Qualcomm used its Twitter account today to issue a teaser message, stating that next week's IFA trade show in Berlin will feature "a Snapdragon powered multi-core 64-bit smartphone."

The reveal is not exactly unexpected, as HTC's Chinese Weibo account posted up word a few days ago that they would soon reveal a smartphone with an 64-bit octa-core processor inside. Qualcomm has already revealed production has begun on a number of upcoming 64-bit octa-core chips, including the mid-range Snapdragon 615 and the more powerful Snapdragon 808 and 810.

In any case, next week should be an interesting one for the future of smartphones. What do you think about the prospects of a smartphone that can run 64-bit programs?

Source: Qualcomm on Twitter


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Qualcomm teases IFA reveal of Snapdragon 'multi-core 64-bit smartphone'


Cool. Better security... Better games.. Better UI.. Better RAM usage.. Better Android. Be nice if it were an LG Device, 3-4 GB ram, with an amazing 16-24 mp camera, with a bezel like the Sharp Aqous Crystal.

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I think you're on to something. I've seen rumors of a next generation Nexus with a 64 bit processor as a reference and development device possibly manufactured by HTC.

My thoughts EXACTLY. Ive been excited by the rumor mill of HTC doing the next Nexus

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If the next Nexus phone is made by HTC with some badass specs and improved camera =insta buy button mashing!

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I'm excited for it. However, I'm not sure why a phone needs to be 64 bit. Am I going to be editing photos and videos on my phone? Probably not.

But you might be in a few years. It's a progression that eventually has to happen, even if the benefits aren't altogether visible at the current time.

The words "I don't know why something is needed in a phone" should never be spoken! A smartphone is just a handheld, pocket desktop pc. At some point we will have a terabyte of memory in smartphones, whether it's embedded or a microsd, why, you ask, well, why in a desktop pc, no different. Gosh people, try being more forward minded! Sheez!

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I think the mobile phones will eventually become the desktops for most people.. you'll come home, click your phone into a dock that enables your keyboard and mouse, and hooks the phone into your 30" 4K monitor.. and voila.. you have your desktop..

when you are done, you pick it up and put it in your pocket.

desktops will still exist in their normal state too.. but let's face facts.. most people don't use desktop computers for desktop computer-like activities anyway.. those will be left to the productivity minded people who use powerful programs... the everyday joe will have their desktop in their pocket.

No not most people I don't see a 5 or 6 inch device replacing a workstation or running desktop class apps imo desktops will NEVER ever go away especially in the pro space

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I think for most people (at a guess +80%) we can use a tablet for most of our computer needs. The only advantage to the desktop is a large display/keyboard/mouse and faster browsing/streaming speeds. Docking the phone gets round display size & keyboard. It is only a mater of time before browser speed is comparable to my 5 year old desktop PCs.

Don't say never. VMWare and Nvidia want to make something similar happen. Dump processing power onto a server, then a cheap client can run Photoshop or autoCAD. Hell Microsoft does something similar with Titanfall yes?

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If you think about it, tv's used to be "desktop" products. Hell, when I was a kid our tv sat on the ground. I don't remember the last time I even seen a tv that wasn't capable of being hung on the wall. My point is, powerful computers we refer to as desktops won't take up all that space on your desk in the future just like the tv.

First Android device
First quad-core device
First front stereo device
First HD screen device
First 64 bit processor device!?

I get your point, but yah know that on your list it's only the first Android device

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The folks crying about 64 bit chip remind me of even BlackBerry folks couldn't understand why anyone would want to type on a keyboard

AC every day

Desktop computing from the power house in your pocket here we come. Chromecast at the ready, Check!, Bluetooth mouse & keyboard, Check!. Right, now let's get that giant desktop tower ready for the bin men!.

64 bit chipsets brings a lot of performance improvements that really matters..I am looking forward to seeing all the new phones coming up..

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64bit? Huh? We are still talking about a PHONE (you know that thing you put up against your ear and you say hello) here aren't we and not some sort of weapon of mass destruction, are we? Geez!

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64 Bit processors only real advantage is the ability to address more RAM (4GB and up) so I think the whole 64 bit processor thing (for smartphones, I'm not talking about PCs) is hyped.

Yeah sounds pretty cool. It will be nice to have 4 or more GB of RAM in a smartphone. I just can't wait until phones come standard with at least 64gb of storage, and 128 GB upgrade. For now my 1tb on Google drive will have to do.

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Hope this device gets a North American release. If the Desire 510 is priced right then there's hope for this to get a good mid range prepaid and unlocked price too.