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Samsung today announced that their premium Samsung Level headphones and a Bluetooth speaker will be available in the US starting tomorrow.

Priced at $169.99, the Samsung Level Box is the Bluetooth speaker in this new audio line up. Samsung says, "The sleek, distinctive design is optimized to provide noise reduction and echo cancellation, and a built in rechargeable battery offers up to 15 hours of continuous playback on a single charge." The speaker can also be used in tandem with the Samsung Level App.

The $349.99 Level Over wireless headphone offers noise cancellation features, according to Samsung, stating that it has "four mics on the inside and outside of the headphones to cancel outside sounds." The $179.99 Level On is a cheaper wired headphone and the $149.99 Level In is an in-ear, wired headphone with a three-way speaker system. will offer a special bundle of the Level On and Level Box for $299.99 starting on Thursday and lasting for 72 hours. After that, the four Samsung Level products will go on sale on July 20, with other retailers offering them for sale later in the month. What do you think of these high end audio product from Samsung?

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Samsung's premium Level headphones and speakers coming to the US


Agree, I saw the prices and stopped reading the article. Samsung is full of themselves.

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i find the samsung earbuds and headset are shit grab a pared of Sennheiser's and they will compare to your beats and Samsung headphones and still be better. What i can wait for is for the apple earbuds to come out!!!! Only thing Apple did right is music cant wait to listen to the beats earbud mixed with Apple tech

Exactly. Any money I spend on expensive headphones is money I can't spend on a new phone or tablet.

...yeah, I may have a problem.

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Stopped reading after they mentioned the price. I've seen really good earphones on Amazon for 35 bucks.

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Those prices are pretty high for audio accessories for mobile devices. The headphones look nice, but I'm not shelling out $150 for earbuds.

I have vmoda headphones for $299 and pair of beats for same price, I travel on planes alot and work out everyday, so great sounding headphones are worth the price tag... Hopefully Samsung can deliver

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Skullcandy anyone? Ive never heard much better for the price. 10-30$ for great buds. Ive always either lost, broke, cut or smashed every pair of buds ive owned, and thats why anything over 50$ would just be wasted. My origional earbuds from sammy are still in the box, unused, cause they have no low end (used my wifes once, no comparison to the candy)

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If these don't sell well, hopefully they get included with upcoming Samsung flagships.

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