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IFA 2014 After tons of rumors and leaks, Sony has finally revealed its next Android-based smartphone, the Xperia Z3, during its IFA 2014 press conference in Berlin.

The Xperia Z3 features a 5.2-inch display, along with a 20.7-megapixel camera, along with 4K recording. Sony says that the Z3 can get up to two days of use from its battery. The Xperia Z3 also has the highest waterproofing of any smartphone It comes in white, black, copper, and silver-green. You can also use the Xperia Z3 with a mount accessory to tap into Playstation 4 Remote Play.

What do you think of the Xperia Z3? Let us know below in the comments, and stay tuned for more from IFA 2014.


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Sony finally reveals Xperia Z3 smartphone


I wonder why they are at IFA? They didn't say anything new or interesting.. Same phone, same boring UI, same camera.. So disappointed.. Go home Sony! And the presentation was awful.. Boring as F***..

Of all the announcement ive seen,the only exciting is the apples kynote. Everyone is clapping and wooing. Its because some over exaggerated (apple employee) guy just wooing and start clapping everytime tim cook finished a sentence.

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Dude there you've the best Android device right there, You hate it but that doesn't mean everyone do! I like what I saw today , wll done SONY , well done!!!!

It's his signature it's not like he's writing it out every time he posts something... but I agree, it's lame.

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I don't care if someone cares or not.. I am telling what i think.. No one cares about your comment too, but you wrote it :-))))

It's here in the States... What you mean is that it didn't get any carrier spots. You can buy it from their website or remaining stores.

I hate when people reply with this B.S... 90% Americans are going to a cellular company to buy a phone so please stop it!! I'm not going to pay 100% retail for a phone... We have subsidized pricing or interest free financing with plenty of trade in options when dealing with a carrier... Sony dropped the ball on tthe Z2 PERIOD.

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Your service provider does not subsidize the cost of any of the phones they sell. They just increase your monthly bill to cover at least the cost of the phone over the period of your contract. Usually the extra charge ends up accumulating to about 1.5 to 2x the cost of the device.
It's much cheaper to buy your own device outright, and get your monthly service separate from any device. I have two smart-phones, unlimited text and talk, and a GB of data between them, for $75 / month. Over the typical 2 year contract period, I'm saving about $1800 over the cost of two separate plans. Easily enough to buy 1 or 2 top of the line devices, outright.
You might also want to check into just how much data you *actually* use; I had been paying for 2GB / month per person for years. Over the past 3 years, we had never used more than 300kB each.
Hope this helps, AoN

So when I sign a new 2 year contract and get the Note 4 for $299 VS. paying $800 for it outright how is that cheaper? My monthly bill will not go up a dime. I think you are thinking about paying the cost of that on your monthly bill which I believe Sprint allows me to do.

About $80/month for each phone (2 phones so 160/month). Unlimited everything (including data) which we need since we stream video/music/games you name it. I think we were over 2GB each last month and yes we use wifi when at home. I travel a lot and dont trust unsecured wifi. Im getting either the xperia z3 (if its on sprint) or note 4.

Its called subsidized pricing... My bill does not change regardless...when i use to buy under the 2yr agreement.. Now using Verizons edge program they charge me 25 a moth for the phone towards the full retail price then discount my bill by 25 a month.. Soo I'm technically not paying for the phone.. And i can trade it in once half the balance is paid... So since i upgrade every 10 to 15 mo its perfect..... Bottom line Sony is missing out in the USA.... If u think by not having the z2 on Verizon, Sprint, At&t they're winning In the states ur fooling yourself.. Oh yeah T-Mobile didn't get the Z2 either...

My plan is fine man... I don't need advice on plan management i use to sell phones... I use 10g of data.. My phone is my way to my music and movies.. I don't use my cpu to download

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I'll keep buying unlocked phones outright and keep paying $80/month for 2 phones on AT&T. If I buy two subsidized phones for $200 each, my bill will go up $50/mo plus extra tax. Why would I want to pay over $1200 in monthly costs over a 2 year period and the initial $400 for the subsidized phones? Those 2 phones cost me over $1600. I'll stick with my $700 of Nexii instead. You aren't good at math.

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Yeah I've never heard of a plan going up because u get a new phone unless you're grandfathered in an old plan and your just not saying that to validate your point. If you're grandfathered in a plan that u feel is better... then by all means continue on... But what you're saying makes no sense outside of that... Contracting a nee phone does not change your price plan... Unless you're grandfathered in and are being forced into a current plan.

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Obviously your math is no better if you think Sony should rely on customers like you who will pay full retail outright and then think their phone is sooo special they should change to a carrier it works on... Lmao... your particular price plan wasn't the focus here.... I said Sony needs to make the phone available to more people in the USA by putting the phone on the major carriers because most people are not going to drop full retail in 1 pop and change to the network that the phone works on all to own a Sony phone....

