Galaxy Ace 4 Galaxy Core 2 and Young 2

Samsung announced a bevy of new smartphones targeted at the budget segment earlier this week, with all devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and a lightweight version of TouchWiz. While pricing details weren't divulged at the time, Samsung's Netherlands site has revealed how much the devices would cost in the region.

The Galaxy Ace 4 is priced at a hefty €219, the Galaxy Core 2 is priced at €179 and the Galaxy Young 2 at €99. The site did not mention how much the Galaxy Star 2 would cost, but considering that it shared most of its specs with the Galaxy Young 2, the device will likely cost in the vicinity of €99. To know more about the specs of these devices, head on over to the announcement post.

Samsung's pricing does not seem realistic, considering devices with much better hardware, like the Moto G, are available for a similar price. It is likely we'll see a price decrease once the models go on sale.

What do you guys think of the Samsung's pricing strategy? Think these devices justify the cost? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Samsung Netherlands; Via: SamMobile

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sdc1 says:

Only an idiot would buy one of these over a Moto E or G.

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BldyIdt says:

Or someone who's never heard about one of those but has heard a lot about Samsung.

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bjn714 says:

As sdc1 said, an idiot.

BldyIdt says:

Do you really think that the average person has the same amount of information in mind about smartphones as the average AC reader? Add to this biased sales persons, et voilà !

No need to call people who don't share the same interest in tech as you idiots.

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bjn714 says:

I call them idiots not because they fail to share my tech knowledge or beliefs, but because they fail to do any research on their own. I don't respect people who fail to do any research at all on a tech purchase these days. They just hear Samsung and buy it. These people are idiots.

Well I got an s5 and I do not consider myself an idiot. I did my research, and felt the s5 had the things I was looking for in a smartphone, it wasn't because it was a Samsung product. I usually choose HTC when considering an android product, but the s5 had the better camera, ip67 certification, a nice health suite, and att was running a promo with the gear 2, so it seemed like a natural choice.

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bjn714 says:

Samsung makes some great higher end devices. They also make a lot of junk. The issue is that people see the marketing and hype for the flagship and assume the slightly smaller device that looks the same and is still a "Galaxy" is going to perform the same. And they will be sorely disappointed. And then those people bad mouth "Android" because Samsung sold them a shitty phone disguised to look like a good phone.

someguy01234 says:

The arrogance of this guy makes NoNexus tolerable, and that's saying a lot considering I have been asking AndroidCentral to provide me with a function to block NoNexus comments.

NoNexus says:

Awww... I am flattered.

You should be.

dc9super80 says:

In many countries, Motorola is not making a big enough splash. But you go to a carrier store and you see tons of these Samsung devices, I see tons of them in people´s hands. They know the brand Samsung and even moreso Galaxy. Motorola simply does not have the presence. Whether the customers are idiots or not, that is another story.

Kevin Clark6 says:

I have moto g 4g and its excellent I agree with u good comment

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cgardnervt says:

Samsung is just dumb. End of story.

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mwara244 says:

But Samsung took notice of Moto's product to deliver a good device for the money and now will copy to get in on those profits.

Except for that part where they don't do that.

Moto g all the way, its kinda set a standard, its a shame other manufactures don't see it.

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s2weden2000 says:

That's right!...

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

ndira says:

I just want us to have Moto G & E here in South Africa. We always have these expensive brands here only. I thought they are targeting emerging markets for their phones.

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D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

Kinda pricey for these type of phones.

Unless you don't know them, it would be wise to get a Moto E or G.

azsdfsd says:

Aren't European prices higher than most regions though?

Due to the VAT, YES

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NoNexus says:

Don't bring facts into a Samsung hate thread...

TheMimic12 says:

Moto g continues to look better

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Dreadcthulhu says:

Due to good marketing, and similar physical design, Samsung's high end phones (S and Note series), which are quite good, cast a halo over their budget offerings, which are made just good enogh to keep people that don't understand tech happy. As long as this marketing strategy keeps working, Samsung will continue to make their low end phone cheap, to rake more money.

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Kaiser Droid says:

Any Moto phone beats these by a mile.

Motorola is the way to go. What about Blu or Xiaomi?

NoNexus says:

Blu I look at as a "knock off" phone company, but I honestly do not know a ton about them. The problem with Xiaomi is that they don't just put stuff up for sale, they do those flash sales so you have to be lucky to hit one at exactly the right time...

vtpmt81 says:

Samsung's high end (SGS3,4,5 or the Note 2-3) are great devices and their mid-range (Note Neo, SGS4 Mini, Mega 6.3) are solid devices. Their budget devices should be avoided at all costs - they are flat out terrible.

I can agree. Its funny because a lady at work thinks her and I have similar phones. I have an s5 and she has like a 50 Samsung phone that is slower than molasses.

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dizzle16 says:


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Enverdaz says:

I have been using a Galaxy Express i437p for 18 months. This device has been great for my budget and far exceeded my expectations as a Go-Phone device. But, seeing these devices looks like going backward with specs.
I am really more disappointed with the lack of a KitKat release for this device. Especially since AT&T is still selling this as a "premium device for prepaid". I hope it doesn't get completely forgotten that it is a great device for the price and sees some of the Software improvements available. The big problem here is that Samsung makes so many mid and low cost devices that it becomes a problem to take the time to micro tweak OS releases for them all.
To make all these "bastard" devices more appealing, Samsung needs to be make them such that they are also going to be 'able' to receive updates that will keep them functioning as intended if they are going to use the proposed prices. Bugs are bugs, they pop up as time passes. But once a fix for the bug is available, these "budget minded" devices seem to get the attitude of "it is what it is, deal with it". Meanwhile, the Moto G is getting siblings (ie: Moto E) which Motorola won't forget about and will keep current.
If Samsung wants to keep pushing out cheaper devices with the mentality that they are to be "disposable" they need to price them as such. I paid $272 for this i437p. Imagine my dismay when the Moto G released only 4 months later with better specs (short of the lack of LTE connectivity) and is regularly updated, coming in some $70 cheaper than the i437p from Samsung.
My opinion is that these fall into that "black hole" for throw away design. The budget minded are not looking for a throw away device, but rather something that does the job, but is going to be reliable and kept that way at a reasonable price. With so many connectable devices also emerging, the odds of having one also increases. This i437p is "still" stuck on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 !! There have been several improvements to Jelly Bean, let alone the release of KitKat !!
Samsung should be as focused on keeping up with the OS improvements in the mid range device line as it is in pushing more useless cheap devices. Flooding the market with crap doesn't make practical sense.

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NoNexus says:

These are horrible devices. As it has been said, the Moto G or E is the way to go if you can get it where you live.

jrb363 says:


jrb363 says:

You couldn't be bothered to list basic specs? Ohhh that's's all about the *click* *click* *click* of ad revenue. Just be lazy and link to the other article. I'm really beginning to hate this site.