Mobile World Congress

Android Central at Mobile World Congress The GSMA -- the group that puts on the fine Mobile World Congress we've been attending all week -- has released 17th annual Global Mobile Awards for this year's show. Of note for you Android fans out there are:

  • Angry Birds Rio (Rovio), best mobile app for consumers
  • WhatsApp (WhatsApp), best overall mobile app
  • SwiftKey (TouchType), best innovative mobile app
  • Google Maps for Android (Google), best consumer mobile service
  • Galaxy S II (Samsung), best smartphone
  • Samsung, device manufacturer of the year

We have absolutely no idea how one of last year's top smartphones -- the Galaxy S II -- won an award this year, especially with the likes of HTC, Sony, LG, Nokia, ZTE and Fujitsu all bringing new products to Barcelona. OK, OK. Yeah. It's last year's phones. We get that. But we're also under an avalanche of this year's phones. We know what we liked. We wanna see what everyone else like from the show, too.

The judges' comment was "A phenomenal success around the world, this has outperformed all its Android rivals and demonstrated the maturity of the ecosystem." We wouldn't argue against that. But that was last year. It's also worth noting that the categories have changed a bit. In 2011, the iPhone 4 won Best Mobile Device (never mind that Apple is nowhere to be seen around here), and HTC was Device Manufacturer of the year.

You can check out the full list for yourself at the link below.

Source: GSMA Global Mobile Awards (2012, 2011)

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TyBec says:

Wait... What?

JumboBob says:


RustyU says:

Makes sense to me, how could HTC or LG win it when their high-spec beasts aren't available.

Fysi says:

Kinda how '... of the year' awards work. They are in retrospective of the past year.

gxgs says:

Because it would be logical to hand out awards to phones that have not even been released..... haha

adzrules says:

This is ridiculous. a) It's last year's phone, and b) I think it's a hideous device anyway

ScottJ says:

a) Greatness is often only fully appreciated over time b) You have horrible taste

Mr_Twist says:

Manufactures need to bring less phones and make them better :)

ThreeCircles says:

"We have absolutely no idea how one of last year's top smartphones -- the Galaxy S II -- won an award this year, especially with the likes of HTC, Sony, LG, Nokia, ZTE and Fujitsu all bringing new products to Barcelona. OK, OK. Yeah. It's last year's phones. We get that. But we're also under an avalanche of this year's phones."

Really? People don't understand how this works? How would a just-released device that's never touched public hands win?

Wow. It's inexplicable that this post even happened.

dchawk81 says:

Between this post and his rabid defense of CarrierIQ, I think Phil's been drinking too much cerveza in Espana.

At least, I hope that's what it is...

nyc_rock says:

Don't think there is anyone on the SPE pages I disagree with more than Phil. The GS2 was so far ahead if its time its not even funny. The award was well deserved. Its still the best smartphone on the market hands down.

mallengi says:

It's not inexplicable if you can explain it, which you did. GSII is still one of the best phones that consumers can actually go to the store to buy today and it was announced at last year's MWC. It makes perfect sense that they'd select a device that was announced at their show (instead of iPhone 4 - a ridiculous choice given that Apple will never partake in MWC festivities) and it makes sense they'd choose a Samsung because Samsung had a HUGE year in 2011. Not only can it be explained, it's almost a no-brainer.

DenverRalphy says:

I think it would be logical to assume that any "of the year" award given in February would encompass last year's models. If they wanted to give the award for the current year, it would be given in December.

vicw926a4 says:

I think both awards make sense, in the context that they are recognizing what they consider the best products in the marketplace, not what's "coming soon"

I don't have any problem including the iPhone 4 as eligible unless they make the awards for the best products whose providers showed up at MWC.

It would make sense to me for them to also have awards for the most promising new products shown at MWC.

jkovacs says:

Makes sense, although it would be more accurate to say "... of 2011 " rather than just "... of the year. " I think if you want to have the new beasts considered it would be something like Best of Show.

SpookDroid says:

By your definition, ALL awardees are not this year's... I mean, Angry Birds? WhatsApp? SwiftKey? Yeah, they're all great, but they're all way more than a year old, right? Google Maps for cryin' out loud! But even so, they do deserve the recognition as, to this day, WhatsApp and Google Maps ARE my top-rated, most-used apps THIS YEAR (and all around, really).

SwiftKey is still not growing on me... it just lacks so much functionality and tap accuracy is not that great, even if their prediction/correction algorithm does border on psychic...

mannyvzla says:

I do not understand Phil comment, I guess he is not aware that we are in February 2012, so using two single neurons I reckon the awards are on 2011 products and apps

Nexus fanboys simply cannot handle the fact that the Galaxy S II is still the best phone on the market.

Statusnone says:

God Phil you really have me scratching my head here. I come to this site because of the intelligence of the writers and with this post I no longer can say that. You are an arrogant moron if you think any other phone deserved this award. It single handedly brought Samsung to the number two spot for smart phone manufacturers. The phone is great, and until just recently no phone touched the galaxy s2 in any way, shape, or form. Someone at Samsung must of pissed you off because you'd have to be stupid or completely dense to not think Samsung deserved this.

-Sent from my Galaxy SII

ScottJ says:

SGSII is the best phone of the last year. End of story. Full stop. I guess if Phil had his way the Oscars would honor only movies that have just been released or even worse are still in the pipeline. Ridiculous.

wingster says:

^^^ truth!

kreator1#AC says:

Kind of like a certain world leader getting the Nobel Peace prize, for what was "going" to do!

Kcaz says:

So, that ad for the SGSII right beside the title should read:

"A large, gorgeous display matched by a powerful dual-core processor (but not worthy of phone of the year)."
-Phil Nickinson

Shocky1 says:

Galaxy S II won because it's still the best smartphone available, even almost a year on.

The competition was saddy just that far behind and are just about catching up now, it's not complicated as to why a phone from 2011 won phone of the year in at event held in Feb/March.

Do you expect them to include only phones released during 2012 this early in the year? Of course not.