Smartphone Coasters

Last year we were first introduced to the Smartphone Coasters, a simple and stylish way to hold your Android device while it isn't in your hands. The folks at have received some pretty stellar feedback about the coasters, and they are now pleased to announce that they are offering custom engraving. Whether you want an Android engraved, a custom logo for yourself or a company, or any other design, they can do it.

Carrying a price tag of only $4.95 there isn't really much reason not to grab one or five of these for yourself. Get some extras as presents, keep one at home, one at the office, and anywhere else you may think to sit your Android device down. If interested in grabbing one for yourself hit the source link below and grab one today!



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Smartphone Coasters now hold your device with even more style, custom engraving now available


They're using the old EVO 4G as a reference instead of the newer Thunderbolt, but they're exactly right regarding a native kickstand (can't imagine not having one as I use mine all the time!): "Ask any Evo 4G user what they love about their phone, and eventually the word kickstand will come up."

These look like a pretty cool option though. I'd seriously consider getting a couple for work and home if I didn't have a native kickstand. :)

@oshizzle1991, you have to use the "Contact us" link on their website for custom orders.

swiped from the site:

"Company name or logo can be engraved on the front stainless steel surface, ensuring the most prominent position. Minimum orders for custom logos start as low as 100 units with prices ranging from $ 4.89 to $ 5.95 each depending on quantity."

I'm not sure they are catering to consumers getting custom engraving. It sounds more like they are targeting their business customers placing large orders.

I work at the Ritz-Carlton in marketing. We had our logo put on these Smartphone Coasters and give them away to clients and preferred guests. They have been one of our most popular promotional giveaway items.

We especially like our logo on the brushed stainless material, as it gives a very rich look.