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The Smartphone Experts microUSB car charger with USB port ($14.95) is a great solution for making sure your Android phone stays charged up on the go. One of the things that makes this car charger especially great is that it is multifunctional -- with a USB adapter that will accommodate other devices (like an iPod/iPod Touch).

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Tested with a DROID Incredible, it also works with HTC Aria, Google Nexus One, LG Ally, Motorola's Droid X, Devour, Cliq XT, Backflip, Droid, and Cliq; Samsung's Intercept, Behold II, Moment; Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and the Sprint HTC Evo 4G .


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Review: Smartphone Experts microUSB car charger with USB port


Just to make sure this is a 1amp ( I think thats what im looking for) charger? I ask because my current charger only chargers at 500ma and when Im using google nav it is unable to keep up the charge on the phone. I just got my a sprint charger that works great with my evo but I like that this has a usb port on it. I then can get rid of a few cables in my car and just use this.

Guys - this seems like a great product at a completely reasonable price point, but the video does not show the actual charging in progress. From using items like these or splitters, I would want to ensure there was enough voltage from the cig lighter to charge both at the same time. What is the power limit on the usb? Can it power a MiFi?

What is the output over the miniUSB? Is it the typical USB limit of .5A or the same as the wall charger, 1A? Not sure if a .5A charger could keep up with the DI when running Nav. Product page doesn't list output specs either.

I found a retractable MicroUSB charger on eBay for like $3. Nice because I don't have the bloody cord getting in the way when I'm not using it.

Annie, Please let us know what the rated output is for both the micro USB and the USB port. I highly doubt it could be 1 amp for both. As others have mentioned it is very important to charge at 1 amp especially if you use Nav and stream music at the same time.

The best one amp car charger on the market that I have found is the Palm Pre one. It is super compact and uses a USB to Micro USB cable that is not just charge only but can also be used for data.
I highly recommend this one.http://store.precentral.net/palm-vehicle-power-charger/5A47A4229.htm

Interesting idea but like everyone else mentioned, we need to know the output voltage. I actually have the iGo which I used on my previous phone, just needed a new iGo Tip for Micro USB.

Even if this is a 1A charger, it will output only 500mA IF you use a data/sync USB cable. In order to get the full 1Amp, you NEED a charging only USB cable.

I did extensive testing on several chargers and this is the conclusion I got over and over again.

So does the cord that comes with the Dinc only charge at 500mA? I use that for both charging (wall and car) and for hooking up to the computer? I'm not 100% convinced that your statement is accurate.

His statement is half accurate.

Using a regular data cable you can get 1 amp (full charger output) IF (and only if) the charger itself shorts the two data pins together.

An app like Battery Left ( http://www.appbrain.com/app/com.preinvent.batteryleft ) can tell you if you are charging at USB rate or AC rate. (Some phones provide this by dialing *#*#4636#*#* )

At usb rate the phone will never pull more than .5amp to be a good USB neighbor.

Yes there is such a thing as a Charge Only cable.

ANY cable that shorts the the two data pins together (center two pins) triggers charge only mode on most phones.

With the Nexus One, and probably several other phones, you can check your battery stats and see it if it is charging at AC (1 amp) or USB .5 amp) while it is plugged in.

This pin shorting can be implemented in the cable or in the charger.

My Nexus One has a one piece cord-and-charger so I have no clue where they shorted the two pins. But the phone indicates charging at AC rates.

By using a standard Data USB cable I've determined that:

Apple charger 1amp rated - pins unshorted - charges at USB level.
Nook charger .85amp rated - Pins shorted - charges at AC level

If you have a Charge-only cable It has the data pins shorted, so no matter what you plug it into, it will always read charging on AC, even if the source can not deliver that. With an Apple charger you would get the full 1 watt on a charge only cable. Otherwise its no better than charging off your computer, which is limited to .5amp.

if this works just fine to charger at 1Amp with out anything hooked up then Im happy with that. I can just unhook up usb ipod charger and let it charge my phone when I need it to. This will free up a stop for when Im using my gps and the charger.

So if you all want us to buy this can you all test this please. We need a bit more information as everyone has asked for. I mean you make a video of it but your not even in a car using the charger.

Too much money.. Instead, head on over to Monoprice.com and pick up a few of these USB car chargers for $1.16 each:

USB car charger

and then add in a Micro USB cable for $1.12 (this one 3 feet long; they have longer if you want).

3' micro USB cable

I bought a bunch of these for my iPhone previously. Now that I have a Droid X, I tried the charger and it charges at the "AC rate" as shown on the diagnostic screen.

Monoprice is great; I've bought lots of stuff from them over the last few years; they have great prices on cables (USB, Firewire, HDMI, DVI, etc.), USB hubs, and related accessories.