The latest celebrity to take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is none other than ... the Samsung Galaxy S5. No, this is not a joke; Samsung' Mobile's official UK YouTube page has posted the footage along with the Android smartphone's challenge to other devices to do the same thing

The video shows the Galaxy S5, using its computer voice, announcing its intentions and then getting hit with ice and water but with no apparent ill effects. Of course, this may also be a way to show that the smartphone is somewhat waterproof. In other words, it's a bit for charity as well as a marketing video.

In the end, the Galaxy S5 challenges the iPhone 5s, the HTC One M8 and the Nokia Lumia 930 to take the same challenge. By the way, the YouTube information note on the page shows that the phone did the challenge to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. What do you think of this rather odd marketing video that also tries to help a good cause?

Update: Our sister website iMore decided to take up Samsung's challenge on its own and posted a video showing the iPhone 5s getting hit with ice water with no ill effects.

Source: Samsung Mobile UK on YouTube


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Samsung Galaxy S5 takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and dares other smartphones to do the same


Had the SGS5 wasn't impressed at all ... Took it back and got a lg g3 been happy since then

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Had the G3 to replace the Nexus 4, but found the screen to be too dull and weird looking (apparently they apply weird sharpening on it), so I've been looking at another phone namely the M8 or S5.

Regardless, this was funny.

I don't own the G3, but I remember reading a while ago you can make some tweaks to the display settings. I think it's under accessibility options, and most people are finding the ideal setting to set the indicator on, or slightly above the camera option. I don't know if it will help the sharpening, but it's worth a shot.

5 inches is too small for me now... the 5.5 on the LG is good... might get the note 4 when it comes out.. my wife has the M8... it;s really nice and fast for sure... just the screen is small and it's too tall

Hater of Samsung? Not really

Hater of people who think Samsung is above all others? Kinda

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He merely called the man what he was doing, being a hater. How does that make him a fan boy and justify your assumptions? You don't make any sense.

I have the S5 and I have to say there is more good about this phone than bad. I came from a Moto X and Droid Maxx. Camera lag is my biggest complaint, but overall a fantastic phone. I have all the features I loved about my Maxx with 3rd party apps and use the same launcher. I get a number of useful Samsung apps, better camera by far, many more accessories, and better screen. The S5 is not perfect but to say it is mediocre is not accurate.

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It is not the best right now, but there is a decent sized gap between it and number 3 right at this moment. Until September that is. Then the Note and maybe the X will pass it

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People get stuck on the plastic argument....and they think touchwiz must be the same on the s5 as it is on the s4 and earlier.......all major (mainstream) android flagships run on the same latest hardware, and performance differences are miniscule

I've compared all 3 of the top flagships....G3, M8, and S5 in extensive speed tests more than once.....the s5 is straight up beast, and son is the m8 and g3...period

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I have the s5. The ONLY reason I've kept it this long is water resistance. My partner at work has the note 3 and his phone is noticeably faster in every day use. Not sure if it's the difference in ram or what but even pushing the home button take my phone close to a half second longer. I know that's nothing but when you are multitasking quickly it makes a big difference.

I also came from a moto x which had a(seemingly) faster and another experience. I really hope the new moto phone is water resistant.

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Tip 1:
Open S- voice app, tap on 3 dot settings (upper right hand corner) in check "double tap home button to open s-voice"......home button delay has now been corrected.

Tip 2:

Open developer options.....scroll down to "animation transition scale" and tap. Select "0.5"..........while not increasing performance, the increased animation speed will create a significant effect on the percieved speed of device.

Tip 3:

Disable or Uninstall apps you feel are potentially unnecessary or unused, especially some of the native samsung apps (though this really won't have much of an effect on overall performance unless you're internal memory is completely full.

That's really all I can think of off the top of my head.....the s5 is pretty much a beast, the SD 801 and adrenaline 330 are no joke

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If you shut off the the s voice it will make it faster, the reason it takes longer to go home is the phone is waiting for you to hit the button again to use s voice you shut it off and you'll be fine

I knew that would be the first thing everyone would say. This isn't my first rodeo. I've done all of those things since day one. The phone is just fill of lag in real world use. For me at least.

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Well, the s5 has a slightly better processor than the note 3, and the software bloat has been trimmed down to an extent in comparison.....maybe you should scan through all of your settings and look to see if certain things in the accessibility, and motions and gestures sections are activated, and turn them off.

Also, look at your application manager and see what apps are running and cached. If something is sucking up a ton of RAM that you don't even need or use, then disable the app or uninstall it.....RAM does not effect the speed of the device unless you're opening apps deeper within recent apps, such as 10 apps down the list. The note 3 is not a faster device than the s5, and with a simple tweet like increasing the transition animation scale in developer options, it's going to feel very similar to stock in terms of speed.

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Easier to just buy a stock or near stock phone. I still have my nexus rooted and a custom ROM flashed though.

