Droid Bionic dummy phones

So it's got that going for it, which is nice. Is it Sept. 8 yet?


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Release the Droid Bionic dummy phones!


i am so annoyed of this phone! what is so special about this smartphone that warrants so many headlines? its just another smartphone that will be obscolete in about a month or so anyway...

the difference between this release and any other major release is that this one has been making headlines multiple times a day, and i'm sick of seeing "Droid Bionic" everywhere on my facebook and my phone's homescreen. its almost as annoying as seeing "iPhone 5" rumors

Plus 1.

And a whole story about a dummy phone?

Come on, AC, there MUST be more to cover in the Android world than a dummy phone.

I know, right? Can you believe we wrote a whole sentence on that?

It's almost as if out of the last 200 stories we've posted -- and that's 200 stories since last Saturday -- only 16 have concerned the Droid Bionic. :p

VZW - not getting into that...
4G LTE - not the first device, but yeah, I'll give you that one
Dual-Core - with the announcement of Quad-core as early as within the next year, Dual-core should be expected for new phones
Motorola + DROID - ::yawn:: As it stands, the average person equates DROID with all of Android, so the special branding isn't helping DROID phones anymore, it's just adding confusion.

You can say that for just about any phone! I hear where you're coming from... If the Bionic came out in June or July, I think more people would feel compelled to get it. But with so many rumors about bigger, better, faster devices from HTC, Samsung and LG, many people are taking the "wait & see" approach. Problem is, they are still rumors! And how much better will they be compared to the Bionic?

Those rumors device will not have 2 ghz 2 g of ram and quad core. They will be equal to the bionic or the bionic even better. We have to remember that Moto is the best when it comes to hardware :) HTC vigor 1.5 ghz old processor the droid prime will be plastic lol do you hear me Samsung :)

First dual core with LTE, great battery life & build quality because it's Motorola, best phone right now on the largest carrier in the U.S.

Of course a better phone is right down the pipe, that's the nature of technology. If Android Central didn't write about a phone because something better was coming, they would never be able to write about anything!

If you don't care about this phone, just move on instead of trolling.

And you know all of these facts because you've seen it and tested the battery life yourself?

If you ask me, you're the one trolling here.

Thank you ice. If you ask me, a screen that size and LTE radio means that the battery will definitely be less than stellar, which varies from user to user regardless. and I would rather not get into the build quality of Motorola, the only company that REALLY builds phones well is HTC in my opinion.

I'm not trying to troll, I honestly just don't know why there's so much coverage on this one phone. Every little blurry leaked pic, unofficial low quality video that has nothing to do with the phone, and now the dummy models....Are there really that many people on the edge of their seat over this phone?

its not just "near release" though. we've been getting stories for months on this phone, and sometimes about the dumbest things about the phone (and in some cases not even about the phone).

But otherwise, your right. I don't understand what makes an item newsworthy. Such as the release of non-working, plastic, toy models of the phone arriving in stores. That means NOTHING for this phones release or talking about the phones features and how they work. As someone who works at a cell phone retailer, we've gotten dummy phones that never actually got released

"...the only company that REALLY builds phones well is HTC..."

Really?! HTC can't even get the order of the "menu", "home", "back", and "search" buttons right.

The haters feel that the bionic will be the last moto device that Motorola will make lol. After the prime moto have another beast for us :) Moto is the best hands down.

if they dont care about this phone, then why did they come in to the article?
you guys are not fooling anyone, everybody wants a bionic!

This is a web site dedicated to covering Android phones.. would you rather see posts about Justin Bieber?

No. It's a dummy phone. They are just the shell with a static image on the screen that you usually see @ retailers like Walmart & others.

I'm sure working display units will be out right after Labor Day though.

And here come the "I'm just going to wait 6 months and get a way better phone in 2012 and then laugh and your over-hyped Droid Bionic."

Yeah, that is the stupidest logic I've ever heard. Of course if you wait you'll get a better phone.

But guess what? I'll just wait 12 MONTHS, and then laugh at YOUR stupid over-hyped phone that you're getting 6 months from now. HAHA!



Whats even more amazing..last year there wasnt all this hate when the Incredible, Droid X, Droid 2, Fascinate came out. All damn near back to back.

Hating on Motorola is almost as popular as hating on Apple in Android land these days.

The haters that hate on Moto, they will loose anyways. Moto seems to be doing just fine on the sales department. Droid 3 selling a lot droidx2, photon and atrix :) The bionic will sell a lot a lot a lot. Moto win again :)

and after another six months moto will come with another beast and laugh at everybody lol. technology will never stop people face it. Once you get your beloved droid prime, then moto will have a better device after that one.

Let's just hope that the Bionic doesn't achieve "total consciousness" as that will surely lead to Skynet or GLaDOS.

looks like a Droid 2 to me.

To all those waiting for this phone, congrats and good luck with that battery. For the rest of us, let's whine and smugly say that we'll wait 6 to 12 months for the next phone which will be a better device because the Bionic is obviously inferior technology.

Dual Core seems to get you 1080p video and faster web browsing. If I had to choose right now on a price basis the Thunderbolt which you can upgrade for the last few months to for $199 gives you 720p video on single core and the browsing is instant anyway. The only other feature Bionic will have is the ability to roam international. If you need that then go Bionic. If not then stop waiting and just pick up a Thunderbolt. As for battery I doubt either phone is going to be all that great. You get about a half day with very heavy usage and a full day if your just messing with it here and there. That won't change until battery's are redesigned.

why is every one saying world phone. it is not a world phone. it is vzw and vzw only with 4g lte.

This post actually is helpful because it gives a good perspective on the size of the phone compared to others. With that being said though it is enormous looking. And for those wondering why the bionic is catching extra hate it is because they feel it is being released right on the heels of premium phones with much greater specs instead of having at least that 6 month grace period of being the top device. Not that it's right or wrong. If you like it get it, and if don't then skip it.

People got to hate. That is why. Hence their stupid ass arguments about waiting a couple years to get octo-core 6G flying phone which is going to make this phone look outdated! Touche - you got me there!