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If you're like me, you're probably kind of a phone enthusiast. I mean, we get a lot out of our phones, right? We text one another, surf the web, and check our email on these things. Shoot, some of us even place phone calls with them! Your phone usually falls into the "things I can't leave the house without" category, and if you're anything like me, it's usually with you 24/7.

Needless to say, you and your phone get to spend some quality time with one another, (for whatever duration your contract is), so if you're getting a phone, you might as well be happy with it. So what happens if there's something cosmetic you don't like? Do you buy a new battery cover, slap the whole thing in a case, or avoid the phone altogether?

That's what we're wondering. Let us know.

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babybear293 says:

embarrassed but i love my Hero because it says "with GOOGLE" in the back. that's just me.

Unless the logo was on the top of my screen or something along those lines it doesn't bother me, I'm not looking at the back of my phone. Although I often play little games with myself when I see people playing with their phones I try to figure out what phone they're using. I usually know by the form factor/camera, logos can be helpful for me! haha I'm sad I know :(

babybear293 says:

no you're not, i do the same too, figuring out what phones people have is exciting. :-)

t0ked says:

As long as the logo isn't some kind of fruit or something, I'd be fine with it... LOL (sarcasm)

Android_Lee says:

I would have to agree with this statement.

bgruber17 says:

I agree... I think if there was a depiction of a malus domestica, I would be much less likely to invest my money in it. Much like the malus domestica, there hasn't been much innovation, except changes in color.

curvatura99 says:

A depiction of a finestra consicus would also be most dreadful indeed. Gratefully those beasts are not very numerous in the mobile wilderness.

I personally don't like those company and carrier logos in the front, upper/lower bezel. They just seem unnecessary. Good thing I bought a Nexus S without any of that crap! But if its a great phone, the logos would not keep me from buying or using it since I would be too busy playing with my new phone to notice them.

ebbs1son says:

I keep a case on my device,so you don't see it anyhow.

RustyU says:

A sugar cube can often get network logos off without damaging the phone.

petaf says:

My devices are too bundled up in Body Gloves to actually see a logo...

silvra7 says:

Honestly with logos and even build materials, as long as the phone/tablet can take a casual beating who cares as most people are going to put it in a case of one kind or another anyway.

Magic marker or spray paint lol.... no seriously im with the guy that said as long as it doesnt have a fruit on it let alone a bitten fruit i mean look at what happened to adam when eve told him to bite it, it would be a sin

El Cantante says:

I probably wouldn't buy a phone if it had like a swastika or something like that on it. Otherwise, I'm good to go

Dhalgren says:

Logos don't bug me. But glossy, fingerprint-attracting surfaces do. Phone should have a matte finish. Only the glass screen should show fingerprints. Ideally, glass should be oleophobic to boot. I think Gorilla Glass is.

droid83 says:

If it has a BING logo. Hell no. Me no buy ok. LoL

Syphor says:

Didn't stop me from buying the MT4G. And the logo on that thing is just plain stupid.

ScottJ says:

I have the MT4G. Great phone. Stupid logo. I just ignore it. I also think some of the design choices on the phone are unfortunate, from an aesthetic perspective. However, with a Otterbox Commuter case, the phone looks awesome (besides the logo on the digitizer).

At the end of the day I don't get a phone to impress others. If I wanted to impress the masses I'd get an iPhone 4. I get a phone because of what it can do.

cryptiq says:

I for one hate the Vz logo. I think that lame ass check mark looks like ish...and I work for Vz. I wish they would just use the word "verizon" for the logo, that check mark needs to go.

rmc says:

The poll needs a 4th choice..

Ø Yes. But only if it is an Apple Logo.


yes. when i see the 'M' for Motorola, i think of the locked BootLoader & Blur.
so, i walk away from it & don't buy it.

doesn't everybody?

Nchaka says:

Thats why Android central store sells cases... to cover those ugly logos! Better yet put Lloyd over the logo!

zandog says:

Carrier logos need to go. I can handle manufacturer logos and rightfully so as the device is their design. But Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, Rogers, etc. Get rid if the carrier logo. It would NOT stop me from buying it however.

GrillMouster says:

I'm the kind of guy who, before buying car, demands that the dealer remove their own branding (vinyl on the trunk & license plate holders) or else give me an extra discount for advertising for them. I don't mind tastefully done manufacturer logos on my cars & devices, but I'm not a fan of my devices looking like a NASCAR vehicle with logos all over it. I hate the Verizon logo being all over their phones. I hate how the Xoom's front has so many logos that clash with one another, and from a designer perspective are unbalanced. Apple has the one apple logo on the back, right? In addition to being bloatware-free on Verizon, they don't have the Verizon logo on them, do they?

"give me an extra discount for advertising for them"--ha, never thought about it like that. good point.

curvatura99 says:

Just buy a skin for the phone. They're cheap and it covers up all the logos. has some nice ones.

jnemesh says:

Only the presence of an Apple logo! Just say no to the new "Big Brother".

technomom says:

Talk about a First World Problem.

one thing i like about Bell Canada, no carrier branding. OEM branding is fine in my opinion because it doesn't look half-assed.

Astrodroid says:

It wouldn't stop me but it annoys me. I don't know why, but I hate carrier logos. I hate looking at Verizon's god awful logo. Man that thing's heinous. I think it's partly branding psychology. Most people hate their carrier, so they don't want to look at the logo to remind them. HTC, Motorola, Palm, no problem. They made the phone and you probably like the phone. But carriers, no.

dchawk81 says:

I think the Samsung Epic has all of its logos stylishly done because they're in a subtle silver on the front and grey on the back. There's nothing obnoxious or shameful about them, IMHO.

Would ugly logos stop me from buying a phone? Maybe. Depends.

ayoo456#AC says:

As long as its the company who made it and not the carrier. Scraped att off my atrix as soon as I knew how.

IceDree says:

I actually like manufacturers logos on the back, like Motorola or HTC
But i hate Carrier branding
Yes it will stop me from buying the phone , it already did, twice
The AT&T branding on the HTC Surround kept me from getting it , the same with HTC Mozart, that annoying orange squre stopped me
But it AT&T branding wont stop me from getting the Atrix™, especially that its scrape-able , thanks to your forums

jcarti01 says:

i despise apple and all they stand for, but there is still a logo on the back of my itouch and iphone.

besides, both of them are in cases so no one sees the logos anyway.