I don't always post but when I do I use an outdated meme as my signature

Nearly better off just rooting it but it's the fact that you shouldn't have to root it to make it function the way it should

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The Galaxy S5 is mediocre lol. What world are you living in? The point of the article is the ice bucket challenge for ALS and the amount of money they have raised since they started doing this. Its a terrible disease. The world doesnt revolve around phones SMH. Is the S5 the best phone currently out? No but its far from mediocre.

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Yup. This makes the Ice Bucket Challenge complete horse manure. Well, 84% horse manure.

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Despite being a mediocre phone, you still have to admit that it is pretty damn cool that it can have a bucket of ice water on it and still function like it always does.

Not really. Sony and Motorola devices have been waterproof or water-resistant for years. Motorola via a hydrophobic coating on all of their boards at the end of production since 2011 (starting with Droid Razr), Sony via their mechanical seals (starting with Xperia Go in 2012). None of their devices since then would be harmed in the slightest by having a bucket of ice water dumped on them.

Honestly, all but the cheapest devices (and even some of those) would survive this kind of splashing without damage. It is submersion that gives the water enough time to get to the internal components and cause serious damage.

Good idea. No one else will rise to the challenge proving samsungs phone is "better"

Well that's what the people who came up with this think anyways.

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Really it looked like they poured a small cup of water and an ice cube over it. Not a bucket.
Bring on the z2

Posted via Galaxy ace plus running Speedmod 2.5 with Xposed

The gs5 withstood 30 minutes in 3 feet water and a cycle on the washer machine. What phone are you referring to? I've never heard of it? Lmao

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Thank you, this guy's lack of general knowledge, ignorance, and love for Samsung and Verizon pisses me off just a bit.

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You should really see a psych bro. That anger is gonna eat you up, and to be about something so petty... Wow

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Here I thought Yarrell was the worst of the Samsung fanboys, and here you come. He also likes T-Mobile, but at least there's a lot to like about that.

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If Samsung did this ad AND donated to ALS then it's socially acceptable. If all they did was this ad for the sole purpose of marketing than it's kind of a di©k move. That's just my opinion, though I'm actually raising money for ALS.

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Nah man, not at all. You really need to think before you post, I just choose better things to laugh at then trivializing someone's illness and their suffering. If you had/knew someone suffering from this I doubt you'd laugh or think it's OK for a company to take advantage of the fund raising to support it. It's sad to see what you think is funny, guess your the guy who laughs at that stuff.

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They're not taking advantage of anything. If you really can't see the humour in this, because of your irrational hate of a phone manufacturer, I feel really sorry for you, mate....

I will use your profound logic against you. If you really can't understand why a corporation should donate money instead of using a disease as marketing, you must really have an irrational hate for everyone suffering from ALS, I pity you mate...

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And how do you know they didn't donate in the process? You're just full of it in a really sad attempt to show your hate. I'm done wasting time on a sad person like you....

I don't have any hate lol, easy there with the straw man argument haha. I have and love Samsung products. I'm pro fund raising for ALS, you're a sad little troll

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Dude, their ad has us talking about it. It's possible that it will get us to donate. It's even more possible that Sony, HTC, Motorolla, etc. will take up the challenge and donate (big money). This is supporting the cause. It's about awareness and $$$. If you can have fun while raising both, why not. Watch almost any video, even those affected are having fun. It' doesn't demean the disease or the sufferers. If anything it brings them closer to a cure and it definitely brings hope.

Yes it's marketing, but I see it as a win-win.

(This is the most inspirational and significant video I've seen and even he is having fun while doing the challenge;

My only issue with all this stuff is that greed rules most of these money raising schemes behind the scenes. Like cancer research. Do you really think they're ever going to find a cure for cancer when they receive billions in free donations? Anytime someone comes up with something inexpensive to cure something, the research mafia shuts them down and discredits them. It's like all the cancer money goes into chemotherapy. It's all a scam. How many diseases lately ever get cured when that particular disease raises a lot of money?

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Different point, but well taken.

Given that I'd love to know if any organizations have closed or changed focus because their disease of choice had been cured.

Everyone has pain because something happened to someone they loved. That pain doesn't deserve entitlement, just some understanding. The problem today is that almost everyone thinks their pain is unique and they are owed consideration because of it. We all take a punch in the face many times in life. Some cry about, others get angry, and some just laugh.

Im sure Samsung will donate money thats the whole point of the ice bucket challenge. You do it then donate money.

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There have been stories about phones in the z series being dropped in the sea. Or being underwater for weeks.
Also the m8 appears to have some water resistance. Due in part to its metal shell I think. Searching for a M8 water test on YouTube comes up with some videos where it is submerged for up to an hour and lives.

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I have no doubt, it just isn't something I would recommend. Most phones should be at least good after an accidental dip. Unless you are buying the super cheap knockoffs

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No, I think he got it right with bloat ware, but not sure Samsung would win as most phone manufacturers so a good job of adding apps that I don't want and have to root to remove.

