AT&T GoPhone Prepaid Plans

Save a few bucks and get more data for your dollar with AT&T's new plans

AT&T isn't wasting any time flipping the switch on its newly restructured GoPhone prepaid plans, as they've just gone up for all to see and select on its website. The new plans, which replace a pretty anemic set that was previously offered, give smart phone owners looking to save a few (or a few dozen) dollars every month an even better value. There are three plans now available, the top end of which is $5 cheaper than the previous high-end plan:

  • $25 for 250 minutes, unlimited text and no base data plan ($5 per 50MB additional)
  • $40 for 500 minutes, unlimited text and 200MB of data ($5 per 100MB additional)
  • $60 for unlimited minutes, unlimited text and 2GB of data ($10 per 1GB additional)

Now not many of us are likely to select the $25 plan (or even the $40 plan), but the new $60 plan represents a significant increase in value over what AT&T had offered previously. And for an individual user currently on AT&T as a postpaid customer, these prices and data allotments may be enticing enough to pull some people away from their postpaid shackles all together. With AT&T now offering LTE data for its prepaid plans, there are fewer reasons than ever to stick to a 2-year contract.

The plans are now available online for everyone to take advantage of, and current GoPhone customers signed up with the now extinct $65 plan should see themselves moved over automatically to the new $60 plan with another gigabyte added to their data bucket. Hit the source link below for more information on the new plans.

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PSA: AT&T's new GoPhone prepaid plans now available


Boost Mobile and Cricket seem like better deals than AT&T.
At least with them you unlimited data with the first 2Gbs at 4G speeds.

From the DARK AC App!

Boost Mobile unfortunately isn't going to offer you the ability to bring any GSM device to the network. I agree their plans are more cost-effective, but they're not point-for-point comparable here.

T-Mobile gives you 2.5GB 4G and unlimited data for $60 on a network significantly faster than the one Boost uses (not sure what Cricket uses).

Lots of us who live just 45 minutes out of big cities don't get anything but 2G with T-Mobile. AT&T offers 4G HSPA+ in my area, and Verizon and Sprint both have 4G LTE.
I love T-Mobile's Uncarrier approach, but until their coverage gets better, I'm headed to GoPhone once my contract is up with evil Verizon.

1) Why wouldn't you go with the AIO wireless plans? The $70 one gives you an impressive 7GB of data.
2) Do these include mobile hotspot?

Nice alternative, but again, when choosing to bring your own device, the options are limited. For example, you cannot bring a Galaxy 3 or Note 2 (modern device) to their network which is a shame. You would think a new upstart would welcome all, which would increase shareholder value at the very least. Thanks for sharing nontheless

The only problem with AIO is that they cap your download speeds to 4 Mbs per second. Otherwise, their $70 plan is a fantastic deal considering it rides on top of AT&T.

This wouldn't be a bad deal if you could "BYOD" but picking an outdated, and overpriced SmartPhone from their lot of 6 is a turn-off! TMO still, IMO, offers the best value when bringing your own device to a given provider. Speak-Easy is mobile internet only.

Of course people will be bringing their own devices to these plans. The only reason why GoPhone is even in the prepaid conversation for smart phone users today is because they let you bring any device -- including LTE devices -- now.

T-Mobile indeed offers better options in terms of number of choices and data options, but it doesn't immediately dismiss these AT&T plans as being valuable.


And let's face it. This makes for a competitive plan to the $60 T-Mobile plan that allows the 2.5GB of data. But with this plan, you get AT&T's much better coverage and LTE over T-Mobile. This AT&T option actually seems like a better choice unless you want to tether.

Which is why for my wife this will be perfect. She has to have better coverage and building signal penetration than T-Mobile can provide based on our families needs. Just picked up a flawless Galaxy S3 for her to switch to for this.

T-Mobile works for me as a whole, but I am going to give this AT&T a shot on my line when my current month of T-Mobile ends.

Yeah, I'm definitely gonna leave my T-Mo $30 5GB of 4G plan to switch to their pitiful $30 50 MB plan.

Yeah, right after I poke myself in the eye really hard.

So far I am not disappointed with tmo and their seventy dollar no contract plan. But it's great to have options, even better ditching Verizon and their crappy policies. GSM seems to have the Nexus advantage too

More options are always a plus, that being said AT&T is literally evil and I would never ever ever support what they do as a carrier by using them.

Posted via Android Central App

Sorry, but I think Verizon takes the cake as the most evil carrier. At least AT&T has seen the light and is offering 4G LTE on their prepaid network. Verizon is now the only major carrier that does NOT offer LTE on a no-contract plan. And let's not forget that AT&T at least gets updates out to phones in a more timely manner than Verizon. Galaxy Nexus owners have to wait nearly six months for an update to come by. I'm absolutely sick of Verizon forcing everyone onto their gluttonous "sharing" plans. AT&T at least offers competitive no-contract wireless now. It certainly may not be as cheap, but it's a better deal than what you get on Verizon.

I am sticking with my $30 T-mobile plan, but I have to say that this move makes AT&T far more competitive. For $60, AT&T and T-mobile now offer essentially the same thing (thought T-mobile's data offering comes in at 2.5 GB) at the same price. With AT&T's larger LTE footprint, and better coverage, this may well make this a more enticing offer. I would say T-mobile really needs to up its game with expanding LTE coverage, better building penetration or with a move on prices that again leaves its competitors in the dust.

Ball's in your court, T-Mobile.

Exactly what I was thinking. T-Mobile still has more options at more price points for smartphone users (I'm on the $30 5GB plan), but AT&T's new $60 plan is pretty much on par with T-Mobile's, with better coverage and more LTE. And sometimes I'm sure I would rather pay an extra $10 for an extra GB of high speed data rather than have throttled "unlimited" data.

