Swiftkey Survey

Just a quick reminder, boys and girls, that you've got a little less than a week left to enter to win a device of your choice (up to $800 worth) just for taking a little survey from keyboard-maker Swiftkey. 

Head over to swiftkey.net/survey to begin, complete the survey. If you're one of the lucky three (yes, three) winners, you could get your hands on your dream phone or tablet, even if it doesn't run Android. In fact, even if you don't currently own a device that supports their kick-ass keyboard, SwiftKey still wants to hear from you, and you could still be a winner.

The survey is open internationally for smartphone and tablet owners aged 18 and over, and it runs until midnight on Wednesday, June 6.  Be sure to check SwiftKey's site for the full terms and conditions.

Head over to SwiftKey's survey page to get started!


Reader comments

Reminder: Win a tablet or smartphone with SwiftKey and Mobile Nations


Finally finished. Made me wish I hadn't tried so many keyboards and that I didn't own a tablet as well. But hey, if I win (as I'm sure I will since I've never won anything so I am definitely due...that's how odds work, right?), it will all be worth it.

I did it on my Evo 3D. It sucked because I got half-way through and lost the internet connection. When it re-established, I had to start over :(
But, I finally finished. I hope I win!