The results are in on TouchType and Smartphone Experts' survey from earlier this year, and with over 30,000 responses, we now have some pretty solid data to share with you. The survey asked readers to share how they use their smartphones, and which features they find most important. Of those surveyed, 86 percent indicated that they use their phone for texting at least once a day, while only 80 percent reporting making a call at least once a day. An overwhelming majority (94 percent) reporting emailing daily. Hit the break for the rest of the results.


When asked about what is the most important factor in deciding on a new device, over 60 percent said that a healthy app ecosystem was key, while ease of typing and battery life were the second and third most important factors respectively. Recommendations from fellow users came in last. Among manufacturers, HTC scored the highest in customer retention, with 50 percent of users saying they'd buy another device from the company. Customers with other Android devices reported being more likely to buy from another manufacturer.


While 82 percent of Android users reported their overall experiences with their devices as "very good" or "excellent", only 33 percent said that typing on their device was equally as pleasant. RIM's Blackberry scored highest in ease-of-typing. 

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And on the topic of keyboards, Swiftkey is the clear favorite among Android users, with Swype coming in second and the native Android keyboard coming in last.

The full breakdown, with some other miscellaneous findings, can be found at the source link. A huge thanks to everyone who voted!

Source: Swiftkey/Touchtype


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Swiftkey/Touchtype survey results are in: What do smartphone users really want?


Considering how many low end Android phones there are, I'm actually pleasantly surprised at Android being next to Apple in overall satisfaction. And people who have, let's say, a Droid Eris usually aren't dedicated to Android in any way, while the typical iPhone user is generally proud of their phone and operating system. So that means that, for the most part, when people say they like their Android phone, they just like the phone. (I could be wrong; maybe everyone completed their survey on their rooted and overclocked Samsung Galaxy S IIs while wearing their "I <3 Android" shirts ! But I somewhat doubt it...)

What the?! Hey, where's webOS in that survey?! While I had to grudgingly give up my Palm Pre Minus to get a Moto Photon 4G, I can tell you that the typing was great on my dearly departed Pre-! I have a blackberry for work and based on my masculine thumbs not being able to effectively use Android stock/ThickButtons/Swiftkey, my vote would have been Palm webOS first, BB, then Swype, with those onboard keyboards tied for dead last.

By the way, I am convinced that Swype must work by some sort of voodoo magic... How does it know?!

Man, I am apparently in a tiny little minority here. The reason that I stuck with BB for as long as I did instead of jumping ship for the original Pre was that I couldn't stand typing on the rubbery little circular keys. Everyone else seems to rave about the keyboard, though.

Nope, I'm right there with you.

Last three years:
Palm Pre
BlackBerry Curve 8330
BlackBerry Bold 9650
Nexus S 4G

BlackBerry Bold has been the best keyboard I have had since my Palm Treo 755p. Very effective. When it came down to crunchtime at work I switched back to my Bold so I could churn out e-mails/texts.

I hated the Pre keyboard. The gummy keys were annoying, had them on the Treo 800 as well.

Finally, with SwiftKey all my texting woes are gone and I am probably as fast as I was with the BlackBerry.

I have a problem with phones...

This is Android central. We don't like surveys with apple in them. What are they doing on the chart. iOS can't even get SwiftKey or TouchType!!!

When I was in college, a few guys I worked with at our computer help desk had ipod touches they used with Google Voice to communicate. Used GTalk to make phone calls home. When on campus and you have a solid WiFi connection, they were able to save on cell phone plans. Some even paid for the $10 2G data on T-Mobile when it was available.

I'm close to the "never make calls" catagory. There can be months at a time where my minutes usage is 0. I text and email. (heck, don't use my home phone that much either; on the phone too much at work...) The typing survey makes me wonder if I should dump the Swype beta for Swiftkey.

Swiftkey is really neat. It's ability to predict what you type next is uncanny. However, the keyboard isn't that accurate for typing and it always changes numbers on you (type in 3 and it changes it to 3rd, etc). I prefer Swype. If you like Swype but get frustrated by it, sign up to be a tester. It's free, and the newer versions are far superior to the stock versions.

So people do like twitter more than facebook. Here in Hong Kong everyone's on Facebook but twitter users are a minority.