Seeing as T-Mobile has awful service in my area, I think I'll be doing this tomorrow. Nexus 4 will work with AT&T's HSPA+ but not LTE, right?

Which still consistently pulls mostly 5-9mbps down. It's plenty fast enough. What good is T-Mobile's twice as fast speed if you have bad coverage?

They must have lied or something as corporate stores don't charge for SIMs. You have to be careful because an authorized dealer can look just like a corporate store and they won't tell you they aren't one.

Still a horrible deal vs T-Mobile prices :-\. I wish another company would come replicate the $30 unlimited HPSA+, 100 minutes plan. It even has BYOD and tethering.... I adore it, and seeing nobody else down there makes me nervous it might be dropped one day.

In preparation from a departure from Sprint, I picked up a T-Mobile prepaid SIM and set out to enroll in the $30 plan (which I eventually did), but what I found out was that the $30 plan (as correctly espoused by ProductFRED on another Android forum) is a Walmart-sponsored plan. I did not get my TMO SIM from Walmart but the very helpful customer service at T-Mobile authorized the change and moved me to the $30 which seems to outperform Sprint's struggling CDMA network almost everywhere. Now, what Sprint MIGHT deliver in the near future once it gets Clearwire's spectrum and SoftBank's cash infusion is anyone's guess; for now I simply cannot economically justify paying $50-$60 more for "UNLIMITED" service which is actually quite limited in terms of accessibility and use. For me the only real caution is the 100 minute cap, as I think I've gone into the 100-200 range of my 450 minute allowance in the past with Sprint. The 5GB data cap shouldn't be an issue at all and if it is I at least have other options that aren't terribly more expensive on T-Mobile. ;-)

It doesn't have tethering per se, but since their detection is pretty primitive (user agent) it's not hard to get away with it. Also, it's not unlimited HSPA+, it's only HSPA+ until 5GB, then it's extremely slow 2G.

I switched from ST to ATT Go Phone plan last month and I am definitely liking the new plans especially being able to purchase the Go phone refill for a discounted amount via ebay, plus the LTE coverage is great where I am & I use a LTE phone. Sure TMO offers better value plans but TMO coverage has left me wanting, I travel by road for work and with TMO I get more EDGE & GPRS than I care for. Competition is great because at the end of the day the consumers win

Not too bad. The $60 plan looks like a backup in case my AT&T StraightTalk plan ever bites the dust. $15 more, but with LTE, management with deep pockets, and a clear data limit.

I wouldn't try comparing this to the $30 T-Mobile plan, they're apples and oranges. Especially if you're thinking of using a phone without T-Mobile frequencies (iPhone4/4S/Older 5). The expended AT&T coverage alone may be worth the extra cost to some, especially those who don't use a lot of data.

I'm thinking the same thing. ST works great for my needs at $45/month, but since they stopped selling AT&T sims, I'm questioning how much longer this will last. If it goes belly up, this could be my best option. T-Mobile coverage is non-existent where I live and work.

I just recently learned from ST that all ATT Sim card customers now have a cap of 1.5 GB of data on the "unlimited" plan. This only applies to att Sim folks.

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can someone let me know why anyone would go postpaid over prepaid? For example, I have 450 minutes, unlimited text, and 3GB of data and it's more than the $60 prepaid plan? What's the catch?

If done right, you save more with prepaid, but you must have the money upfront for whatever phone your choose.

The $60 plan would pair nicely with the HTC One Developer Edition.

I'm trying that now, but can't seem to connect to their lte network. Maybe it's an apn issue.

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Going postpaid saved me over $1300 (>$50/month) versus prepaid with 2 year contract - and that is considering the upfront cost of buying my phone outright.

I use the $25 plan and occasionally buy a gig since keeping my unused data costs $5/month. The $40/month plan is what I was buying, essentially.

I will be switching over to this once I get paid. I'm on the T-Mobile $30 plan now, but I found out that I'm easily using those 100 minutes a month and keep going over. I pay an extra $10 on the $30 TMo plan for extra minutes as it is, so might as well pay an extra $20 a month on top of that for unlimited minutes and a better network.

I am reading it wrong? Why does the $60 say unlimited data, then in the data column, state 2GB? Is it just a marketing thing for idiots who cant read all the details?

Thing is it doesn't say unlimited data, it says unlimited "with" data. Basically saying you get unlimited talk and text plus the ability to have a useful amount of data.

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I take it that they don't offer the option to BYOD, but can you activate a GoPhone sim card and just pop it in to your own device, say an S3?

Not that its a very good option, but is the 25 dollar gig still an option?

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I'm in the AT&T store right now. The sales guy swore up and down that I couldn't get LTE on GoPhone. I then told him that new plans came out today.

He was, of course, shocked!


I just switched over to the new GoPhone plan. I'll give the sales guy a break. The new $60 plan was listed as $65.

Once, we got it all squared away, the switchover took less than five minutes. I did have to get a new sim card.

Funny part being that they turned on LTE for prepaid several weeks ago. LTE isn't a new development on these plans.

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Went to the AT&T and got mine started during my lunch break. I'm on Net10 now and was on Straight Talk. I left ST because they throttled me and kept the throttling on even when my new month started. Net10 is cool because they at least have a clear data policy. But when it comes down to it, I'd rather get my goods from the source rather than the middle man. My Nexus 4 doesn't have LTE active but I can turn it on when i'm ready.

i have a iphone 4 with tmobile and pay $60 For unlimited talk and text and 2.5 GB of data the service is goodd but in my house and in school the data sucks its always on E i was thinking to switch to the new AT&T Gophone Plan. Should I?