Samsung Galaxy W rumor

Samsung is already rumored to be launching a 6-inch Mega 2, but if a leaked brochure from SK Telecom is any indication, there is a 7-inch variant being readied. Dubbed the Galaxy W, the device sports a 7-inch screen with a 720p display. Even the model number for the device (SM-T2558) follows the naming convention that Samsung reserves for its tablets.

The phone/tablet hybrid is said to feature a "Phoneblet UX" user interface that offers Multi Window mode – a feature through which you can use two apps at the same time on the screen – in addition to a faux-leather back that is similar to what we've seen on the Galaxy Note 3. Hardware-wise, the Galaxy W, or the Galaxy Mega 2, comes with a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, 1.5 GB RAM, 8 GB internal memory, 8 MP camera, 2 MP camera at the front along with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

One thing about this rumor that gives us cause for concern is that Samsung has already launched a device under the Galaxy W moniker in 2011. The original Galaxy W featured a 3.7-inch screen, 512 MB RAM, 2 GB internal memory, 1.4 GHz CPU, 5 MP camera, 1500 mAh battery and came with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. As such, we have to wonder if Samsung would really recycle the Galaxy W name for a new device so soon. Then again, you can buy a new Motorola RAZR from Verizon, though that name had brand cachet the Galaxy W does not.

Overall, a 7-inch "phoneblet" seems unlikely and slightly insane, but if Samsung's recent marketing stunt with Heathrow's Terminal 5 has shown us anything, it is that the manufacturer is all about overkill. If such a device were to see the light of day, it would likely be offered in South Korea and China initially. As is always the case when it comes to unsubstantiated rumors, we advise you take the news with the obligatory grain of salt.

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Samsung allegedly prepping a 7-inch smartphone


Please god yes. So I can make fun of all these idiots walking around using a 7" phone to their ears. Wow.

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Bah... where is the revised Note 8 with killer specs and phone capability like the OG International Note 8??

Agree, I had the mega 6.3" as much as it performed ok, to be used as a daily driver then erm no, hence why I sold it.

I now own the Xperia Z2 as my primary device and also the Nexus 5 & the Note 3 and the latter being the maximum at 5.7".

Just my opinion though.

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5.7 should be the maximum size for a smartphone...unless people want something bigger. Why are people so against options?

Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra

I think it is more about the label than the options.

6" maximum to be a phone
6+" is a tablet with phone capabilities.

What options? Seriously if you want a high end phone you have no choice but to have a bigger screen. Options are good but look at all the mini versions, all specs are mini not just the size. Next year 6" will be the new 4.7"

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No more. Just no more. If it can't fit in my pocket then it shouldn't be classified as a smartphone. It instead needs to be classified as a voice tablet.

Posted by a tuba playing,nexus 5 and 7 carrying future hacker.

A"voice tablet" or maybe something "phoneblet"

Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra

What??? You can't rock a man-purse or pants with cargo pockets?? Just force-choke anybody who might be mocking you ;-)

Actually, I meant front pocket.
And to those who mock me *force lighting blasts them*
If only you knew the power of the superuser permissions!
Posted by a tuba playing,nexus 5 and 7 carrying future hacker.

They've already conflated phone and tablet to phablet. You really don't need to add phoneblet to the list

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This is getting ridiculous now. Where do you draw the line in the sand? For several years it has felt like Samsung has just been throwing as much shit at the wall as possible just to see what sticks. I have a hard time believing that a large number of people are clamoring for a a low pixel density phone the size of a tablet. 20 years from now we'll look back at this thing the same way we now look back at the Motorola DynaTac.

I'm not sure what line of work you're in, but if your business made between 5-7 billion dollars of profit each quarter using your current business strategy, I don't see how anyone could tell you that what you're doing is wrong? You and I, and many people in the tech world, may not understand or even like Samsung's business model, but if market share and profits are an indicator of success (and they are to investors and potential investors) then Samsung's strategy is working just fine.

Samsung can do what they want. I am done with them. However I just wish everyone else wouldn't try to be Samsung so much. I get it, they make money, but if everyone is just doing what Samsung and Apple do then really what's the point?

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Don't you get it? Samsung can do no wrong. They ARE Android. They can do as they please since they have defined the large form factor mobile phone space. Who cares about whether or not their strategy is sustainable in the long term. As long as they are making profit, there is no concern as to how their earnings are trending . They are perfect and if you don't like what they make, then don't buy it. Billions of people are happy with their products. Haters gonna hate, while Samsung laughs all the way to the bank.

/I'm being SARCAStick

Hahahahhaa he said Samsung is perfect. Samsung fucking blows I'd never buy another Samsung Phone.

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That maybe a little much but I can't say much I have a z ultra that I love and could never go back to anything under 6" screen now lol.

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Yeah, I'm using the Lumia 1520 and I couldn't possibly go back to using anything smaller. Even my Note 3 feels small in comparison to it.

Yea my note feels small now to but my old lady has a flex so it's nothing but big phones lol

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I do not like Samsung phones, but I'd buy a 7" phone in a heartbeat. Here is the thing, I (and many others) do not use the phone function of my "phone" very often. And when I do, I already use my car's bluetooth or a headset because I hate holding my Nexus 5 (or any phone) to my head. I've used a headset for almost all my calls I got my first camera flip phone in 2004. I use my cellphone as an LTE tablet primarily anyway. Now, I admit that carrying a 7" device around all the time isn't for everyone. But, I can carry it around all the time, use it as a tablet 99% of the time, and on the rare occasions I actually make a phone call, it can do that so I don't need a second device.

