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Could a BlinkFeed-like diary app be coming to the Galaxy S5?

In last year's Galaxy Note 3 and Note 10.1, Samsung introduced a Flipboard-based "My Magazine" feature into its Android home screen launcher, allowing users to view social updates, news, photos and other stuff in a grid arrangement. Now there's evidence that this feature may evolve further in 2014, as SamMobile has tracked down a Samsung "Life Times" app in pre-release firmware for a phone with the model number SM-G900H — believed to be a variant of the company's upcoming Galaxy S5.

The four screenshots published show the setup process for Life Times, inviting users to "Select various kinds of Logs. They will be gathered automatically every days. [sic]" Based on what we're seeing here, as well as the images in the background of the first shot, it seems we're looking at a cross between the existing My Magazine feature, HTC BlinkFeed and Google Now. Indeed, earlier UI leaks purportedly from the Galaxy S5 have shown a vertical list with items like concert times, recent purchases, flight updates and workout information. The visual style appears somewhat different in today's pictures, but the features seen in earlier images would certainly benefit from plugging into social networks and other services like S Health, Location and Camera, just as Life Times appears to do.

Clearly we're dealing with a pre-release version of whatever this app is, as evidenced by the grammatical errors in the screenshots above, so there's plenty of time for this stuff to change before release. Nevertheless, it's a sign Samsung is at least thinking about how to draw all data from a phone's main apps and services into once place for easy consumption.

Meanwhile, SamMobile has also published an image on Twitter claiming to show a new version of Samsung's S Voice assistant app, with a new, minimalist UI.

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Samsung could introduce 'Life Times' app in future phones


Im in the minority that doesnt mind touchwiz, but this, meh. Seems almost to intrusive. Just the term "diary" makes it seem like it would store to much "pertanants and such"

Posted via Android Central App

"diary"...Ahh, I have Evernote, lol!

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

Plain and simple people will always BITCH AND MOAN Samsung will never be able to satisfy everyone.

Bottomline my magazine is definitely kool on the Note 3 and Samsung should KICK IT UP A FEW NOTCHES with the app for future products IE Note 4,and S5.

If you're a real Samsung customer then you will enjoy this definitely.

Haters will hate at the end of the day they will never matter in the grand scheme of things.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

In one sentence you say "people will always BITCH AND MOAN Samsung will never be able to satisfy everyone". Then, at the end you say "Haters will hate at the end of the day they will never matter in the grand scheme of things". Seriously, could you be any more hypocritical?

Oh brother Mr I can't afford to purchase Samsung products is posting comments as usual.

When was the last time you actually purchased a new product back in 2011.

You can't be serious even leaving a comment when various handsets have passed you by.

When you purchase something worthwhile then come on a thread with legitimacy.

Your Galaxy Nexus on Sprint doesn't qualify.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

1. As you've stated, I have a *Samsung* Galaxy Nexus on Sprint, a phone that was released on that carrier in 2012. And in just that one sentence, I have disproved both of your first two ridiculous claims.
2. As if you have to have "the latest and greatest" smartphone to be able to post comments here at AC or anywhere else. Oh right, it probably would be that way in Richard's Wacky World. But guess what, this isn't Richard's Wacky World, this is reality. So why don't you try getting with it?
3. As if you know what's "worthwhile" or "qualifies"? Please. You think being able to afford a $300 *carrier subsidized* smartphone automatically means you're "rolling with the big dogs". As if what you consider "worthwhile" could possibly be the same as what I consider worthwhile? What a joke. Keep the wishful thinking and ridiculous fanboy notions coming. I can't help but laugh at how ridiculous you sound.
4. Based on the way you have used "legitimacy", I highly doubt you know what it means. Go read a dictionary.

I applaud Samsung for always bringing new applications and feature to their new flagship products every year.

I look forward to seeing this application working in the manner my magazine does on my current Note 3.

It's definitely a great feature to have and would make a wonderful UI change possibly.

One thing is for sure it's not some silly boring dull day to day smartphone experience like the featureless stock android brand.

Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

I don't know about that. Depending on what you tell it you want to see, it could be useful. As much as it sounded stupid in the beginning I find myself using BlinkFeed on my One throughout every day.

Posted via Android Central App

I hope not

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

I wonder how much Samsung will actually change because of the deal they struck with Google. Google is already doing their part by dumping Moto.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

This is starting to become too much!
Samsung keeps coming out with all these gimmicks and features for their devices before truly embracing the previous one.
My Magazine is a perfect example. Just came out with the Note 3,only phone it's available on right now. It's a cool concept, with great potential. Right now it has terrible settings. No auto refresh, not a smooth UI at all, etc. What does Samsung do? They are getting ready to introduce something new on their next line of phones!
Why the hell not improve and update the features on the phones that are available already. Build and improve off of that! Don't leave us in the dark! It is starting to happen all to often. The Note 3 is pretty much already obsolete.

Yeah this is a little bit of a rant, but My Magazine seems like it could be a really great part of my phone, and Samsung is just going to forget about it and now it's just going to eat up Ram on my Note 3...FML...#firstworldproblems!

Posted via Android Central App

Flipboard - My Magazine
Google Now - S Voice
Google Translate - S Translate
Google Calender - S Planner
Google Play - Samsung Apps

They really need to stop adding their own equivalent to google apps cos they all turn out to be a duplicate and bloody bloat which takes up so much space.

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

Then dont buy samsung. Bloatware here bloatware there. Ranting the same thing all over.

These moto and nexus fanboys just keep on complaining. Dont worry you will be ditched sooner than you think by Google :p

Dont reply not interested

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