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I don't how you did your math for that one. When I was figuring out if I wanted to go for a 2 year plan vs a no contract plan where you finance the phone, the difference was minimal, and the overall cost for the phone was the same. Within a couple of dollars of the price of the phone. My G3 is 30 a month for 20 months, about the cost of the phone.

You're right! It's the same as retail when u make payments... Good thing for me is Verizon reduces your bill by the same amount when you're on the more everything plan...
Another thing is I always tell everyone do not pay off the phone completely.. Trade it in at the halfway point.. Therefore you are not locked in with the same phone for 2yrs and if u pay it off u may as well have done a 2yr contract because you would have saved money. $200 for 2yr vs $600 to contract for 20mo... So i will never hold on to my phone for the full 20mo i trade in every year... I use this option because i want a new phone every year and this way is better than adding new lines

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True for most Americans, although on android central there are a ton of people on T-Mobile that buy the phone outright.

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I'm not dropping 600 outright for a phone... When there are plenty of other options... what makes sony special?!?! Nothing!!! Its another phone running Android.. If they want more of America to experience it they need to step it up....HTC, Samsung, Apple, LG all have major USA distribution... And i need to go pay retail from a website and join T-Mobile for effing Sony...what Does this phone do different again?!?!?!?! Last phone that demaned that was the OG iPhone...

I want to try the Z3 its the 1 phone with most of what i want outside of its size... My M8 is great except for the camera..

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My guess why the Z2 was not released in the US is the once-a-year hardware upgrade cycle of smartphone lines in the US being pushed by carriers, and even consumers. I've seen a lot of comments here criticizing Sony's 6-month upgrade cycle for the 5-inch Z line.

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Here's a challenge everyone.

Play spot the difference between the Z2 and Z3... you'll be there a while as processor, screen, camera.. the lot, all the same :S

Form factor for one. It's significantly thinner and lighter than the Z2. Not enough reason for a Z2 owner to upgrade, but more than enough reason for anyone else to consider this device.

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I agree that Sony will either come to tmo or sprint this year but until a carrier announcement let's not hold our breathing

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I was on the fence between the Note 4 and the Z3, but lack of waterproofing on the Note will push me to the Z3.

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Up to 2 days of battery life?! Wat?

Other than that, it's pretty incremental. No doubt it will be great, but doesn't seem to offer much from a Z2.

Maybe Sony's idea of releasing new flagships every 6 months might not work out too well now, just sayin'.

The Z3 Compact, on the other hand, is a mini phone done right. Shame Sony doesn't get enough credit for it.

I actually get 2 days pretty easily on my Z2 after light usage. It had 76% left when I plugged it in last night (6:45AM to 10:30PM)
I do agree that sony is the only company that is doing the "mini" phone right. It I wasn't so addicted to large screens, I would be on the Z3 compact like white on rice.

Agree. The magnetic charging dock is nice, but it comes off too easily. Or maybe it's because I got a really cheap magnetic charger from Hong

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Guys before start crying please read what's been updated! Yes its same 20 Megapixel but do you really need any more??! Its been improve where matters though!
20-megapixel camera sensor that has now been boosted to reach an unprecedented 12,800 ISO sensitivity. The lens has been made wider, with the new 25mm-equivalent field of view capturing more of the scene around you, and there's improved image stabilization for video, which can once again be recorded at 4K resolution.

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I don't know what to think. You haven't really given a whole lot of details other than display size, 20.7 megapixel camera that can do 4k, and a generalization on better battery life. What about specs? Screen resolution (likely 1080p, I assume), processor, RAM? How about mAH of the battery? Anything?

I believe 3gb ram, snapdragon 801 2.5ghz processor, and 3800 maH battery if I'm not mistaken

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It would be nice if these companies making water resistant phones included qi charging. That way you don't have to worry about possibly tearing the charging port cover off by opening it all the time and eliminating the water resistance.

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If only they use the walkman audio chip like the SE walkman series in the past. This phone will attract the audiophiles for sure... But still, a pretty good phone nontheless...

Nobody cares, Because Sony has a hard time making it available in the US. Verizon & AT&T are the largest carriers in the US and Sony has yet to release it with either of them.

Who writes these articles, and is there anyone proofreading them? I love this app but the writing is terrible.

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I think Sony don't realize the top and bottom bezel are WAY too big.. They even bragged about the side bezels... TOP AND BOTTOM SONY!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I have a Z1 and the bezels were bigger on mine than on the Z3. I got used to it though.

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What do I think about it? How can I possibly answer that question when you haven't told us a single thing about it?