I just want a blackberry android phone with a keyboard is that too much to ask. You guys might not but I definitely use the phone as a phone with emailing and texting all day constantly. Someone make this happen already!

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They already have 7,8,10" tablets with phone capabilities so this isn't really anything new really.

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The International Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 3G

It even has a different faceplate with a hole for the earpiece, the mic is already down by the speakers. By reputation you can put a T-Mobile phone SIM into it and use the slab as a complete 3G data enabled cell phone.

So this is old news. But there is a chance that Samsung decided to release a model explicitly advertised as a phone, possibly lighter and with thinner bezels and a smaller battery? Target weight should be less than 9oz, Tab 3 is 11+ methinks while my six inch Flex is only 6.2oz.

I met someone a couple of years ago who used the first* Galaxy Tab as a phone. They didn't wait till the Tab 3 to enable the phone functionality on their tablets.

*I'm pretty sure it was the first one, it was definitely a 7" Samsung tablet running 2.x

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Well of course! And again the international version. But I don't expect kids these days to remember that far back when they forgot about phone function CONSTANTLY mentioned in reviews of a tablet from only last year.

This is getting a little out of control (screen sizes.) 5.5 is the max I can do. I got an Xperia Z Ultra and had to return it because of the size even though it was a sweet device.

Not really, there's a big difference between oooh-ing and aaah-ing a big screen at the store, and actually living with it in day to day life. My wife recently did the same thing with a Galaxy Mega. Loved it in store, hated it in day to day usage, back to the warehouse it went.

I did the same with the s5. Something you don't think will annoy you do, but only after using it for a while

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When you hit 7 inches (giggity) you've made a tablet. A tablet with a microphone and cellular radios sure but a tablet.

The specs are underwhelming, obviously an experiment they don't expect to sell too well.

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This thing will more than likely be one of the many phones that Samsung produces, but only sees limited countries that it is available in. We all know the Asian market is "different" than the US market in terms of wants and needs so I could very well see this staying there.

When there are smaller phones out there with 2K (and soon 4K) displays, a 720p display on a 7" screen seems so...two years ago.

Bring it on! I'm not going to buy it, but I know my younger brother will be all over this, assuming it ever comes Stateside.

Really?! For people who actually want a 7" screen on their phone. Any other stupid questions?

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I'm going to play devil's advocate and defend Samsung on this.

If this is meant to be a dual purpose device, then this could be a viable approach. Given the footprint for a device this size, they can squeeze a pretty hefty battery in it. Couple that with a lower resolution display that doesn't tax the cpu/gpu, and I think that this device could have insane battery life.

Although the size of this may be too much for most, I'm sure that there are some who will find a way to work around the cumbersome size, if enjoying the larger display for various tasks (i.e., Web browsing, video playback, gaming, video chat, photo viewing, maps,. etc) , battery life (in theory), and portability are the priority.

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This. My brother has the Mega 6.3. The 720p display, coupled with the 3200 mah battery, make for great battery life: with his usage, the phone easily lasts a day and a half, on a single charge. Also, having the Mega, he doesn't see the need to buy a tablet, as watching videos and reading content on it is very nice, thanks to the spacious screen.

These devices do have a market. It gets so tiring, seeing people criticize an option, just because they would never use it. If Nokia ever makes a bigger Lumia phone (bigger than the 1520), I'll be all over it.

There are people who this would work for, I met someone who used Galaxy Tab as a phone.

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What's going to be interesting is how they justify charging $700 for this thing when tablets are nowhere near that amount.

I doubt the price will be anywhere near that. This won't be priced or marketed as a flagship. The Mega 6.3 retailed for only $400, stateside. Due to it being in the 7-inch range, it may even be cheaper than the Mega 6.3.

As phones get this big it becomes more apparent that we are getting ripped off. Why is a 5.5" note 3 £600 (on release) and a 10" note 10.1 £400?

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Omg people stop buying these ridiculous devices! That is the only way this bigger is better crap is going to end...

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Why all the hate? For some 5 inch is too big, for some 5.5 inch.... for me my note 8 gt5100 fulfills all my requirements, 7 inch would be too small! You all start to sound like Apple fanboys,with their "if you ain't the same then we can ridicule you" attitude. You think it's funny and ridiculous when somebody holds a tablet against their ears? Look closer and you see that our middle finger is stretched against the back of it, coincidence...? Time to separate the men from the lemmings!

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I would love a 7“ NOTE PHONEBLET with an S Pen ...just about makes it to the two sides of the fence...and the battery will need to be removable.....none of the marketing strategic planning to make customers suffer with imprisoned batteries.....and it will be important to continue to give us a removable m sd card slot or perhaps even two slots.....and that way Samsung can keep us all happy and keep coming back to big mama for more....CUSTOMER LOYALTY WISE....
I ONLY WISH THIS BIG MAMA PRODUCED LARGE TABLETS WITH USER REMOVABLE BATTERIES and separate chargers and extra batteries available ...just like with the Notes 3 ,2 &1

Of course they are. And it'll have low end specs. Then 6 months down the road the title will be.. Samsung is allegedly prepping 8 inch phone...

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Joke if you must, but it would be useful. One less thing to carry. I have to carry a tablet, smart phone, and Lazer tape. I would love to dump one of them. 7 inch tablet is just big enough for what I do an it is small enough to still hold in one hand. I'd buy it!! I would love to combine tablet and phone.