean's are nice, polite, and friendly if you don't try to front.

While I doubt this will make any change on what LG and Samsung include in their international and US devices, maybe it will cause them to change a few things.

Nice start. I always hate the fact Google+ and other apps cannot be deleted though having the ability to disable them has me satisfied. Phones have so much space these days that the few MB I would save doesn't really bother me.

Yes Please... Go South Korea! Though I have LOTS of room on my Galaxy Note 3, its a hassle navigating through all those unused and unwanted apps.

I've disabled 22 apps on my rooted HTC One GPe JB4.3, most of them by Google.

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A big reason I do not have a Samsung now after having had 7. Between Samsung and ATT the bloat was too much. Nexus 5 and Moto X = Less bloat. My Lumia had ATT bloat but you can delete any and all apps you do not want!

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Does this mean Samsungs sold outside of Korea will have this also or only internally?

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You should be able to delete whatever you want from your phone. Period. Also, whenever I delete an app it still is there in the Play Store for me if I decide to reinstall it. The only app(s) that should not be allowed to be removed are ones that are integral to the OS itself.

This would be a good sales pitch. "Buy our phone and you can delete the apps."

Sounds just like when you buy a Windows PC. It's been a while for me but you get a 128GB hard drive only to find out only 60GB available for my porn stash.

Lucky we dont have devices depending on carriers. So only bloatware I have on my Note, those are apps Samsung has put there in the first place and cannot be removed but an be stopped from running on background...

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