Still a douchebag move....using a challenge that raises awareness and money for a good cause to troll other companies. I notice it calls out 3 phones that are know NOT to be water resistant. Why not challenge the Z2?

+1 If Samsung was just donating and their execs or similar got involved, then fine. The moment they called out other, and only non-waterproof competitors, it turned into low marketing moves and not honest good will. This is not OK.

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I think it can handle a whole bunch of buckets and more.
my friend took his phone to Action park (water park) and
took the phone into all the rides to record. Takes it to the pool
on a regular. only thing that happens is the speaker
is will sound funny for a few minutes after it comes out from
a deep pool. I personally have not
got my S5 wet, but from his crazy experiences with the phone
I'm sure it could handle a few ice buckets

Pretty ingenious if you ask me. But I have to say its laughable that Samsung didn't challenge the z2

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Bloody Brilliant Marketing, and as long as they donated that portion of their advertising budget I'm cool with it.

Great way to pull off a marketing stunt. The charity gets some money so the shameless "Look at our phone" is instantly forgiven.
Hope whoever dreams up the one plus ones marketing is taking notes

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Yea, this would have been a perfect marketing stunt for Sony to do too but,not so shockingly, the marketing department dropped the ball.

Sony has always been a rather conservative company. They don't often (if ever) jump on social bandwagons, etc. The only edgy thing they have ever embraced is edgy electronics, but even their appearance has, for the most part, attempted to look tame, able to carry into a boardroom or estate manor and look acceptable, if not appreciated.

Jumping on a charity bandwagon to shamelessly promote their own product and attack others'? Sleazy.

Exactly first thing I thought. It's disgusting.

Also it's water resistant does not impress me at all. You have to use the official back cover and remember to close the flap. Moto G and X are nano coated and does required that.

I don't want a phone with a removable cover or removable battery. It make the phone thicker and less durable. I definitely don't want cheap Samsung build quality.

Samsung never misses on a marketing opportunity. Crap phone but opportunistic marketing from Samsung as usual. Kudos.

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This ad is very clever by Samsung, despite the S5 not living up to the hype. Sammy we want the Hardware not the Bloatware.

The Galaxy brand has way to many devices. Your destroying the brand, make fewer but better hardware.

Reminds me on this Ice Bucket Challenge. Oh and cheap plot by the way. My Album I AM A RIDER by ARTHUR LOOBY was released August 19th on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify. Oh i forgot here is the Ice Bucket Challenge DJ Arthur Looby Ice Bucket Challenge:

OnePlusOne Special Edition

The S5's voice is super annoying. I don't know if anyone else has posted that. And like everyone else I hope Sony responds. I also hope to see the Z3 here in the States, as in from Carrier's. Specifically T-Mobile.

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Using ALS as a marketing gimmick Sammy??? I thought Samsung was smarter than that. That's some Shit I'd expect from OnePlus.

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- why is there 1 extra notification icon in the status bar?
- why does the time change from 2:16 to 2:50 in an instant?
- why is the time on the lockscreen still 2:16 when it's 2:50 in the statusbar?
- how it is the battery goes down by 8% in an instant and 34 minutes had passed?

LOL lame

Honestly this kinda makes me upset. I am an huge Samsung fan but this gets under my skin. My daughter was born with a rare congenital heart defect and is now on the list for a heart transplant. Instead of trying to boost sales for a stupid phone why not make a huge donation to a great cause instead and get better publicity.

I will be doing the ice bucket challenge myself on Labor Day and will be donating $100. I guess Samsung didn't call out BlackBerry because they cant afford to donate money lol. Just another example of great marketing by Samsung

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Whether the phone sucks or not (for you); that right there is great advertising.

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That's as dumb as the NFL's obsession with breast cancer and NBC's green logo. Using a cause to promote your own product is always a distasteful way of doing business.

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It's a phone, it calls people, it surfs the Web, it takes great pics, has great specs, and plays games nice... Why all the crybaby? If YOU don't like it don't buy it? Maybe? There is always too much hate here... Buy what you want and leave it at that

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Tell me, why does the time on the status bar change from 2.16 to 2.50 but the big clock display never changes? or that the battery seems to have been charged during the process unless Samsung is about to unveil a phone that recovers power through the power of ice bucket challenge or rather the battery drained so much it was really noticeable and they tried to get it back to 54%. Did it really take so many takes cut together to create a view of the phone seemingly staying upright or maybe they had to use multiple phones.

Did anyone else notice that screen changes as the ice hits the phone? The time changes from 2:16 to 2:50 in the title bar. Very strange.

It's not like Samsung has never faked things in the past...

Brilliant marketing. But they should have poored much more water on it so that this weird Ritchie guy from iMore couldn't have had a chance with his stupid response.

Why does the time and battery capacity change on the top bar once the water has been dumped on the unit? The time changes from 2:16 to 2:50.

Highly suspect.